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  1. What about Winthrop University?
  2. Some will disagree with you.......... https://www.101sports.com/2017/01/01/nfl-will-never-return-st-louis-thats-okay/
  3. As mobile as the US population is, gone are the days when you see only home fans in the seats. Sure there's less in certain stadiums but Charlotte is not unique to that. Footnote* You'll always find several jackass's wearing Cowboy/Steelers gear at KC vs Denver game for example.
  4. Got me.....the man is a fine artist IMHO.
  5. Political cartoonist for the Charlotte Pravda..er Observer.
  6. Good to see Siers take a break from letting Charlotte and the Carolinas know how racist, sexist, bigoted, misogynistic , (insert "....phobic" here) they are. ;)
  7. !stUp

    The team under Tepper

    Who knows what's inside of Teppers head. But as far as money goes as it relates to the stadium questions, I'll just say look at Hard Rock stadium in Miami. The Dolphins home was roughly 30 years old when renovations began. The total cost with overruns was around $500 million. The venue is beautiful and that's a lot less than 1.8 to 2 Billion for new diggs. Of course renovation doesn't solve the supposed loss of revenue with the parking concerns. https://hardrockstadium.com/construction-timeline/
  8. !stUp


  9. So when will hear from Tepper (press conference)? I'm sure the puppet masters at league hq will want to wait after the official meeting in Atlanta next week. I and I'm sure a lot of others are waiting for him to throw us a bone.
  10. Good point. However neither one of those cities are going to pony up cash for a stadium. Most, who look at the "threat" of moving (if they are rationale) know it would be beyond foolish to take the Panthers away from one of the fastest growing markets in the nation. To San Diego , that had more than enough time to keep the Chargers or San Antonio...on that point Bob McNair and Jerry Jones would fight tooth and nail to keep a third team out of Texas. ....basically nowhere to run.
  11. Thanks. Just wondering (And I'm putting the cart before the horse here), on if we'll hear Tepper speak (press conference) this week or after the owners meet next week.
  12. May have already been talked about in another thread. But any word on minority investors (Belk's , Levine etc.)?
  13. !stUp

    The team under Tepper

    No. He must consume an entire pound of livermush at mid field. Chased by a quart of Wilkes County Moonshine. Only then will he be "one of us"