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  1. Man at the beginning of the season I really wanted us to go after Allen Robinson.. Great WR on a shitty team with a shitty QB that can't get him the ball. Then he tears his knee up and the Jags are actually good. Now its hard to know what he is worth and how much he wants to part ways with the jags...
  2. lol no one says that. I generally find your posts to be entertaining and fairly informative but, here, your premise is flawed and your thread is unnecessary. You think Vick was an rb that sometimes threw? He was a pretty good QB, especially that year he came back for Philly - Actually, his completion percentage that year was higher than any that Cam has ever posted. There rushing yards per season looks the exact same aside from two years where Vick posted 900 and 1000. Edit: I will agree with you on the notion that there isn't much happening in this organization that is helping him out.
  3. Wait, how do you dock with a woman? Thought it had to be two guys.
  4. Meh hard to blame Jameis here...Uber driver was probably asking for it because she was wearing clothes and driving a car and being female. You know how they do.
  5. can we get some byron bell Gifs up in here?
  6. If you are operating under the assumption that Byron Bell is better than any other LT in the NFL, you are wrong. I hope Alfred Morris is ready to help out Byron Bell on 100% of offensive snaps. Go ahead and lock RDE Vinny Curry in for 3 sacks. At least 1 each for DT Cox and LDE Graham as everyone shift attention to try and help Bell.
  7. NC senators see which way the wind is blowing for once

    TLDR. fug em anyways.
  8. at least we don't have to listen to him call the games on Sundays anymore. Guy was brutal
  9. LMAO

    serious restraint shown by the two dudes that got punched. Dudes must be saints or felons on parole.
  10. Samuel getting MRI and other pc notes

    When Kalil comes back, we should put Larsen at "TE" as an extra blocker and then throw Moton in the backfield as "FB".
  11. uggh you know Hurney is itching to IR someone.... Its been like 5 minutes.
  12. DG in retrospect

    off of the top of my head: I know Bene was a 5th. That was a solid pick until the injury. Clearly, he wasn't right after that. Klein, looking very solid in NO. Mayo, looking more than capable here. CAP was in there somewhere. While he has been underwhelming, he is all of a sudden looking like the heir apparent to Stewart after we cut him. a backup after Hurn-dog empties the coffers on J-stews new 5 year deal. His UDFAs have been solid too. White Buffalo. Philly panned out better than you could have hoped for. Adarius Glanton was very solid and is now on the 53man in TB. After looking some more up UDFA hits: Melvin White, Robert Lester, Norris, Cox, Duke, Byrd
  13. Somehow, I'm not super surprised that a party whose legislation seems overly obsessed with the genitals of others, repeatedly has members accused of sex crimes.
  14. Just some good ol' fashioned jerry-sandusky-foolin-around... innocent and wholesome..nothing to see here.