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  1. Michelob Ultra

    If you're an amateur.
  2. NC DMV says Tesla can't sell cars here....

    Just when I think NC can't get any dumber they raise the bar every time. I blame the citizens of NC as these are your elected officials. It's like this, if I give a monkey a gun can I really blame the monkey for shooting someone?
  4. Drew Brees..... Team Player

    Know who can't see?
  5. Drew Brees..... Team Player

    Didn't the front office tell Brees, "Don't get short with me?"
  6. In Spider Gwen, Captain America is a black woman
  7. Should Dex be banned?

    Iced tea sucks. Get over it. Sorry we can't like everything. Since we're hating on stuff Game of Thrones and Firefly are both overrated.
  8. By Lord's work you mean making up for our own lack of knowledge on legislating and governing that we create an issue that divides the people further based on the sole principle of fug you?
  9. Former Panther Byron Bell Out for the Season

    Has it been confirmed as a dislocation? I only heard it described as a gruesome leg injury
  10. I'm going to need to see your math on that cracker
  11. Carolina Panthers Using Fricken Lasers....

    Still no cure for Levi's stadium field
  12. HVAC question

    I wouldn't go that far but the inspector is looking at the buyer's best interest and to identify future problems.
  13. June 4th you say? I'll be at Target.
  14. Does anywhere online have decent hats?

    Oh! I thought you wanted a hat just for when you're online.
  15. Does anywhere online have decent hats?

    Why would you buy an online hat?