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  1. Before we get all happy

    Get a grip
  3. Thinking back to the draft...

    Love the guy sure be glad when makes the Pro-Bowl.  Funchess that is!
  4. Shaq Thompson!!!

    If I remember right TD was all for the drafting of Shaq, he's another piece of this defense that just got back from injury.  Him and Mayo too Great Game!!!!!!!
  5. Refs......again and again

    Yep, I agree but what can you do??  Hell, we don't even get the calls at home!!! 
  6. Oh,Yea, me and you see eye to eye on that one!  We not only shattering Panther records but now Cam is 3rd in NFL history in rushing TD's.  Only behind Jack Kemp with 40 and 1st Steve Young 43 TD's.  Them two guys not playing much now days so he will more than likely own that record in next few games. Can't win them all if you don't win the first 9!!!!!!!!!  We Qualify!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. "This is what we expected from day one"

    Went into season believing we was going to tie the Dolphins for best season ever!!! Still got my fingers toes and ever other appendage I can think of crossed  
  8. What Explains The Carolina Panthers’ Rise?

    This is not only this year but it started with 4 games left in last season!  The reason was we finally found our O-line.      Those guys made this run possible.  Remmers came in, Tre took hold, and Line and team got better.   We went 4 and 0 down the stretch, then our 8-0 this season its been a while since we lost in regular season. 12-0.  They made this possible and a lot of other folks too!! 
  9. The kid that Cam gave his TD ball to...

    Yep, he one in a million Quarter Back and Person Too!!  Yes, Sir Camolot Newton, you surely are one a kind and I salute you Sir.
  10. If, If's and buts were candy and nuts then every day would be Christmas!
  11. Next Four-Who do we beat?

    Can't win them all unless you win the first 8!!!!!!!!  We can't beat undefeated but we dang sure can tie it got "Future is Now" and" One Game at a time attitude"!!!!!!!
  12. Graham Gano is becoming a problem

    We only have a perfect record not a perfect team.