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  1. Adams calls TD “Head Hunter”

    Yep anyone who didn’t agree with the hit must be a packers fan. I suggest you go watch the hit again and if you were Adams my guess is you’d be hot too. Stop being a child.
  2. Adams calls TD “Head Hunter”

    Exactly... 3 or 4 years ago. Not today. And whether or not he meant to doesn’t change the fact that it happened. It was unnecessary end of story
  3. Adams calls TD “Head Hunter”

    Hopefully Davis can make good with Adams because we need Adams to sign here this offseason!
  4. Adams calls TD “Head Hunter”

    Should we go dig up what you said when the Broncos players were head hunting Cam or OBJ on Norman? Davis could’ve simply just grabbed Adams instead of decapitating him. There was no need for it. Obviously he wasn’t trying to kill him but this is the crap the NFL needs to try to eliminate so this doesn’t turn into a flag football league in 10 years.
  5. Adams calls TD “Head Hunter”

    Adams has every right to be upset. It was a real POS move by Davis
  6. If Atlanta loses tonight and assuming we beat TB we’re essentially locked into the 5th spot and the Saints 4th. We don’t want to go to NO. Y’all can sit here and pretend like we have a shot in NO but we don’t. The Saints will most likely handle the Falcons at home next week but regardless with Seattle losing yesterday we’re basically in the playoffs. We want Atlanta to win the next two so we’re either playing for the division week 17 or can drop down to 6th seed. 6th seed you’re most likely going into LA then Philly, that’s much easier than into NO and Minny. Even Atlanta wins tonight and loses next Sunday, id prefer we lose to TB. Rams are most likely winning out and they own the head to head with the Saints and so do the Vikes.
  7. You guys better hope Atlanta wins tonight too
  8. Welp Bersin better enjoy the rest of this season... It’ll be his last
  9. These refs screwed us

    Each week one of you cries about the officiating. You’re probably the type to call 3 in the key while playing pick up
  10. Might as well put Cam on the hands team at this point
  11. How anyone can defend Ron and Shula is beyond me
  12. Thank god we traded Benji. black plus dreads was probably just too much for JR to handle
  13. 0-4 when trailing at half! Adios! Things never change
  14. Yes let’s run the ball with 4 minutes left but pass with 25 seconds left There is no way Ron has an IQ higher than 80
  15. This one is on Shula. This defense is trash you can’t count on them but yet Ron/Mike continues to do so