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  1. 1st-round skill-position guysare expensive to hold on to, after their rookie contracts are up. Im leaning towards trading out of the first if at all possible.
  2. Skip (the master troll) Bayless is leaving ESPN in August

    Not a big fan of his show. It's probably the worst show on ESPN. I get enough arguing and yelling at home. Not so much fun, watching grown men make a living off of arguing for the sake of arguing.
  3. Star's 5th year option picked up

    I'd really like to go back and watch every game, focusing on him, just to gauge how much he affected/aided KK. I would hope that he didn't/doesn't feel slighted because of KK's gaudy numbers and fanfare. Theres a lot of talent on this team to go around, that's for sure.
  4. Sideswiped

    Cobra Kia, Do or Die! "Sweep the leg." Ill bet even 'Ol Dave can do the flamingo kick.
  5. Btw...not to downplay Star,'cause I'm sure he's being evaluated at every turn, to see what he really brings to the table and if we draft a DT in the first 3-rounds, the writing may be on the wall for him or even KK for that matter, just depends on which player is truly the anchor on the line.
  6. Not to be too shrewd about the lebatard opinion, but it's pretty redundant. I mean, of course it's about value. You can't put together a team that can compete without it. But it's a lot more than just value at positions where you don't have super stars, you've got to have the right money going to the positions that matter the most and Dave has been great, signing Olsen, Cam, Luke and getting CJ's cap number down out of the stratosphere. Im not willing to trade KKfor Norman and it very well could have come down to that. I'm way more comfortable having 30-million spread out for KK, our rookies and5 or 6 solid players at less valuable positions.
  7. Gettlemens Negotiation with Norman

    If Kurt Coleman was more of a household name, he might have made a pro bowl too. Bene' is gonna be back and he'll do fine. No way we're ever gonna spendmore money on a CB (who are basically the least valuable players on our team,) than we would on a DPOY.
  8. Norman was not a production of a system

    Considering that there are only a small handful of top CB's in the league...unless they are in your division, how often do they even come in-to play on any given day? This may be a big-deal for the Skins, but J-No isn't covering 3 or 4 WRs. If your team has only one "go-to" receiver, that might be a problem, but it's the othe 3-guys that can make an elite CB besically worthless... like I said any of you think Josh could consistently cover KB?
  9. Norman was not a production of a system

    Does anyone here think he can cover KB on a crossing route? Congrats to J-No. Maybe we'll throw him a bone after we win a couple SBs and he can keep riding coat tails.
  10. This draft is definitely falling in our needs category and BPA that corresponds to it. There will no-doubt be DL and secondary players near the top of our draft board on the clock. That takes a load of worry off my mind and I'll bet it does for the FO as well.
  11. Josh is a big loss, I won't say otherwise. But by adding depth along the front-7 and picking-up a good box safety, theFO can reduce the loss of J-no and still come out smelling like roses with some good scouting,development and having a good draft. #Zone_Coverage
  12. Looks like last year's pundits doubting our WRs are onto our DBs. The funny thing is that we can improve our Dbackfield by strengthening our DL. Hawg Mawlies and poo.
  13. Draft thought

    We can actually upgrade theCorners we already have by signing a solid safety. The puckin's are pretty thin in the UFA CB-department. One good thing is that CB is one of the most deep and talented groups of positional players in this draft. Im sure GMan knows he can draft BPA at DE, S and CB in no particular order and we get younger and can "keep moving forward." This has been one heckuva offseason so far and dollar Dave has barely scratched the surface of our huge pile of cap cash.
  14. Which free agent corner do we bring in?? need to look any further than Kurt Coleman for anyone to understand how easy it is to have a great season behind our front-7, which continues and probably will continue to be strengthened.
  15. Draft thought

    You're correct, but if we finish this season going far into the playoffs, the difference in our 2-3rd rounders will only be a few picks apart, so it won't be such a big-difference trading our 3rd, when we'll have another pick shortly thereafter.