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  1. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic Norman Flashback   

    he'd be worth it and we can offset it with guaranteed$$.
    I don't expect CJ, Stewart or Tolbert to be on the team next season unless they get restructured. 
    There is no doubt a youth movement going on with this team to extend our possible NFCC presence over the next 6-seasons. 
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  2. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic Norman Flashback   

    that would eat up just about all our extra FA $$. 
    True lock-down corners are rare and our front 7 aren't good enough anymore to mask our pass coverage, 
    can't see Gettleman just letting a top-5 CB walk unless he has a contingency plan for upgrading our DLine and nabbing a replacement for Harper unless Tre takes a big-step up between now and the draft.
    safest bet is getting Norman signed at around 8-mil a year with guaranteed $$ that is cap friendly. I think that would be sufficient for both sides.
    we can address safety and our linemen (on both sides of the ball,) through the draft...and I think that's the direction Gettleman wants to go.
    looks like another Hardy situation.
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  3. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic Norman Flashback   

    Looks like we have a DB who can actually catch the ball. That's a rare thing in the world of, if we could only get out actual receivers to high point the ball and come down with the catch on a consistent basis.
    what's gonna be his salary number with the franchise tag he's gonna get this offseason?
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  4. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic Welp, so much for that underdog role we love..   

    couldn't be spoken any more true. If we can keep this core of players and keep drafting like we "core," I'm including Luke, Cam, Kk, Norman, Olsen, TD, Shaq, Turner, Kalil, Norwell, KB and Bene', we will always be in the hunt and hard to pick against. 
    TD will retire soon but I believe Shaq will be a seamless replacement when that day comes. So we should be looking for another OLB (whether it be in FA or in the draft,) and I'm sure we'll continue to build through the draft. 
    We're so fortunate to have a GM like Gettleman and a team that understand defense wins championships but still be able to keep the chains moving on offense with a #keep_pounding motto. 
    The future is certainly bright.
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  5. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic We have a sharp looking squad   

    Two aches always preach the adage that you play like you look...the sharper you look, the sharper you play. 
    Another one is "if you look good, you feel good."
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  6. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic Per Wilson: Foucault promoted to active roster, Horton waived   

    what's the over/under of the number of Linemen (both DL and OL,) drafted in the 2016 draft? I'm saying 3 in the first 5-rounds. 
    If a coveted OT or DE is there at our 1st pick, we'll take the BPA at one of those positions...same thing in the 2nd. Our third rounder will be a safety, imo. Maybe a G in the 4th and a RB in the 5th. 6th will probably be our conditional pick going to the Bears for the Allen trade and a fullback in the 7th. 
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  7. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic Surprisingly Good Read about Cam's Accuracy   

    touch is something Cam needed to improve on because lots of incompletions were a direct result of Cam throwing way too hard. 
    The flip side to this, is that DBs are basically receivers that can't catch and most of Cam's ints were because of tipped passes off of incompletions. 
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  8. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic KK to be Great   

    KK wasn't far off from being a pro-bowler last year, even though he didn't start. Had Star been healthy last season, we wouldn't have been so terrible at defending the rush. 
    We need both of these guys to stay healthy with fresh-legs during every game. 
    I look forward to seeing how Ealy does as a DT...he's much quicker than any of our DTs and that could lend him to getting into the backfield and drumming up some much-needed QB pressure. 
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  9. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic Per Wilson: Foucault promoted to active roster, Horton waived   

    I'm sure we aren't depending on Foucault for anything more than a backup. He got some good game-day experience last season and he's a physically imposing and very large mammal. 
    Not only was Foucalt the top pick in the Canadiens league, but he was a great student and has plenty of smarts, so he does have upside, just hope we don't have to count on him to be effective at the NFL-level quite yet, though I'm sure he's improved since we last saw him play.
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  10. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic Surprisingly Good Read about Cam's Accuracy   

    I've noticed that Cams passing mechanics have taken a major turn for the better as he is now squaring up more, in the pocket, and not throwing off his back foot (which is the reason why he was missing high on his passes.) 
    the sky is the limit for our Franchise QB as a leader and face of our Franchise.
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  11. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic Ginn coming up on NFL Network   

    I appreciate your frankness and I'm just glad he came back "home." 
    A great sign or quality of a great athlete is that he makes his teammates better and Cam definitely has that quality...even when he's off the field.
    glad Cam and co, can call Charlotte and our Panthers "home." 
    Really looking forward to seeing what type of talent our franchise brings in just because they want to play here. That's a major accomplishment and corner turned for the Panthers.
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  12. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic Anthony fined for hit on Funchess   

    just hoping he doesn't get butterflies or has ill-effects after getting hit like that. 
    Taking a big hit like that and shaking it off could be a real confidence booster because that's about as hard a hit as one can take. What doesn't kill you makes you strongekimda-thing.
    Still can't believe how young he is and with his frame, he could gain a good bit of muscle and be a truly special receiver in time. 
    Im not concerned about his current production and it's gonna be great watching him develop over the years. No one can really say what type of talent he will be until he gets more reps and becomes fully developed and comfortable within the offense.
    Just a catch or three during each game is all I'm expecting for him but I think he'll score in the red zone over the next few games.
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  13. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic KB and Kuechly and the heights of player worship in the NFL.   

    Most of us live, to a certain extent, live vicariously through our favorite team and its most talented players.
    youre talking deitification or some other nonsensical version of the old Grecian/Roman gladiators. I get your point, but we just want to see our guys play and win in doing so.
    give your praise to The Lord Jehova  and be glad you haven't been banned from this forum because these are some awful threads, PU. 
    Id love to see you saving your comments and opinions to some of the more appropriate threads than continuing to flagellate yourself on the reg. just food for thought.
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  14. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic Hell Freezes Over; First Take Discusses Cam as an MVP Candidate   

    Just checked, Cam is currently the #10 ranked QB according to ESPN FF QB rankings. 
    Considering we've had to win games through the air and counting on our defense to win, that's a pretty solid ranking...especially looking at our receiving corps.
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  15. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic Anthony fined for hit on Funchess   

    this has nothing to do with anything close to what this thread is about, but I like your optimism and the bragging rights that comes with it.
    speaking of cowgis...besides having the two finest groups of cheerleaders on the field at the same time....I can't wait for Thanksgiving!!! How awesome would it be if we knocked out the Lions for our team playing every thanksgiving? 
    It would be awesome!!!
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