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  1. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    Shaq - move Uptown. Walk and Uber everywhere. More ladies there than Weddington.
  2. Riot Tailgate Parking lot

    I dont think so. I think at best we would be able to control which spots they are. But if you're just worried about parking and not the exact space then I would say pull the trigger.
  3. Riot Tailgate Parking lot

    Meeting with the EZ Parking people on Wednesday. People move slowly during the offseason.
  4. Los Angeles 2016

    Yeah....this one is going to be a tough ticket I'm afraid.
  5. Los Angeles 2016

    Glad I'm sitting with you ;) Yeah I think you're right about the tickets online. It's people who have received their details and are immediately putting them up for sale. Buying Rams tickets is a good investment (right now anyway)
  6. long as he's there by the start of camp he'll be fine. He's a beast.
  7. This isn't a big deal. He'll be running in 6 weeks at the most.
  8. Panthers Question on Jeopardy

    None of them got it right.
  9. $5 for a domestic beer is a ripoff. I'd rather pay the extra for NoDa beers.
  10. Panthers Release Boykin

    No wonder why you've never won the league
  11. Panthers Release Boykin

    That was a result of not reaching for an OL in a draft. Apples and oranges. Come do people have such a hard time understanding that still?
  12. Panthers Release Boykin's like these dudes think GMan woke up today and decided to cut Boykin with no plan. Good God....can we not wait until at least camp to see how this plays out?
  13. Panthers Release Boykin

    Reacting without understanding the big picture is dumb. Acting like you're better at a job youve never done than the GM of the year is the dumbest.
  14. Panthers Release Boykin

    LOL at those acting like paying $80K to Boykin has some major affect on our cap.
  15. Panthers Release Boykin

    My guess would be that he played last year and was serviceable....and he already knows the system.