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  1. The Klein Factor

    AJ has plenty of practice reps against our offense, but Im pretty sure he spent more time studying Brees than he did Cam. Im more worried about what he can tell Drew about our D. Remember he never sat in the QB or WR meetings but he sat in every LB meeting and knows all of the "tells" we have figured out about Drew.
  2. Cam's Ankle

    I didnt think he was hurt as bad as he wanted to send a message to his OL
  3. Curse Broken Pie

    Its like waking up and realizing you drunk fuged an ugly cousin. Got laid but you cant exactly feel great about it.
  4. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    cant delete...
  5. "Accidental" Lynching

    This kind of thing should never get hidden behind a juvenile record. Shoplifting or even boosting a car shouldn't ruin someones life. Trying to lynch someone should haunt them to the end of their days.
  6. McDermott vs. Shula and Cam

    I think the coaches knowing each other is a bit overrated. Sure there will be familiarity with tendencies and insight into likely plays called. But at the end of the day McD's knowledge will only go so far. His players have to execute.
  7. Irma

    JFC... Its been decades since is spent any significant time in Fl but is there any point in the state that's 50 ft above sea level? I cant imagine anything south of Oceechobee being that high.
  8. Getting out of Retail/Manual Labor Jobs

    Depending on the segment of IT you're heading towards there are a couple of things a totally green resource can do. If you want to head for systems admin check out the bodyshops that run contract to perm gigs. They have the in on larger companies that need help desk bodies to read from scripts. With a little luck and perseverance you can jump an escalation level. Its not glamorous but its a toe in the door. Once you get a little ways into your studies start looking for internships or small (<20 empl) where you can cut your teeth.If you've got any ability now I would pester the hell out of the Best Buy manager to get on the Geek Squad. If your looking to get into programming get yourself a github and start coding and publishing your projects. Hang out on StackOverflow answering what you can and as you learn more answer more. In short start building a library of work you can reference on your resume. Certs and your degree can help but to some extent are irrelevant after you get your first job. Best DBA I ever employed held an Creative Writing degree and the best Network Admin I ever employed had zero certs and a degree in Math. They work for a massive software company and Google respectively now. I'm not gonna lie, you've got a tough row to hoe but if you're actually committed to a tech career (as opposed to one of those folks that thinks its an easy way to a professional career) you're going to have to do more than go to school. Source:20+ years in IT and 15+ in a position to hire both sides of the industry.
  9. Dear Texas, we need to stop rebuilding your houses

    Arguing over whether tax dollars should go to rebuilding flooded areas is just as stupid today as it was after Katrina. And acting like its some sort of welfare for the wealthy is just plain retarded. Hardly mansions... From: https://www.fema.gov/significant-flood-events Top 10 flood events from 1/1/78 to 6/30/17 by average paid claim Average paid loss wouldn't buy/rebuild you A 1000 SQ FT home in most of Greensboro NC much less a mansion or luxury condo on the Gulf Coast. According to this image from nola.com the price per square foot in the hardest hit portions of the city prior to Katrina at < 1$00 putting that 97k in line with rebuilding destroyed homes in the 9th Ward and St Bernard Parrish. Is it possible some Oil Millionaire got 200k for his 700k mansion? Yeah. But damning the system over the outliers is stupid. You want to argue that being reactionary with our tax dollars as opposed to proactive is fiscally irresponsible and Ill stand shoulder to shoulder with you while you bang that drum. But to say that the government shouldn't assist in rebuilding areas when they(we) made the choice to not build out or maintain proper mitigation in the first place is the worst kind of social Darwinism.
  10. Dear Texas, we need to stop rebuilding your houses

    NFIP needs to start subsidizing the purchase of the portable damn systems like the ones featured in this article: https://www.click2houston.com/news/fighting-water-with-water-portable-dam-saves-rosenberg-home-from-flooding Subsidize on a means based scale and make it a factor in the damage payout. Further they need to work with the companies that produce these systems to find ways to make it so that these systems can be an affordable option for people who live in areas prone to flooding.
  11. Well?

    Utah's got a bad knee...
  12. DACA Rescinded

    Ive never been a fan of amnesty for illegals but this was the exception. It seems beyond cruel to snatch up a teenager who was brought here before he could speak and send him to a country he has never even visited. At the very least they should get a student visa for as long as they are enrolled even if that extends to doctoral degrees and post-doc work. The fact that our current president would be so cruel based on poo he spewed on the campaign trial just really exposes what a soulless human being he is.
  13. Game of Thrones Season 7

    I will commit murder.
  14. Well?

    Shane Falco is the no brainer