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  1. What'd you expect to find? A bunch of fans of other teams saying "Welp, looks like the Panthers are the greatest and will dominate the NFL for a long time."? That's not how it works. The Panthers have been an inconsistent and altogether mediocre franchise for most of our existence. Lots of fans won't believe we're here to stay until they see it year in and year out for a long time. If we had actually won the Superbowl, that would have shut a very small number of them up, but the vast majority would still not believe we're gonna be consistent winners. It's just the nature of the beast in the NFL. Sure a lot of it has to do with people who will just always hate Cam, but every successful team has at least one player that fans of other teams just love to hate. You gotta have thick skin if you're gonna read comments on an online article, no matter what the subject is. But honestly, I wouldn't recommend doing it ever. That poo makes you a little bit dumber every time you do it.
  2. NFL Top 100 Players going into 2016 - Guess Our Players

    I bet Cam gets #2 and Von Miller gets #1 because of what happened in the superbowl. Short memories and all that. Keuchly #7 Norman #11 Short #19 Olsen #31 Davis #52 Coleman #75 Kalil #89 Stewart #97
  3. Trading up with the Titans

    I feel like when you're already sitting at the second to last spot per round THIS year, trading away a pick for NEXT year might have a little more value attached to it than normal. Just because, statistically speaking, it's very likely to be an earlier pick.
  4. For the fans that are confused about the Butler pick

    Genius! Because there's a magic number, right? 29.5% of the snaps just ain't gonna cut it for a first round pick, amirite? Especially because you only get them for one year, so there's no chance of them being a bigger part of your plans moving forward.
  5. It has happened! Gettleman has tamed the Huddle beast!

    Based on the handful of draft threads I've perused so far this offseason, I imagine if Gettleman were to pick Derrick Henry, half this board would have a conniption. Personally, I think he's more worthy of a 2nd round pick, butif Gettleman thinks he's good enough to pick in the 1st, I'd be happy with it.
  6. PFF Presents Carolina's Draft Board

    I actually really like the idea of Joe Thuney in the 2nd (or 3rd). He'd make a great backup that can play all along the line, as he did so at State, everywhere but Center. He mayyyyy be able to develop into a starter at LT, as he certainly was more than capable at State, but I wouldn't necessarily count on it. Becauselike the article said, it wasn't always pretty. I always wondered how he was able to be so consistent on what was otherwise a pretty porous O-Line when he isn't some kind of physical specimen and he didn't appear to have phenomenal technique either.
  7. Was this the plan all along?

    No, it wasn't the plan all along. It was a contingency. Gettleman doesn't like not being able to lock up his home-grown, core players long term. The tag is only used as a tool when there are no other options available, but it's only meant to prolong the amount of time he has to get a deal done. When he realized that was just not possible, he let him go.Keepinga star player locked up viathe tag has already bitten him once (Hardy), so I bet he's not too keen on relying on it again, unless he really thinks there's something to be gained long-term from it. Gettleman is ALL about the longterm. If you offered him the chance to get the best goddamn player the league has ever seen at any position for 2 years vs. the chance to develop a player who will end up being top 5 at his position for 10 years, I bet he takes the latter every time.
  8. Deangelo Williams throwing shade at Gettleman...

    If we're being honest here, parting with D-Will ended up being the best for both parties. The season he had in Pittsburgh (granted, only due to Bell's injury) was much better than he would possibly have gotten here. He needed a change of scenery. That being said, he's seems to be completely unaware of that fact. Andhe's currently acting like a bitter ex who spends so much time badmouthing his ex that his new girlfriendis starting to worry the he's not over her (us). Certainly doesn't help when his ex became a supermodel right after she broke up with him.
  9. Don't look for a big move to replace Josh Norman

    Oh damn, I coulda sworn we had signed him to a two-year deal. Guess it makes sense why no one has been mentioning him on our CB depth chart.
  10. Don't look for a big move to replace Josh Norman

    Nobody has mentioned him in awhile, but isn't Charles Tillman still technically on the team and not yet retired? I mean I imagine his ACL tear being so late in the year means he wouldn't be ready week 1, but he'd probably be good to go partway through the season, yes?
  11. 2016 Panthers Schedule - Thoughts and Musings

    I don't know this is necessarily true, seeing as the Seachickens have an altogether much tougher division than we do. They didn't win it last year and are likely not the favorites this year either.
  12. I thought OP was upset about Orr saying the Saints would become relevant again, and I was getting ready to explain how the Saints are media darlings and that will happen every year. But then I saw the last line. Lol.
  13. NFL Now: Panthers most complete team in the league

    "I've always loved Michael Robinson. Solid analyst that really knows what he's talking about." - The Huddle.
  14. The Inevitable "Trade-up" Thread

    Is Igo paying you yet? You've got to be spending moretime researching and posting valuable stats on this site than I spend procrastinating doing actual work just lurking here. And that's saying a lot.
  15. Bucs coach admits they're chasing the Panthers

    They gave J.R. Sweezy $33 million?!? o.0 Even as an NC State alum, I gotta say that's crazy. And unless he's changed a lot since college (I had him in one of my classes), he's pretty much a dick too. And that was before he beat up a fuging bus driver.