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  1. Lol...another nothing burger...
  2. White people get in here

    you are in competition with yourself...so if you do what you want to do then you win...
  3. To be clear I am mainly CNN ,not a fox news watcher...you are a good lib making up crap to fit your narrative...just like your little article...
  4. Yes it is a lying liberal opinion piece...nothing you said changes that...the point is you were all hopped up about me using a conservative opinion piece and you turn around and use a liberal opinion piece... hypocritical at best...at best they just cancel each other out...there isn't anything to show yours was right except your belief...so until there us some authoritative word given one is just as valid as the other...theatre indeed...you ask for a standard then turn around and violate the same standard...
  5. dotard

    well if we are on the cusp of a nuclear action any permanent action before that would be less drastic...the main issue would be stopping the N Korean nuclear program.
  6. White people get in here

  7. White people get in here

    Healthy Home Market...seems to be doing well
  8. weather isn't climate change...but maybe we can get INTEL to administrate the health industry...
  9. you wanted the article from me to make sure it wasn't a lying conservative opinion piece, so you offer up a lying liberal opinion piece ...great job. So i see how it goes ...its fallacy and fantasy... if the libs want money back then back the tax cut plan for starters...its not about saving money , it's about getting to that private money... it is in form of taxes and will go into the general fund...its a power grab and a money grab and libs are willing to sell their soul to potentially save a few dollars that in reality will never happen, but the satisfaction of their plan being implemented will make up for that ... I mean how vulgar is it to worry about money when our health is involved?
  10. wow that's not the article...but i will read it...
  11. Petition to "Heal" The T box

    wow, now we are in total agreement. Instead of giving you a fish I taught you to fish...wow my work is done here...bye Johnny!
  12. Petition to "Heal" The T box

    it's essentially the TB...
  13. White people get in here

    and...?looks he covered that with his statement...
  14. White people get in here

    now that's racist right there...wow clearly defined.
  15. Latest Obama care Repeal exempts Alaska

    looks like it just confirms his initial feelings about McCain...