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  1. Given our draft, I wouldn't be opposed to trading him next offseason if Vernon shows promise and an ability to play Star's position. I don't think they decline the option, though.
  2. Thanks for the insight and the clips. It does look like your first clip has #45 getting to the QB, though... not Butler. It does look like he gets some decent pressure and is nearby at the end of the play.
  3. Wow. Sanchez has a lot of bad tape. Doesn't seem to offer much at all in the way of run support, and he gambles way too much defending the pass.
  4. Bradberry given JNo's number

    Montsta This place is sad. Has anyone noticed that the people who make the most incendiary, hateful, non-substantive comments seem to have the most pies. Go figure. Call someone an idiot without any substance. Pie for you! Tell someone to commit suicide. More pie! Giving the kid Norman's number invites comparisons. Hell, when we reached for the pick, half the people on this forum compared him to Norman. Go back and look at the thread. If you deny that, fine... But you're wrong.
  5. 7th rnd: TE: Beau Sandland

    If you get anything at all out of the next to last pick in the draft, you're doing well. This guy has good size and measurables. Maybe he outproduces his draft slot.
  6. Bradberry given JNo's number

    Some people may love this, but this is a dumb move. The LAST thing a guy like this needs is fans building up expectations that he'll perform at or near the level of an All-Pro cornerback who just left the team. He needs to be allowed a chance to make rookie mistakes, and to develop into something special. Creating Norman comparisons right off the bat is not fair to the kid. Dumb, dumb, move.
  7. Bradberry given JNo's number

    Gettleman is so deeply invested in this gamble that he can't allow it to be a failure. I think we'll end up forcing Bradberrry into the lineup regardless of whether he plays well enough to earn it.
  8. Best players left going in to day 3

    I hope we snag Beavers if he falls. I believe both of our starting OTs have contracts expiring this coming offseason.
  9. Interesting find. I would say the evidence is pretty strong we are that team, given how much we reached to draft them. Worley and Bradberry both measure at 33.425 inches.
  10. They probably won't make a decision on that until camp. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't TD initially introduced as a Safety, but then he was plugged at Linebacker?
  11. We're really nitpicking here. You're right that the *plea* can't be entered into evidence. The *conviction* can, though, under most circumstances. All of this matters not one whit, anyway.
  12. There are some laws that vary state to state. This isn't one of them. "No contest" is a plea, not a verdict.
  13. I practice in North Carolina. Mostly criminal law. Look, I accept that people make mistakes. I'm willing to give the guy a second chance. However, I do agree that Hardy's situation doesn't seem nearly as bad.
  14. Bradberry is amazing...

    How's this for a great point? At the collegiate level, Bradberry rarely - if ever - faced any NFL quality players. And even with that in mind, the stats were rather underwhelming. It's pretty clear that there is a group here that will defend Gettleman no matter what he does. He could've drafted the corpse of Anna Nicole Smith, and still be drowning in plaudits from the Rah-Rah crowd here on this board.
  15. Look, I am an attorney. Three years of law school and ten years of practice. When you plead no contest, you are accepting the consequenes of a guilty verdict. It works like this: The judge accepts your plea of no contest. Then the judge enters a verdict of guilty. I don't quite understand what you are arguing, but you clearly don't understand how it works. Worley was found guilty. And, by the way, it most certainly can be used as evidence against the defendant under Rule 609 if he were to testify.