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  1. Johnson and Hardy

    Panther players were smart, being nothing but complimentary to Hardy (whether genuine or not), giving him no reason and motivation to come after the Panther offense. Hardy probably didn't know what to do with all the kind Panther words thrown his way, after all the criticism he received elsewhere. It worked like a Charm.
  2. Pure Respect Rivera / Davis

  3. Skip Bayless

    Can't knock Skip Bayless for rooting for his team. Quite honestly, Bayless knows the Panthers are good. He just had to root for his home team. I don't have no problem with that. And for all you guys that hate Bayless. Get over it! You're 11-0, and just demolished his favorite team, and sent his starting QB/Savior to the IR/scrap heap! Just dust it off. Now of course, I'll turn on First Take this morning, to watch Stephen A. absolutely roast Skip and laugh in his face! LOL
  4. Skip Bayless

    They both will be on tomorrow (i.e. Fri) BTW
  5. The greg hardy vs michael oher matchup

    Damn! You almost a prophet!!
  6. Cam Newton Wired

    No worries. If it's off the front page, then maybe it does need to be re-posted for those who didn't see it already? It's been posted about 3-5 times already. So obviously, there may have been a need.
  7. 32 millon plus to be watching our Panthers today

    Probably, cause they're so many NFC teams playing, so they need network balance?
  8. 32 millon plus to be watching our Panthers today

    IIRC, Phil Simms mentioned on Inside The NFL, he's doing the Panther vs Cowboy game.
  9. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    Why didn't he learn to give up weed for Alcohol, or those new electronic, smokeless cigarettes/whateva, if he wanted to be hooked on something during his Rehab. At least he would have passed his test. SMH
  10. Start Funch Or rotate him in real quick if you start Brown. Actually, since he's coming off an injury, you have an excuse to start Funchess. If he does well, then even Brown should understand if he doesn't start (especially a 2nd rd draft pick the team traded for).
  11. Sportsnation: Cam is MVP

    He had won the NFL Networks morning fan vote last week as well, till Brady tied him. Of course these things are ongoing and subject to change to say the least.
  12. Where were they all walking to, unless they were waiting for some sort of bus or transport? That's a Manhattan street, presumably outside of NFL Headquarters on Park Ave. Maybe, the fix was in, and Jerry and Roger were discussing it, and Jerry wanted no business with it? LOL
  13. Makes sense. Panthers have had great ratings their last few games. It's the Cowgirls, with Romo's return. And it's thanksgiving, against an undefeated team with everyone home! The ratings should be Boffo indeed (unless some people are eating, since it will be a 4:30 game)!
  14. Give Cam the MVP

    All back ups look good playing spot duty for one or two games. You just have to look at Anderson's overall record throughout his career to see how he reverts back to the mean with prolonged starts. Saying all that: If the Panther offense continues to pile up the points and wins, then Cam will/can be a shoe in. But we'll see?
  15. Sports Illustrated's Doug Farrar Get's It/The Panthers

    I hate Bill Simmons. He's the biggest fraud on television.