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  1. Are we in a Window situation?

    Our defense isn't that good.
  2. So whose losing a home game?
  3. The Saints done fuged up
  4. No. Because Cam was still trying to advance the ball and the Saints player didn't know if he was down or not either.
  5. Gettleman stops that possibility. He has 5 rings with the Pats. There's your attachment.
  6. You guys are moody and flip floppy af.
  7. Playoffs as things stand now

    Gotta make it past the wildcard round first
  8. Game ball, who gets it?!!!!

    Cam, Peppers, or Byrd
  9. did cam get nut checked?

    Yeah. Dude slapped his balls from behind.
  10. And you guys expect any different from Shannon Sharpe?
  11. The winner gets to move to London