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  1. Hmm. helping illegal people. sounds like an accessory to a crime. More proof than with Hardy. Traitor. Lock him up. NFL HATES AMERICA!!! okay. i'm done now. Good job, Josh.
  2. imminent rogaine

    WTF have we become

    America is assylum seekers. America is immigrants. Too bad there weren't stricter immigration policies when Limp-dick Small-hands' grandfather was coming over.
  3. imminent rogaine

    Hurney, and the DB to S Transition...

    Yea, go ahead and put me down for drafting a real fuging safety to play safety. Maybe Armanti Edwards can play safety!!!
  4. I wasn't looking for an awesome car. I was looking for a dependable car that will get the job done. Something better than the flintstones-mobile that bare-foot shula was pedaling around.
  5. umm i think maybe he didn't watch Shula call the offense. I feel more like we are going from a moped to an Impala.
  6. Curious to see if Cam has a quicker drop back. In the past, it wasn't just the number of steps, it was the speed. He'd always take these slow methodical steps back instead of being quick and precise.
  7. imminent rogaine

    Huddle's Racism & Rivera

    I think: that all of the success was due to DG and no one else.
  8. imminent rogaine

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Good point; that's why all asians are good at math. When it comes down to it, IQ is really just a red herring. We need to focus on how the blacks knees are built differently. They have 4 extra knee tendons than we whites do. That's why they are all faster and can jump higher. Its an unfair advantage to us whites and the globalist liberals want to pay them millions and millions to play sports and disrespect the troops. That's the real story here.
  9. imminent rogaine

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Whoa... blowing my mind. 100% spot on. Sheeple gonna sheeple.
  10. imminent rogaine

    Chuck Pagano wants to coach

    Singletary, Capers, Mangini, Schurmer, Mularky, Marrone...
  11. imminent rogaine

    Don't ever change, Smitty

    Or the X clown, arms out as he scores the TD.
  12. imminent rogaine

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Meh, white people only "love" MLK to make themselves look and feel less racist. Personally, I just like to make up quotes that push my political agenda and then attribute them to MLK so that everyone has to accept them as the gospel. Guaranteed i could take a pic of MLK, slap a quote about how socialism and welfare will be the downfall of humanity and equality and John Q. Maga will be sharing that poo on Facebook in no time.
  13. imminent rogaine

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    What a fuging tool. White guy gets mad that there are too many non-white people in a country that had exactly 0 white people as of the 1780s.
  14. imminent rogaine

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Those things look impossible to aim. Edit: that guy totally jerks off to black cuck porn.
  15. imminent rogaine

    Incognito placed on psychiatric hold

    As long as that hold doesn't come with a 10 yard penalty, then I say sign him up!!!! not really. dude is loony.