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  1. Cam has the voice of an Angel

    Boats 'n Hoes!
  2. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    JNo doesn't forget Deion!
  3. Have you guys heard of Cam's new snack cakes?

    I lol'd. Dad jokes FTW.
  4. Anthony Morrow's New Panther Tattoo

    He's actually a NY Giants fan. Got a Giants and Yankees logo tatted on his arm. He's just a really funny guy and says he'd do it if we all paid for a small logo. 
  5. Anthony Morrow's New Panther Tattoo

    Pretty sweet. Anyone know of an artist in the Concord/Charlotte area that will do a tattoo that high quality? My Sgt. at work said he would get a tattoo like that if the Panthers won SB 50.
  6. The 12s just won't let it go...

    I've just never seen a fan base completely lose their collective minds over a loss this bad.
  7. Yo...but for teal...the Squatty Potty is amazing.
  8. While I never really watched Sam Mills play, I did get to watch Mark Fields play. Seeing the bond those two had and the effect that it had on that '03 team was really special. It was the mantra that team and they took it to heart. A non-sentimental point, we have a badass team motto like some of the other classic NFL teams.
  9. New Towels!!!

    Are those towels or buffs? They gave out buffs at the Belk Bowl and it was pretty awesome. Looks like the same material.

    That guy is the man.
  11. Winter storm... advantage or disadvantage?

    If you can't get hype and overcome a little bit of snow and ice for the NFC Championship, turn in your fan card. Now.
  12. Don't do it.You should find out if you're going to the Super Bowl the same time the Panthers do.
  13. OK- Which one of you is the plumber

    That must suck having a whole section of your Panthers man cave devoted to a Steelers player.
  14. Creedbombing?

  15. Maximize Your Noise

    I know this topic may seem silly to some, but I'm glad someone has made it a point to try and educate the home crowd. The stadium was absolutely rocking on Sunday and it needs to be like that every single game. Great thread, OP.