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  1. Some of you seriously need to chill #trusttheprocess
  2. Lol no one in their right mind is giving up a 2nd. Like I said, mayyyyyyybe a 6th if we’re lucky
  3. Might be able to get a 6th
  4. LOL at Butler being BPA at the time of the pick
  5. There is plenty of money left with the right structuring
  6. So everyone on this board gives Funchess a pass because he’s still young and “he’s the same age as some rookies and he has experience” BUTTTTT are going to write off Ebron who is 1 year older???? Give me Ebron all day long. Detroit always has nothing but weapons so Ebron’s stats are going to suffer because of it. With that said his yardage totals really aren’t that bad. Similar to Funchess’ yardage totals in his first 3 years and Funchess was our number 1 this year. Id be pretty pumped if we signed EE
  7. This offseason is off the charts

    Well Gettleman didn’t get back from vacation until April every year so...
  8. Michael Crabtree Released

    Damn... *leaves to make thread*
  9. It’s probably time to take a step back if you take things like this that serious ;)
  10. Ha! Gettleman with such an “eye for talent” he just couldn’t resist when he saw that “special teamer ace” Teddy f’n Williams became available
  11. welp, there it is... The Saca kiss of death RIP Breeland
  12. I would gladly take average considering what he looked like the last time he was in a Norv Turner system
  13. The Forgotten Man: Taylor Moton

    Who says I don’t enjoy this Billy Blinders?
  14. This is what so many don’t realize when they’re saying we can’t afford so and so. There is a lot of money coming off the books next season and with a cut or so we can create a lot more... (matt Kalil I’m looking at you)
  15. It’s the least Luke could do considering he chooses to use his vacation days during the season
  16. Matt Kalil- help needed!

    Why am I not surprised...
  17. Thomas Rawls Visiting Carolina

    A value signing I was actually on board with... Of course
  18. The Forgotten Man: Taylor Moton

    Lol now it’s “forget this future OT crap” but just yesterday and all last offseason no one wanted Whitworth because Kalil was younger. Kalil might even end up retiring before Whitworth and that’ll just make this hilarious.