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  1. Inimicus added a post in a topic 2015 Jersey Color Schedule   

    Fashion threads are the way I know the offseason is just about over.
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  2. Inimicus added a post in a topic Hillay to get more coverage?   

    At this point Id vote for Ross Perot before Id vote for another Bush or Clinton
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  3. Inimicus added a post in a topic is dat alice blind?   

    That's not just any jizz.  That's the jizz of a young Dominican boy who has been kept in a dark box since he was 6 years old.  In that time he has been prevented from ever getting a nut so that is a virgin load in every sense of the phrase.  To top it off, for the last four years the boy was fed high amounts of gold in his rations so that is actually 14 carat cum. Probably worth 15k.
    Alice would never let some poor bust a nut in his face...
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  4. Inimicus added a post in a topic My Doctor is Trying to fug me Over.   

    At the end of the day you are responsible for the bill.  Pay them and then file it with your insurance because you can bet your ass your ins co isnt going to reimburse the penalty.
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  5. Inimicus added an answer to a question Trustworthy place/person to take my computer to?   

    Okay, I guess I can see where you might think that was a slam. So let me try again...
    You seem to know something about computers so you shouldn't take your comp to someone and pay them to replace parts.  I mean a PSU is no more than a half a dozen screws and 4-8 connections.
    You should fix the darned thing yourself.
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  6. Inimicus added a post in a topic What Are You Listening To Right Now....   

    This is fuging bad ass!
    A guided tour of the Golden Days of Hip Hop.
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  7. Inimicus added a post in a topic OUCH. This stat hurts!   

    In an era where coaches and players change jerseys as often as I get a prostate exam I don't think there is any real value in looking at win percentages from past years.
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  8. Inimicus added a post in a topic True Detective Season Two   

    I appreciate the fact that you think Im gifted enough to fug my own face 
    All kidding aside I contend that my simile is an apt one.  Your contention is that the two seasons can only be judged in once they have both reached their culmination and I think you're wrong.  I didn't need the 3 more episodes to know that Nic fell short on the writing of this one and the parade of directors in season two fall short of the cohesive cinematic vision delivered by Fukunaga's season 1.  Likewise I don't need 3 more episodes to know that for as much as I am enjoying the individual performances of the 4 primary actors in this season they pale in comparison to the jobs Harrelson and McConaughey did in the first season.
    Can this season redeem itself with some fantastic writing and acting in the last 3 episodes?  I tune in every week hoping so. But to suggest that it can't be judged on what its put down so far is ironically as myopic as what you are accusing others of.
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  9. Inimicus added an answer to a question Trustworthy place/person to take my computer to?   

    You know all of the stats of your box and you think you know all about the life cycle of PUSs
    The question I have is this: Why in the fug did you take it so someone to "fix" it?
    Fix the God Damned thing yourself.
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  10. Inimicus added a post in a topic True Detective Season Two   

    Callin BS on this.
    I don't have to drink a whole 12 pack of Bud Light Lime to know that is going to be inferior to the 6 of Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye I had last week.
    Likewise I don't need to see more than one or two episodes to know that the writing and acting of season two is inferior to season one.  Now don't get me wrong... This season is head and shoulders above 90% of the current offerings that my 200+ channels have to offer. But season 1 reset the bar for the detective dramas and season 2 is just not filling the boots of its older brother.
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  11. Inimicus added a post in a topic What to do with the "harder" drugs?   

    There is still a black market for weed here in Co.  Presumably its cheaper and of course that's where minors have to score.  So while it wont do away with the illegal marketplace it does take a big bite out of it.
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  12. Inimicus added a post in a topic What to do with the "harder" drugs?   

    Portugal wasn't plunged into a drug and crime fueled wasteland after they decriminalized everything in 2001.  Weed, Meth, Coke, Heroin... All of it.
    After an uptick in usage they've seen a steady decline in addiction and drug related problems. They have been able to move money that would have been spent on incarceration and policing to health related programs for users which has been able to not only have an impact on the disease of addiction but also on related health issues.
    The libertarian in me says let people do what they want even if that's booting smack or smoking shards. Push the money into treatment and increase the penalties for crimes committed when under the influence.
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  13. Inimicus added a post in a topic Huddle Upgraded....   

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  14. Inimicus added a post in a topic What will they find on the surface of Pluto tomorrow?   

    I hope they find something that gets everyone excited about getting another vehicle out there ASAP.
    Just something to genuinely inspire a newly invigorated interest in spending money on the space program
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  15. Inimicus added a post in a topic Tailgate Trailer   

    Will you bring it to Colorado next year for the Panthers at Broncos game?
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