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  1. Game 7

    Good season HOrnets fans
  2. Game 6 vs. Heat

    lol what does me being a Heat fan have anything to do with the NFL?
  3. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    Im nervous about it but I think it'll all work out in the end
  4. Game 6 vs. Heat

    Yes let the Wade hate flow through you
  5. Hornets/Heat Game 2

  6. Hornets/Heat Game 2

    It was a bit more than just hope lol I was hearing Hornets in 5.The Heat are old and washed etc. I root for the Hornets when they aren't playing the Heat so im hoping they at least win a game this series. The team deserves that much.
  7. Hornets/Heat Game 2

    Pretty much. I was shocked about how many Hornets fans said how great of amatchup it would be for them againstus in the first round.I bet they are regretting it now.
  8. Bill Voth agrees, TE could be the pick at 30

    Hell yeah GAMECOCKS
  9. our next safety just got cut

    Rather start Boston but I'm starting to think we draft a Safety in the 1st 2 rounds
  10. Just not in the first round
  11. Panthers ink Boykin

  12. Boykin Visiting

    Would love this pickup
  13. Drafttek's full 7 round draft

    That would be a nice draft. I still want Doctson or Pharoh Cooper tho
  14. Panthers sign DT Soliai; 2 yrs, $7M

    He would be a good depth signing