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  1. heel31ok

    Today’s media BS

    he gets money from these posts ?
  2. hes not old enough...
  3. when did he get traded...
  4. I am the same person...never change
  5. heel31ok

    The Norv difference

    he will be there even if we only carry 2...
  6. heel31ok

    A bounce back year for him?????

    I like Colin Jones...
  7. heel31ok

    Curtis Samuel ....

    not if he plays well...not buying the G-man guy theory...
  8. you don't know much about Greenville and Columbia do you?
  9. Its almost exactly the same distance with Greenville twice the city Columbia is...
  10. heel31ok

    Our projected LG from NFL.com

    I think it will be pretty good...
  11. LOL...it is less dramatic than that...