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  1. I thought this was going to be about Michael Jordan.
  2. Here are some good targets at positions of need that might be around when we pick at 31: RB: Ezekiel Elliot WR: Corey Coleman OT: Jack Conklin Taylor Decker DE: Kevin Dodd Shaq Lawson Emmanuel Ogbah CB: McKenzie Alexander Eli Apple On a side note, it will be a lot of fun to watch what the Saints do this offseason. They are in salary cap hell. The only way to dig themselves out of it appears to be cutting Brees.
  3. Unless I'm mistaken, making him a June 1 cut gives us an extra $6 million in cap room.
  4. Stewart is a likely cut target this offseason. He's still a very good player, but it will be tough to justify his cap hit of almost $10 million next year at his age.
  5. Panthers early 4 point favorites

    I'm trying not to get overconfident, but our world-beating, rock solid defense will be facing an immobile QB who season stats were 2300 yards, 9 TDs, and 17 interceptions. This could be the biggest blowout of all time.
  6. Post your best Seahawk fan excuses

    Actually, a stat comparison in a game like this is pure fool's gold. Look at every game that is at some point in the game a blowout, and you'll see the losing team winning the "total yards" and "passing yards" stats. That's because the team on top is trying to run out the clock, while the team playing from behind is throwing almost every down. The stats that seem to be the best determinant of actually winning the game are rushing yards, turnover margin, and time of possession. Don't believe me? Look it up yourself.
  7. What is with the defense? We're leaving guys wide, WIDE open.
  8. This is so awesome! The NFL is doing everything they can to help their pet Seahawks. Ignoring late hits, ignoring encroachments, screwing us on several spots... and we're still steamrolling so far! Booya!
  9. There have been mind-blowing calls (and even a magic coin) almost every game this post-season. It's tough to discount the perception that these games have been fixed to achieve a certain result. Add to that the fact that all the late money bets (1) have been shockingly accurate and (2) went en masse to Seattle... that's concerning.
  10. Ron Rivera, he be at the Duke game and stuff

    Et tu, Ron?
  11. shaq attack a top 10 4-3 OLB (according to pff)

    Anybody else notice they have AJ Klein at 14. That's 3 of the top 14. However, if these stats really mean anything, you'd expect more for Olsen than league average TE.
  12. Sunday Jan 17 1:00

    One of those inferior opponents we beat was the Seahawks... at their home field (and their "12th man")... with their star RB and TE (who are now out).
  13. Sunday Jan 17 1:00

    Nobody is whining.
  14. Sunday Jan 17 1:00

    I did, too, but just because it helped us one year doesn't mean that it makes any sense. Why should the team that performs best in the regular season get rewarded with a *tougher* road to the Super Bowl? What is the logic in that?