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  1. Will be a home game for them either way.
  2. Spoke to Redskins today - we weren’t opening there.
  3. Panthers opening with redskins doesn’t appear to be true.
  4. Regular Season Schedule

    Thanks. I thought it was something like that. Weekend in NOLA, smacking your Saints around in Sunday, NYE on Monday, and then the Sugar Bowl on Tuesday!?! Holy poo that may be the weekend that actually puts an end to me.
  5. Eazy-E's Mock Draft

    I, too, am frightened by this possible pick and hope it’s wrong. However....I have him as the RD1 pick in my mock.
  6. Eazy-E's Mock Draft

    For me it's more about knowing the Panthers have interest in him than personally liking him as a prospect. He could even be their RD1 pick I think.
  7. Eazy-E's Mock Draft

    Frank has been ranked ~60th overall player - I'd be shocked to see him still available at 88. I do like some Frank but he's going to be their 2nd pick if they're going to grab him IMO.
  8. Regular Season Schedule

    I haven’t been that weekend actually. I’m sure it’s a zoo. But I was talking about the bowl game at the Bucs stadium which was the very next day. I think it has more to do with getting the stadium prepared than number of tourists in town. But who knows? I do remember the Panthers playing there NYE weekend in back to back years (maybe 2013 or 12??) but I wasn’t there so can’t speak to how it was.
  9. Regular Season Schedule

    With two days to flip it? Yeah they definitely would. The whatever its name is bowl was the next day after the Panthers at Bucs when we were there in '16. Unless it's a conflict on the same day the NFL doesn't care
  10. Regular Season Schedule

    Home opener vs Seattle Thanksgiving at home against the Falcons NYE in NOLA Eagles is a primetime game fug the Cowboys
  11. Daryl Worley Officially Released

    Hope he gets some help first and foremost.
  12. Daryl Worley Officially Released

    In before whether the Panthers will sign him
  13. Worley likely released per Les Bowen

    Life sure comes at you fast
  14. Why didn’t the 49ers resign him? They have all the cap space in the world.
  15. I love how you’re quickly willing to dismiss the rest of the list as “beyond their prime” or that they “suck” but you won’t even consider Reid’s injury that had him on the brink of retirement a few seasons ago as a reason for him still remaining unsigned. I’m not willing to dismiss the protests as having its place in all of this, but I’m also not willing to say it’s definitively the reason. Pushing that narrative at this point is based on complete assumption and ignores other information that we know is fact. Which is just crazy to do.
  16. Yes @top dawg, with the number of safeties still on the market and the reports we are hearing like from Boston saying they’re not getting anywhere close to the salary figure that they’re expecting, then yes there is more going on here than just the protests. What’s your take on why these other big names are going unsigned? If we get past the draft and these other guys start signing and Reid doesn’t then I’m happy to call BS on the situation. But until then I’ll stick to my “take” that there is more in play here.
  17. Who said they were involved in the decisions? I said they are aware of what’s going on.
  18. I would say that’s not a safe assumption. They had a team at McCaffrey’s house. They are involved.
  19. That’s an example of him being a bad talent evaluator, not a mouthpiece for the team.
  20. Tell me who we are drafting since he gave away so much info.... And using another poster’s assumption doesn’t strengthen your suggestion. But finding an example of where any of the Panthers guys just made up some false narrative to be a “mouthpiece of the team” would.
  21. They don’t publish their draft strategy. The info they put out isn’t giving anything away.