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  1. imminent rogaine

    We need a safety

    Bring Dezmen Southward back!
  2. Throw in a murder she wrote and an in the heat of the night and I may never turn my tv off
  3. Don’t forget he actually nailed LT when he signed Oher. Also, he would have probably left us in better shape had JR not intervened. We’ve got decent money tied up in a suspended, past-his-prime LB that will probably play 3 more years and and aging TE that can’t walk.
  4. I’d give Vernon Butler and a first for Landon Collins. Make it happen, Hurney!
  5. Well... that one good year was here in our system. We don’t need an all star back there but a vet w experience that isn’t Colin jones would be nice.
  6. imminent rogaine

    Play DJ Moore

    By far the best three.
  7. Dontari Poe revenge game!!!! 2 sacks each for he and Kk. Peppers, Addison, and Shaq all get one each.
  8. imminent rogaine

    Predict the starting offensive line...

    Apparently the Titans are as fuged as us on the line. Both tackles are out, forcing them to start a rookie udfa that they just brought up from practice squad to face the Texans... good luck!
  9. I said that all off season. Larsen was the starter last season. He was perfectly capable with talented guards on either side. We obliterated that dynamic, lost one of the best guards in the league, sat talent on the bench and lost an opportunity to shed cap.
  10. imminent rogaine

    Tomorrow game will be emotional

    Idk, man. I had a couple of sticks fall on my driveway and the power flickered once. I’m sure my story has been shared with the players to motivate them this week. I really just need something to take my mind off of the leaves that fell on my deck.
  11. imminent rogaine

    Browns just cut Josh Gordon

    Under. Browns weren’t about to take his ass to Nola.
  12. imminent rogaine

    Browns just cut Josh Gordon

    Send a couple of firsts for him and give him 50 mil guaranteed!!! If only we had coughed up a second rounder on martavis!!!! You guys are relentless. These guys are bad decision makers and I don’t think that is something that anyone can change. That’s the end of the story. If we signed him for .50 and a signed photo of Sir Purr, then we’d be out .50 and a signed copy of Sir Purr.