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  1. Turner discusses plans for Newton

    But can this info be trusted?
  2. Voth thinks Wilks is gone

    My post wasn't even meant to be a pro-Bill post. I just have a hard time wrapping my head around wanting to trust media sources that are so far away from the team vs the ones who actually cover the team locally - ESPECIALLY the ones who work for the team. I mean....it makes zero sense. And this was a perfect example.
  3. Voth thinks Wilks is gone

    "Huddle logic" ESPN says something = Oh hell yeah they know what they're talking about Guy who works for the ACTUAL fuging TEAM says it = he doesn't know poo
  4. The Eagles now have an omen

    It's pretty funny. My Eagles fan buddy from Philly sent it to me yesterday morning. Kenny V is the man!
  5. The Eagles now have an omen

    I found @Johnny Rockets

    Always knew you were a bandwagoner
  7. Payton makes everyone hate the Saints

    Can you imagine our beat writers being able to write things like this about the team? Their balls would be immediately cut off by the current owner
  8. Relive the moment

    I can't tell you how fun it is watching you post "our terrible loss wasn't as bad as their terrible loss" posts. Brings me incredible joy.
  9. Updates on the team sale

    The traffic in and out of Foxborough and Landover is a complete disaster.
  10. Relive the moment

    Sure. But the Falcons loss took 17 minutes and people watching could see it happening. It was a tragic but slow death. Meanwhile the probability of your team winning was so high that your dickhead coach was too busy taunting Vikings fans to coach up his D for the "can't lose" moment. One was a choke job the other is literally referred to ask a fuging miracle. So spin it however you want to make you feel better, but either way they were both glorious to watch and something neither fan base and team will live down.
  11. Relive the moment

    I don't know, man. Both are right there for me.
  12. Yeah - our $100+ ATL tickets were in a corner rows 17+. But hey...sodas were cheap. F that.
  13. This makes total sense to me since Norwell is a goner. Would be fine with a day 1 starter at LG who can slide Into C.
  14. Mine are $65 or $67. And see my second quote. Those were group prices because they won't sell individual tickets - has to be season tickets
  15. I take that back...they don't even sell individual tickets. Those are group prices.
  16. Cheapest ticket in the stadium is also $75 and that's even if they decide to sell those (they're removable seats). Usually the cheapest ticket is $100.
  17. Updates on the team sale

    The truth: A PSL is only permanent and forever for as long as the team stays in Bank of America Stadium. Link - http://www.journalnow.com/news/state_region/psl-is-forever-unless-carolina-panthers-move/article_0bdbe06e-6a12-11e2-8be0-001a4bcf6878.html
  18. Updates on the team sale

    This is incorrect. I'll have to find the link but according to the person who wrote the PSLs rules, leaving BoA makes the PSLs go bye bye.
  19. Updates on the team sale

    That says "in Bank of America Stadium".
  20. Updates on the team sale

    Yes and no. Those things are all true, but a stadium deal would 100% be a reason the new owners would try and move. But I doubt it comes to that