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  1. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic I'm glad the Kraken is gone   

    The Kraken is probably the second-best DE we've ever had. second to only Peppers. 
    We got to see him at his best only to let him walk for nothing. Makes me sick...but we can't change the past.
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  2. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic What do you think is the most improved aspect of Cam Newton's game   

    There are four places where Cam has improved
    1-pocket presence
    3-being more decisive and getting the ball out quicker
    4-reading the defense and calling audibles and running the no-huddle, being a true leader for the offense.
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  3. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic What is hindering the running game?   

    I can buy that, but he's used more on blocking ability than he is as a receiver. 
    It sucks, 'cause he's basically our #1 receiver.
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  4. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic What is hindering the running game?   

    My money is on us making CJ and Stew as our June 1st cuts and cutting Tolbert, while restructuring Kalil. That's gonna save us a ton of $$ without dropping off talent. That's close to 20-million extra in FA$ That will go towards Norman and locking down our line/core of players to longer contracts. 
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  5. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic What is hindering the running game?   

    we need more bubble screens and on the run/option, Cam is usually keeping it himself. 
    I don't have a problem with Cam being our biggest run threat, he kills defenses when their in the buckle or keeping 7 in the box.
    stew has coughed the ball up on quite a few runs and Tolbert's best days are behind him. 
    Olsen is being used a lot as an extra blocker and I don't mind it much as he is adept at blocking, being used as a bookend. 
    Stew is starting to get it going, if we can get him out on space, it will Do a world of good.
    weve been complaining about this for years and nothing has changed. It almost seems like our OC is happy to have 3rd and 5 every offensive set of downs. 
    Theres really no way to fix this as it is our CO's MO. Just have to take care of the ball.
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  6. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic most air yards lost due to drops..guess where Cam ranks?   

    we just need our players to be healthy. It's getting too late in the season to throw another receiver in there. Might mess up what little chemistry we have. 
    Im just hoping Funchess starts making plays and gets better as the season progresses. I know KB hit that rookie wall, last season and Funchess really hasn't made much of an impact and needs to start doing some playmaking now that he hopefully has enough reps to start getting comfortable on the field. 
    Olsen is clearly our #1 target right now and Ginn is our #2. Cotchery will be back in the slot once he gets healthy and if Funchess can't start making plays, we might as well have Beesin in there instead of Funchess.
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  7. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic most air yards lost due to drops..guess where Cam ranks?   

    That was like a 49-yard drop, nearly a 1/3 if the total just on that one drop. 
    Funchess missed a 20-yarder as well. 
    Wondering where our team ranks in total drops...because our receivers have been pretty sure-handed overall.
    just glad we're getting out of Ginn what we expected. I'm sure most of us are getting about what we expected when we signed Ginn.
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  8. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic Have We Really Beaten Anyone?   

    You can only play the teams that are on the schedule and everyone knows the old adage "any given Sunday." 
    Well, we've won every-given Sunday so far and yes, the Jags are a dangerous team. The 'Phins were supposed to be on the up and up. We can't control the Saints being without Breea (even though McCown or whoever it was that played performed as good, if not better than Bree's might have.) 
    im just tired of the argument, these teams that we've played have just played good or better teams than they are and by it being any-given Sunday, these teams haven't won much.
    everyone knows who the better teams are, but that doesn't mean they can't be beaten. We'll play 4-solid teams that we may be under-dogs against come game day. 
    We'll see what kind of team we have after the bye and then we can start debating. Till then, we've beaten teams we were favored against on paper.
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  9. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic Are we not better than the Lions?   

    not pre-determined, but that's what are type of play lends to. I mean, it'd be great to get a big lead on teams that we play, but in a ball-control offense, we kinda end up allowing opposing team's offenses to keep it close. 
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  10. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic Are we not better than the Lions?   

    We are who we are. Ball-control and sturdy in defense, controlling the clock. We play our game, regardless of the competition and we have been fortunate to have a solid roster from top-to-bottom.
    it looks like we play down to our competition, but I think that is by design. 
    When it comes to a shoot out, that's when we start going no-huddle and that is where Cam puts us in his back and I hope we don't have to get ourselves in that situation because we are not deep defensively as far as subbing in and out players or covering injuries.
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  11. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic Yeah, after what I just witnessed   

    I think our offense is very consistent, they score, wether it be a field goal or a TD...they move the chains with solid running setting us up for passes to our possession receivers, or Cam to scramble.
    We'll get the flashy big-yard play, here and there, but Ron wants time-killing drives so we really don't exactly blow our competition up...which is more by design and just being opportunistic than anything else.
    our defense, namely our safeties, are where we need more consistency IMO. We're not a SB type of team until we solidify our punt coverage and improve our play at the safety position.
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  12. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic Rivera presser: Jared Allen injured, on Delaire, Shaq, bye week schedule   

    they're more weird than painful. I got one in my neck andevery once in a while I'll get. What feels like, a shock going down my arm followed by a numbness. 
    Just depends on which nerve is pinched, I guess. Could causes paralysis if it's in a bad spot though, so that has to be taken into consideration. 
    Hopefully it's just a stinger and not in his neck.
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  13. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic Should the Panthers make any moves over the bye week?   

    Wonder how much time DG spends trying to find replacements for our safeties?
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  14. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic How many missed sacks does Kony Ealy have?   

    Kony's solid. He's better suited on the inside and is a friggin' giant, even standing next to Star and Kk. He'll get it going. Just staying healthy and being a big body that can get in the backfield for him is good enough for me.
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  15. TheNewStandard added a post in a topic Plundering the Pirate Booty   

    #1 & #6...oh my. 
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