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  1. Sounded right to me. You must have insider info
  2. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

    any second now..... here it comes..... any.. second... Sharia law.. just wait and see. its coming, alright. no stopping it.
  3. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

    no poo. Real life example today from trumper i work with: he was complaining about how the media makes stuff up for clicks [okay, sounds reasonable right?] specifically, he was upset about the paid/sponsored bullshit links at the bottom of sites where its just weird poo or womens tits. He was upset that he clicks those all of the time and it never shows you what you thought you were going to see. "SECRET BELLY FAT TRICK!" "Wardrobe malfunction pics she doesn't want you to see!" etc
  4. What are your favorite Hurney memories?

    too many to name really. I especially liked giving Delhomme a 5 year deal after that 6 turnover gem against arizona. Then we cut him almost immediately and gave him like 15 mil or something stupid in guaranteed money. When we gave a second round pick to NE to get Armanti Edwards. Never having a first round pick because he trades them away every year for shitty players. Which is convenient because he bombs any pick that isn't a first rounder.
  5. It's Official. Hurney is the GM

    Stewart 4 years 60 mill
  6. Another School Shooting- Let's Review Latest Gun Legislation

    We can take away funding from books, desks, chairs, teacher salaries, etc. Yea some teachers might get killed. "That's just the price of freedom." (this is my new favorite quote for anything related to guns that is also preventable)
  7. Bucs release Doug Martin

    Guys, we can save a ton of money by cutting Dan Morgan and Tim Biakabatuka.
  8. Bucs release Doug Martin

    dude. they are free agents. Why do you keep saying that we will cut them?
  9. Norwell & Star

    good point. It takes a super talented GM that is dedicated to winning and making the team better. PS: I'm talking about Gettleman.
  10. Norwell & Star

    @Ace_Aladdin Dickson is a free agent. Gano is a free agent. Zero money saved; in fact, that is money you have to account for because we need to either re-sign them or replace them. I desperately want an improvement at both safety spots but idk if cutting Adams makes much sense unless we can get an automatic starter in the draft. Still, in that case, Idk if you can cut Adams until you know that the rookie is capable of starting.
  11. Protesters

    Insurance is a market. If insurance is required, then people with guns HAVE to get it. Insurance would then work like any other insurance, price it high enough to cover your losses and guarantee a profit but low enough that people choose your company over a competitor's and also low enough that people continue to own guns and need the insurance. They would be based on type, number, and risk factors associated with individuals. Those types of details don't need to be legislated; those details go directly into the matrix that an insurance company would use. Insurance companies are stellar at assessing risk. No doubt their forumulas and prices would change as they are able to more accuately assess risk and as the market changes. Guy with some black powder collectable is not going to be paying what guy with 12 "assault rifles" will be paying. I would think this option would be for the best for most view points. It provides an improvement to the situation, doesn't ban anything, and relies on a private industry to dictate who can own instead of big gov't.
  12. Protesters

    Absolutely. why have a speed limit? Doesn't stop speeders from speeding.
  13. Drafting Letter to NC Lawmakers

    I was curious if anyone on the board has drafted a letter to any of the NC lawmakers regarding gun legislation or gun control? What did the letter include? who did it go to? I know for other issue there have been "canned" letters that people have sent out in mass. Also, I am aware that our senators are likely compromi$ed when it comes to this issue.
  14. Things that trump says

    The US might go to poo but at least the good guys won the election, right?