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  1. Kemba (TheRed)

    Chuck shows up and the ghost of Myck Kabongo makes Kemba get hot..   His stupidity is like spinach for Kemba... We need the town fool
  2. Can we sign a defensive big now??

    Larry Sanders  
  3. Can we sign a defensive big now??

    Ryan Hollins   Jeff Ayers  
  4. AL out for 2-3 weeks and we were already moving away form him in crunch time anyway... Can we please sign a rebounding shot blocking 5 now?? Here are a few Guys out there... Henry Sims    
  5. Unheralded Architect of the Carolina Panthers

    Jerry needs to take some of the blame..
  6. Coach Mike Mularkey said, via Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer, that he thought Newton was guilty of taunting and Williamson said “personally I don’t go for that stuff.” Williamson’s answer is worthy of a good-sized chuckle after catching his own extensive post-play celebration from earlier in the game, which may well have been titled “Glass Houses and Stones” based on his reaction to Newton.     Add Hypocrites to the Titans mission statement..
  7. Yeah Big Bell is still Cam's boy just Like Lafell still is... They love the guy even when they are on other teams... Love Big Bell still defending Cam.
  8. Keep it classy Titan's fans.

    Look how much of a POS this toothless clown is..   woolfolksunclesuncle   Members   78 posts   Posted 7 hours ago LOL fug you whiney Panthers bitches...I'm glad Ron Rivera's brother died and I hope his starting QB is next!
  9. Screw their Classless Fans and players... They had no problems celebrating when they sack Cam...  What a Bitchmade organization ... If you can't take the heat keep your f'n mouth shut...  
  10. I think it's the fake on the Read option that sometimes effect shorter to medium passes... But he does other things to cover up plus having Funch and KB will help when they are on the field,,,
  11. Julius Peppers is a Bitch

    Asshole move by Pep but still 1 of my favorite Panthers all time..
  12. Good Guys @ Mavs 11/5/15

    really liking this team... Offense is very exciting when done right,,,
  13. 2. Glen Rice                
  14. 3. LJ