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  1. NBA General Discussion

    The average fan couldn’t name you 3 players on the Hornets so you can’t really go by that. I am by no means a Raptors fan at all and I don’t think they could ever compete with Cleveland but as far as regular season goes, they’re well built. Norman Powell is someone most people don’t know about but he’s legit. Your boy CJ Miles buried 6 3’s last night. I do agree with you on Monk, I think he’s the X-Factor for you guys this year, if he becomes legit the Hornets become good. I guess we’ll see...
  2. Good god, this is amazing...

    Same sh!t every year. We have people here that want to address the obvious needs with real players. We then have the crowd that says “we’re good” at every position because they’re homers and literally understand nothing. Then once the season starts that “we’re good” crowd is left scratching their heads as to why our 5th round rookie isn’t a pro bowler yet. It’s true what they say... You can’t fix stupid. If you could, this board wouldn’t exist.
  3. Community heroes eh... Yeah I could whip something up that sounds real nice on paper The amount of lap dances I could buy at Dreamgirls with the money I get from selling the tickets...
  4. NBA General Discussion

    Embid and Simmons looking nice in the 1st half
  5. Speedsters and no Ginn

    Yeah... That’s it
  6. Speedsters and no Ginn

    You’re* Get smarter.
  7. Speedsters and no Ginn

    You’re so eager to try and “burn” me that you completely miss the point. Get smarter.
  8. NBA General Discussion

    No way does Charlotte finish ahead of Toronto. Barring injury to one of Toronto’s 3
  9. Scrambled Eggs

    Have some Trenabol after your eggs as a dessert. Thank me later
  10. Speedsters and no Ginn

    Who is this “Samuels” you guys keep speaking of?
  11. Speedsters and no Ginn

    Yeah... Addressing needs with legit players... what a stupid suggestion. Don’t bother quoting me and wasting anymore of my time, thanks.
  12. Speedsters and no Ginn

    DeSean Jackson, Andrew Whitworth. 2 guys that were there for the taking this past offseason that would’ve solved a lot of problems for us But Gettlemagic
  13. CMC isn’t a robot. McCaffery is much more valuable to us in the passing game. Why tire him out running behind this trash OL? Until the OL is fixed (which seems like they won’t ever get right) there’s no point in upping McCaffery’s carries and tiring him out to the point he’s not effective in the passing game.
  14. As long as we don’t play anyone worth a damn or @RoaringRiot‘s Eagles again we should win the Super Bowl!
  15. Curtis Samuel is a bust

    Implement a IQ test and 95% of the people here wouldn’t be able to make threads
  16. Bowman

    Bowman for Shula straight up
  17. Jesus... Some of you blast Shula for not knowing what he’s looking at yet we have people here not being able to see that after the superman dive Cam was holding his shoulder Gee you think there is some sort of correlation?
  18. Some of you really need to mind your own
  19. Shula’s logic almost all the time is “no way they’re going to think I’m this stupid so they’ll never expect” We can’t run... “no way they’ll expect me to continue to run the ball in the 2nd half” Stewart’s hands are terrible “no way they’ll expect me to throw a screen out wide for Stewart” I could go on all day but you get the point The guy is literally a f’n idiot
  20. It’s not bad as you think All training camp 95% or this place put CMC in the HOF based on him juking LB’ers in one on one drills with no pads. So far we haven’t seen McCaffery make plays when there hasn’t been a whole lot of room. The LB’er (I believe) had angled CMC well on this play but so far on screens and other plays CMC has only been able to pick up what’s been given to him by blockers and defenders. Don’t get me wrong he’s ran some nice routes and ya defenses have focused on him but I was hoping for a little more with the ball in his hands
  21. A lil dose of realism..

    As long as Leonard Floyd is playing next Sunday Chicago isn’t a guaranteed win
  22. At some point Worley has to bank on the blitz getting to the QB and jump one of these routes instead of sitting 5 yards off Worley is giving these QB’s an easy outlet on every blitz