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  1. Yes because all northerners are the paragon of fitness and motivation.....jackass.
  2. Jim Szoke was talking to Saints play by play guy just now and the Saints guy parting words was "have a nice off season"....jackass
  3. No one was shaking for Hixon either.
  4. Cam- has to be surgical O line- has to be amazing J Stew/CMC has to hit holes Secondary- Don't let Ginn get behind you. Dline /LBs -Get Brees on his AZZ!
  5. Panther Jag Superbowl?
  6. No worries. We've got this.
  7. Get your commission through ROTC or USMA?
  8. Thank you. BTW where did you get your bullwinkle badge, er Air Assault badge?
  9. Notice the press coverage from our corners?
  10. Don't you have some opossum to cook for dinner? Run along.
  11. Got'em right where we want 'em