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  1. Why Vernon Butler Makes Sense + Highlights

    His press conference impressed me. Good answers all around. But he just LOOKED the part. It's like he's made up of a bunch of squares. That tells me he's a very powerful person naturally. Just imagine once our training staff gets its hands on him . . .
  2. Gettleman eating

    talking to 3 ball-catchers and 1 ball-thrower...hmmmmmm
  3. A big PR hit, maybe. But their ad revenue is fine, and that's what they're after. These personalities they were paying just aren't cutting it anymore. ESPN can increase their margins by getting rid of both good and bad talent. They're evolving with viewing demands; that doesn't mean they're hurting.
  4. Tryout Invitations

    I would generally agree, but Getts has definitively stated that he doesn't bring anyone to camp that he's not seriously considering. I take that with a grain of salt, of course. Obviously we don't want a journeyman camp arm, but if we're not seriously considering these prospects, then we need to bring in some QBs that can push DA and Webb. Just wishful thinking, is all.
  5. Tryout Invitations

    One of these QBs we keep bringing in year after year has to eventually stick. DA can't play forever, and they aren't going to stick with Webb back there given his multi-faceted role.
  6. lol ESPN makes bank regardless. They're not going to continue to pay big dollars for contracts anymore. And people aren't going to put with their poo for less. Bidness is bidness.
  7. Josh Norman (Player's Tribune Column) on the Panthers

    Oh dear God. I haven't. I like to take a little break from the Huddle for a couple days immediately following the draft. It's in my best interest.
  8. You Can't Have a Newcomer Come In And Steal The Show.

    I'm setting the o/u at 7.5 Paul Mall's a day.
  9. Josh Norman (Player's Tribune Column) on the Panthers

    Can this FINALLY put the capstone on the Josh discussion around here? It's as good as any thread to go out on.
  10. A Funchess Reminder

    Guys, I don't think we realize how lucky we are to have gone 15-1. This season was a sea change for us. There were murmurings at the beginning of the season that if Rivera got off to another slow start he'd be right back on the hot seat. Fast forward to today, and we're talking about an NFL Dynasty on par with the Patriots. The crazy thing about that is that it's absolutely true. Gettleman has accomplished his whole plan--to do what is in the best interest for the Carolina Panthers. He has focused on the line. He has let his team work through the struggles of the WR corp., the OL group, the CBs, and the DEs, and has steadied his faith in the coaching staff. Granted, he did inherent some pretty good parts. He took this thing from a BMW to a damn Bentley in 3 friggin years. And how has he don't that? Eye for the talent that he needs to give to the coaches so that they can execute their gameplans. As we sit upon the precipice of greatness, we will quite literally see how, as they say, "a star is born." You could see that Funchess was just loving being in the NFL; he was MOST definitely "green." And that was alright, it was fun to see . . . so long as he improved. And guess what, he DID (nod to Proehl). Jeremy is right on the money. I had faith in this kid and could see it, and this year he really has a chance to breakout. KB is back which helps take the heat off, and then he'll be even better than just talent alone. GOD I'M FUGING EXCITED!!!!!
  11. LOL Replaced.

    Bidness is bidness. If you are older than 25 and railing on JNo or the team for personal reasons, you're gonna have a tough row to hoe in life.
  12. Dats my quarterback

    He did hit'em with it! Smooth moves kid!
  13. Offensive Line

    I would expect a couple FA signings at some point. Don't know if we'll ever pick high enough in the draft anymore to get a quality OL...
  14. In case you lost count....

    This is why I made that previous thread about needing PLAYERS. Period. Full stop.