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  3. Official Netflix Thread

    Youre welcome...
  4. Official Netflix Thread

    good sticky! 90% of what i watch on NF are docus. I love them. There is a thread somewhere with lots of good suggestions. Ill add my suggestions as i watch them. Warning tho, i tend to like them Right off the bat, id suggest, "Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa", and We Live in Public. Those are excellent. The Stones docu about making Exile is ok. Just ok. Some of the Hunter S. Thompson ones are ok. Facing the Habit is ok...about a stock broker junkie. Nat Geo: Inside North Korea, ok. Nat Geo: Inside Mecca is good i thought. Art of The Steal: Only partly thru this, but really interesting. Might not be to most. Surfwise: excellent Cocaine Cowboys is good. Inside Deepthroat is good. Hell on Wheels: love this one, but its German and subtitled. And im a cycling fan. Commune: is good. About REAL DEAL hippies. Not fake Botany of Desire: excellent. Same dude who did Food Inc. (also good)
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