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  1. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    Hodor and now this..smh
  2. Comfortable with running backs?

    I'm more comfortable wearing no underwear
  3. I like my de's angry
  4. Woman shames man for using Food Stamps...

    Which part?
  5. Woman shames man for using Food Stamps...

    yes but only by fire.
  6. Woman shames man for using Food Stamps...

    If we could only be so lucky
  7. Some jabroni on Reddit found a gem at a yardsale

    Jabroni is one of my favorite words.
  8. Offensive Line

    I wasn't talking just the draft but in everything we need depth at oline and it hasn't been addressed. btw I love how you came up with some random opinion and then call it ridiculous, now that's some funny poo.
  9. Offensive Line

    Von Miller is a bitch.
  10. Offensive Line

    I can bitch and cry all day long it's my god given premium membership right for the low fee of $5 a month.
  11. Offensive Line

    we lost the SB to poor OLINE play seems like we would address that poo at the beginning
  12. Sign Anquan Boldin

    You're so dumb you can't afford a calculator
  13. Well this draft was a complete bust for me I collect rookie cards of the Panthers and I have a feeling I will be saving money this year. Card companies don't produce a lot of no name defensive players cards.
  14. Panthers Select CB James Bradberry in the second round

    He might not be a bust but wasting a 2nd on a guy who might be a FA in a couple of days seems like a waste of Draft pick.
  15. We drafted a plumber in the 2nd round

    Dude probably had no idea he was in the draft.