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  1. Where does your tax money go (NC version)?

    Lottery funds are revenues, transferred to the state for disbursement. These funds are then disbursed by the state based on the budget that is approved by the legislators. x amount for : construction, school personell, classrooms, specific educational programs, scholarships for students, etc. The only issue I have with the program is that the funds are not added on top of what was already budgeted for education; instead, what was orginally for education can be used elsewhere. That said, Lottery proceeds are only like 6 or 7% of what is budgeted for Education; at some point legislators need to quit looking for a magic pill to fix educational funding and just actually prioritize education. I think teacher pay is a fantastic place to start. With any other job, if you wanted a better outcome, then you'd try to improve the pool of people doing the job. By offering better pay, you increase the quality and size of the applicant pool. You can be more selective when hiring and you are bringing in the top teachers instead of running them off into other states.
  2. Today in racism doesn't really exist

    I don that persona all the time in satyrical jest. I think that is a valid thing - to point out the idiocy of a certain stance/take/way by taking it to the extreme. These guys don't really look like they are doing that; they just look really stupid. Either way, you do stupid things and you have to deal with the consequences. Color me shocked that we see stupid things coming from a guy that willingly gets down on his knees to take the beer-can-dick of another guy. "Bro you should totally make him really suck your dick while we all watch and jerkoff.. as a prank. Just as a prank though."
  3. Brandon Marshall Released

    failed physical... He'd still be the best WR on the panthers.
  4. My one and only mock draft

    lol 'bates. ha. my kind of guy.
  5. The Safety Market...

    Man, when you put there ages out there, Boston does look like a pretty good option. History with the team. A couple of years under his belt to, hopefully, work out some of those silly misakes.
  6. I dont want a wide receiver round one

    Well I don't think Minka is dropping. I love the idea of Safety early. poo, if it was me drafting, we'd double dip at safety 1 and 2. Guard would probably be the wisest choice but there is no denying that we are and have been weak at CB. we'll see. Hopefully we get you that TE in the first 3 rounds.
  7. I dont want a wide receiver round one

    That's about where I am. The first pick almost HAS to be a CB or a guard. Maybe safety a round earlier than tight end - depending who is there and who isn't. There is a group of WRs that, right now, all seem to be about the same and will go around the same time. There should be some RB talent there later on.
  8. I hope those are signals of things to come. I just worry he will consider Olsen to be one of "his" guys while Star and Norwell were not. The FAs don't bother me; Hurney issue was always paying too much for homegrown vets.
  9. He hasn't had the opporunity. Here it is.
  10. I hope we are considering his feelings when we work up a deal.
  11. My point was that Hurney likes to extend aging vets to large contracts based on what they have done rather than their value going forward through the life of the contract. This is based on his past contracts and isn't really related to the age of our team. Our team is full of holes. When I said "good bye to the cap" I really meant goodbye to any hopes of having flexibility to fill those holes via free agency. I'm not worried about having money for Olsen.... I'm worried about what we'd be giving up to afford him.
  12. Hurney was just waiting for something like this. Say goodbye to the cap through 2022.
  13. Let's talk about BUSTS

    came here for titties. was only mildly disappoint.
  14. Why we don’t need to arm teachers

    I wonder if people's risk of dying from lightening strikes was reduced at all from common sense precautionary measures.
  15. Why we don’t need to arm teachers

    ...car accident control, shark bite control, mustard gas control, chem trails control, nuclear nuculer bomb control, asbestos control, peanuts when you are allergic to peanuts control, drowning control, alcohol control, dog bite control...