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  1. Cloverfield Series

    If they could have cut the last 20 minutes from that movie it would have been top 5 SciFi.
  2. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

    Ive missed these threads since Venom stopped trying to convince us that 9/11 was an inside job and the Nazis had moon bases.
  3. The man did the time the judge deemed appropriate. Id say he has suffered the consequences. But people on this board are wishing the man dead. He did his time and I hope he can find some redemption in this world.
  4. I hope those of you in this thread that seem to have so little room for forgiveness in your hearts never need that forgiveness or an opportunity for redemption. I bet none of you are the same person you were 17 years ago.
  5. I believe that his son's mother is dead and there is no second chance from death.
  6. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    Count me in on that as well.
  7. That may be your idea of justice. But our judicial system said justice was 18 - 24 years of incarceration.
  8. I believe is second chances for convicts that do their time. The man has ( or will have shortly) paid his debt to society. I say let him attempt to pay the debt he owes to the boy. Slowly, cautiously, and for the love of all that's Holy in a supervised way but there is no justice in continuing to make Caruth suffer if he is a reformed and repentant man.
  9. Altered Carbon

    The Takeshi Kovacs novels are one of my favorite series. Cant recommend it highly enough.
  10. But its not. There is reform that can reduce the number of firearms on our streets and not substantially reduce or impact the rights of our citizenry to provide for their families and entertain their hobbies.
  11. Said this in the other thread (well not in such pointed terms but it is what it is)... Anyone opposed to gun reform at this point is simply a soulless fug that has no regard for human life, learned nothing from Ruby Ridge, and thinks they are descended from John Rambo.
  12. Congrats. You're right there with Big Alice as one of the top pieces of human garbage to post on this site.
  13. To everyone standing in the way of more gun regulations... This is on you
  14. Its based on your flair. Change flair get a different header
  15. Altered Carbon

    Was talking about it with a buddy of mine and he thinks that if they do more seasons, they will cover the 30ish years between Altered Carbon and Broken Angels. This would avoid the discontinuity they created with the changes. I think he may be on to something.