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  1. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    LoL he's gone. Good luck in whatever you do next Frank
  2. Where's NanceUSMC?

    Hell yeah and I remember that annoying ass Niner fan from 2 years ago that kept claiming how much better Kaepernick was than Cam
  3. Panthers sign Ras-I Dowling

    Lol its just a PS move
  4. this is the most PU thread of all time lol
  5. Cam MUST be protected from Hardy....

    I doubt Hardy is like that. 
  6. Can you do without the Cam celebrations?

    I have to admit. If I was a Titan fan today, I'd hate Cam but not so I love it lol
  7. we are 8-0....and NOT playing at full srength

    He had a bad hamstring alot of offseason that kept reoccuring
  8. The Titans make me worry with their short passing game

    They are starting Byron Bell. I'm not worried 
  9. Hornets @ Pistons

    Reggie Jackson smh