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  1. Lost in Space

    Gotta let go of some science to enjoy it (tar pit) but over all a very watchable series. Molly Parker is great and the way they adjusted the original series is overall very solid. Its no BSG but its eminently enjoyable. Gotta say, Netflix is really upping their game.
  2. Its the offseason Cool your jets
  3. #MarchForOurLives

    Its not just the scary black weapons... This one needs to go too
  4. #MarchForOurLives

    I am so proud of these kids citizens.
  5. Getting laid off in july

    @juliosantos Little late to the party here. From someone who has hired 12 jr programmers over the last year look at this https://www.bloc.io/learn-to-code/coding-bootcamps/states/north-carolina Ive hired several guys straight out of bootcamps based on their previous work history + their recent training and havent regretted a single one of those hires. If youve got the head for programming these places can be a real jump start for a second career. Im in Denver so I cant vouch for any of those in that link but Im sure if you asked around you could get the info to make a good decision.
  6. Ass pennies Ass Pennies - watch more funny videos
  7. Not even if I had guarantees from a bone-fide precognitive that the next two 1s were going to be busts
  8. https://news.sky.com/story/scientist-stephen-hawking-has-died-aged-76-11289119 A titan among men. We will miss him.
  9. Family beach vacation

    Long Beach NC Rent a beach front house and chill for a solid week
  10. Music | post some here

  11. I feel so sorry for this guy

  12. Cloverfield Series

    If they could have cut the last 20 minutes from that movie it would have been top 5 SciFi.
  13. The man did the time the judge deemed appropriate. Id say he has suffered the consequences. But people on this board are wishing the man dead. He did his time and I hope he can find some redemption in this world.
  14. I hope those of you in this thread that seem to have so little room for forgiveness in your hearts never need that forgiveness or an opportunity for redemption. I bet none of you are the same person you were 17 years ago.