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  1. Fire Shula plane banner

    No matter what, who or how hot, they are all witches dude.
  2. O Line Issues

    Thanks man. This crap's getting old.
  3. Had to work yesterday, so I could only catch bits and pieces of the radio broadcast. I know R.Kalil went out, but was wondering if anyone else went down on the o line, and if we had any updates.
  4. Oh contraire, I would venture to say we're treading on George Seifert territory here.
  5. With the Falcons losing (badly) at NE, this would have been monster if we'd had gotten the W.
  6. "We have a talented group, it just comes down to execution. I feel we did some good things". (Pause) "Luke is still in the protocol, and we'll take it day by day". (Pause) " I have confidence in our staff. Mike Shula has done a great job here". End of press conference. Rinse, repeat.
  7. Nothing Is Going To Change

    Bruton Smith's son is just up 85, is young and has loads of $$$, just saying.
  8. There's a reason Danny Morrison got the hell out The nfcs was there for the taking this year. Frustrating
  9. Carolina Melanistic Leopards 24 Chicago Ursus Americanus 17