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  1. Supergirl

    Relax sparky. We're getting a lot of good DC characters out of this show. Besides there'll be a Flash crossover in March.
  2. "We're Going To Stay Together As A Team"

    Saves on rent
  3. When Did You Realize They Weren't Winning?

    When we lost that challenge. 
  4. Jeebus...

    I pay $48 to Igo and another $100 to Jase for protection.
  5. Do you trust Gano?

    God damn off-season
  6. We need more Funchi!!! Or we need more, Funchi!!!

    Don't get my hopes up like last year
  7. We need more Funchi!!! Or we need more, Funchi!!!

    Would you say he's a Fungi?
  8. On Twitter there was reports of the defense mimicking Cam. Anyone confirm this?
  9. I've always said if I loved Thomas Davis anymore we'd be celebrating the recent Supreme Court decision on marriage. KK had an amazing year. You can tell out front four is clicking by how our linebackers were able to roam. And last night Ealy elevated his game so much last night he's going to demand extra attention next season
  10. Kony Ealy's ridiculous stat line

    Where's that cut Ealy thread?
  11. Talib said he nearly yanked Philly's head off on purpose

    There's a reason the patriots didn't try to re-sign him
  12. I expect KB to make a catch without needing three guys hanging off of him to do it. I'll see myself out
  13. Couldn't sleep last night

    I felt much better after doing that. Porn hub says traffic spikes in the losing city after the game
  14. Panthers Lost memes....come in here to laugh

    They are pretty funny.Although MJ crying gets old
  15. I feel terrible for Penaut and Allen

    No matter how you feel, Cam feels worse. Take some time away from football, congratulate a Broncos fan if you see one, and let go of the negativity.