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  1. Fallout from Norman vs Beckham

    If they did this, they would need to re-define what a personal foul is. Taunting, inadvertent late hits, inadvertent face masks, these things shouldn't be grounds for ejection. You want to limit intentional, malicious hits and plays, so only those types of plays should be "personal fouls".  
  2. Broncos plan to test Thomas Davis "extensively"

    Also, David Johnson outweighs Hillman by like 30 pounds. If Hillman sees #58 coming he might as well just cut his losses and go to the ground.
  3. Braylon Beam Going To Superbowl Courtesy Of Ellen Show

    You can tell he is so jacked to be going; you can almost feel the face flush and the heart pound just by his expression.
  4. Braylon Beam Going To Superbowl Courtesy Of Ellen Show

    Def on the Mt Rushmore of lesbians. I'd put Melissa Etheridge up there too; those songs were so catchy.
  5. This is quite possibly the most epic picture of Rivera..

    I was born in 86, so I don't have memories of all this happening. The 30 for 30 definitely tainted my view of Ditka.
  6. ESPN's GIF of Cam Newton seems a bit off to me...

    All 5'6" 160 pounds of white cam newton
  7. Sanders talking smack on Norman

    I feel like Thomas is exactly the kind of wr that Norman destroys. Combine that with manning having to throw deep balls with such a high trajectory, and I think Norman has a great game.
  8. Your favorite Panther player reminds you of?

    Josh Norman reminds me of a squirrel. A very agitated squirrel.
  9. Destiny - Luke Kuechly toddler pic

  10. It's NOT about race!

    Thug? He is wearing team gear, no problem with that.   I don't think "thug" is the word you were thinking, Katie.  Go ahead and just say what we know you were thinking.
  11. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Peyton is smart enough to pick us apart if we don't get pressure. He will also readily take sacks if we are closing in on him. Get pressure. win game. I really think Big Money shows up for one last hoorah. Also, I predict that they have to scrape one of their rbs off of the turf after they are obliterated by a jacked up #58.
  12. Calvin Johnson to retire

    Yea. Asked for a trade and owner wouldn't do it. Bengals still had the rights on him so they ended up dealing him to the raiders for  2 first round picks ( if I remember correctly)
  13. Who is this year's surprise star in the sb

    I think all of our ends will have a good game. Charles will have the biggest game of the ends. I feel like he has gotten a bit better each week. He will go out with a bang.
  14. Anyone else going to watch the SB alone?

    Trying to avoid mid-play "oooh did they air the doritos commercial yet?". or "lets talk about game of thrones". "Is Deangelo hurt? haven't seen him out there". etc etc. If you can't name the back-up o-linemen, gtf out of here.
  15. The Ultimate Shitty QB

    meh.   I did find it funny that before I red the article the names Rex Grossman, John Kitna, and Kyle Boller had all popped into my head. Along with Clausen and Bulger.   They should have used Clausen for the tiny hands. I don't think he can palm a football.. He basically has to shotput the ball.