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  1. All of them. Every time.
  2. Inimicus

    Seahawks Owner dead at 65....

    And that Commodore PET Gates is standing behind was the PC I wrote my first code on.
  3. Inimicus

    Seahawks Owner dead at 65....

    This is what I think of when I think of Paul Allen, not what he did for sports in the Northwest. Gates & Allen and Jobs & Wosniak. Titans of modern computing.
  4. I get what you're driving at. The Giants are not a good team and they took us to the wire. But my point is that on any weekend bad team can have a good game and a good team can have a bad game but trying to apply the transitive relation of math is ridiculous. Just because a team took us to the wire and they got blown out by a different team doesn't make our team bad. In sports just because a+b=c and d+b=c doesn't mean a=d.
  5. any given Sunday... This doesnt look like the team we played last week
  6. The 24 points (thus far) are not on Eli. This D is hot garbage.
  7. OBJ in the Locker Room with the O still on the field... fug him
  8. For what its worth I HATE the FOX crew/production.
  9. Eli should have refused to come back after the Giants benched him last year.
  10. Reports of the Giants rebound MAY have been premature.
  11. Inimicus

    Kavanuagh confirmed

    So you want me to dig through your post history for an answer to my question? No thanks. If we were discussing this over beers you wouldn't tell me to go research your history in response to a question. There is no way that today's actions make us better as a country. Irrespective of Kavanaugh's politics, a USSC Justice that is this divisive doesn't serve the non-partisan plurality that we should strive for in the individuals that form the highest judiciary in the land. The total disregard for the fact that a large majority of your fellow citizens find this nominee to be less than acceptable speaks to a blind partisanship that is a cancer in our great country. There is a difference in political disagreement and cutting ones nose off to spite your face.
  12. Inimicus

    Kavanuagh confirmed

    How so? What about this confirmation made our republic stronger? How did this unite us as a people? In what way did this make the USA a better place with liberty and justice for all?