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  1. Walking Dead Season 6

    That is it?  Someone needs to go look at some flowers after that episode.
  2. Does anyone have any advice for a future teacher

    This is great advice.  It never ceases to amaze me the stupid things that parents choose to get upset about.
  3. Panther's should fear Bucs

    I am not buying into hype, I do not think that they are good at all and could not care less about what division they play in.  My entire thought process is that playing outside in NY in December is tougher than playing at home or in a dome and that Eli, however inconsistent, has shown that he has the ability to go off and have an elite performance. Basically, I do not think that we lose at home and the Saints and Falcons do not worry me.  That leaves the Giants.
  4. Who is in your playoff

    #8 sounds about right.  Beating Clemson would vault us ahead of the Tigers, Ohio State and the B1G CCG loser to fifth.  Then we need USC to help with Stanford. Hopefully the committee sees it the same way though.  They have been behind the polls in recognition all season long.
  5. Who is in your playoff

    It would surprise me if Fedora is their goal. He will be a target for some though, if not now then soon, so we need to step up and give him a raise.
  6. Who is in your playoff

    Georgia is so stupid.  Les was the only option that would have been an upgrade.  If you have a better choice then okay, but who the hell do they think that they are going to get?
  7. Revenge Tour isnt Finished

    Agreed.  Our playoff victims can be St. Louis, Minnesota, and the Texans for all I care.
  8. Playoff Machine

    I actually found one where not only do we miss the playoffs, but so does New England.  I had both the NFC East and AFC South where everybody were at 6-10.  Needless to say it involved some highly unlikely results.
  9. Could we lose Shula and McDermott?

    Both will be candidates and McD in particular will be very high on a lot of lists.  That being said, the deeper we go in the playoffs the better than chance of keeping one or both.  They cannot take interviews until the season is over and most teams will not want to wait that long.
  10. Panther's should fear Bucs

    Maybe he was trying to think of someone on our schedule, because I would definitely fear them more than Atlanta and/or New Orleans If we fail to reach 16-0 though I have felt for several weeks that the Giants will be the culprits
  11. Would NFCC game still be enough for you?!

    If we lost to Arizona in a hard fought NFCCG I would get over it.  Losing to any other team there would be awful. Honestly I think losing int he SB would be more disappointing than the Arizona scenario because I think with all the Pats injuries that all the teams over there are inferior to the Cardinals.  They are our toughest competition IMO
  12. Your wishlist for the draft

    BPA.   Although my preference is for that players to play one of these positions:  CB (if we lose or only tag Josh), SS, DE, WR I would like a RB too, eventually we need to replace Stew, but not really interested in one in the first round unless Elliot or Henry somehow fall to us which I cannot see
  13. Who is in your playoff

    Instead of rankings I chose to do a pecking order this week based on next weeks games, since things have finally cleared up: 1) Clemson: not their most impressive performance but it can be forgiven in a rivalry game 2) Oklahoma: this honestly does not matter because if Bama-OU are 2-3 in either order they will play each other, but OU deserves credit, they are playing the best ball in the country right now and just beat Baylor, TCU, and OkState back-to-back-to-back 3) Alabama: a win over an in shambles UF team from a second consecutive playoff berth 4) B1G: MSU/Iowa are 4-5 in some order.  Luckily for the committee they can figure it out on their own If Clemson and Alabama win next week then things are easy for the committee, should one fall then things get interesting 5) Stanford: I am not sure what the SOS rankings say but Stanford has played the most impressive schedule in the country.  USC will be their twelfth Power 5 opponent.  Their only other opponent was Central Florida, who while terrible I cannot dock them for because they were one of the top mid-majors for awhile there until last season 6) UNC: beating Clemson and a USC win over Stanford should get them in.  The comittees nightmare?  Stanford wins ugly and UNC has an Ohio State-Wisconsin esque demolition of Clemson, giving them something to think about.  In the absence of that, everything should work itself out 7) Ohio State: ended the season strong again.  Without a CCG appearance though I do not think it will be enough this year (nor should it).  Now should Clemson, Stanford, and Alabama all lose?  Well then they could be in the conversation, but let us be real, Florida does not stand a chance.
  14. How About Them Heels?

    Oh I agree.  The thought of a national title never entered my mind, this year or any other, so if we beat Clemson but Stanford gets in then so be it.  It certainly will not effect my enjoyment of this season. That being said, I am going to have USC on my iPad next Saturday and will be cheering my ass off for them.
  15. How About Them Heels?

    Notre Dame takes a one point lead with 30 seconds left.  Stanford goes down and kicks a FG to win it!!! UNC beats Clemson USC beats Stanford At that point we should be the fourth team (only really Ohio State would be a threat). Still a major long shot but all the pieces have fallen right so far so just win one more and Fight On Trojans!!!