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  1. Welp looks like we got another one

    No she didnt ...she gave permission for a pretend kiss...
  2. The red lips on my potato arse...good one ...it is well established I am the potato here...documented...and you are the dumbass
  3. The Saha challenge

    What 3 officials...
  4. So you don't know him?..you are still such a dumbass...
  5. Do you actually know him ?
  6. Yes...as per the rodeo commie response...in reality you tax income not wealth...
  7. So we need to tax greed ? So where do we set that bar...Rich , realistically and conservatively , begins at around $200,000 a yr...for a single wage earner ...arguably it could be less than that...so they need to pay their fair share....any thing under that needs the most relief.We probably should only give those under that a tax break...
  8. So not millionaires...what is middle class in dollars?
  9. The rich ? All the rich...some of the rich...their fair share? To you what would that be? Who would that be ?
  10. I dont believe that at all...the question is will congress work with trump or will they try to preserve the status quo...the particulars arent as important right now.
  11. The gap widens because of the wealth already attained...to change that you'd have to penalize and take wealth away...
  12. Oh,so you need me to re-tell it?
  13. glad to see you are a dumbass...
  14. wow , cant you see the obvious message of this chart?