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  1. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    If we didnt have some many other areas of need I wouldnt mind us taking a flyer on a solid backup in the 4th/5th round
  2. If we brought back Cap after he poo all over our WRs I could see us bringing back Buck though it is a different dynamic. Cant really blame Buck for what he said about Pep at the time, most fans agreed about Pep not giving a poo by the end of his time here.
  3. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    not the point but there arent any swears in Dear Mama and its probably one of the most heartfelt and positive rap songs to exist
  4. January 2017 Transfer Season

    Laporte fills a bigger need than Sanchez would have.
  5. unless its vet min, i dont want an ineffective RB with an injury history
  6. January 2017 Transfer Season

    Has Laca been disappointing this year or is Wenger not utilizing him correctly?
  7. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    Gronk got away with OPI on that play where he got lit up. And the other one was absolutely not DPI.
  8. a bloo bloo

    I'm not trying to be a dick either, and I respect the fact that unlike some of the posters here you arent quick to throw blame solely on Cam, but its not as simple as you seem to make it out to be. Aints got a stud CB in Lattimore, but they had the 11th pick in the draft- compared to us having the 30th pick when we needed CBs in the 2016 draft. Jalen Ramsey, Eli Apple, Hargreaves, and 2 other CBs had already been taken before our 1st round pick. No need to reach in that scenario, so we ended up stacking the DL even more looking towards the possibility that we might lose one of Star or KK considering they both have played great so far. Wouldn't make sense to draft another CB in the 1st round of last years draft after Bradberry had a promising rookie season and we had 2 other young CBs that would hopefully grow into the CB spot opposite him. And after seeing how weak we were outside of KB and Olsen on offense CMC was the right pick. If our scheme can be improved on both sides of the ball (not an unreasonable expectation), all we really need is some more stability in the secondary- improvements from Bradberry and hopefully Worley as well as a new safety to replace Coleman/Adams-- as well as seeing what we have in young talent like Butler, Daeshon Hall, Corn Elder, Samuel, etc. Do I wish things worked out differently? Sure. But there is a difference from being stuck to the status quo and seeing the limitations of what can be accomplished in a short timeframe with the resources available.
  9. a bloo bloo

    Maybe because I don't judge a draft class after 2 years. Especially when he's barely played. As I said, if he ends up being Star's replacement and we can sign a playmaker on offense or in the secondary as a result, its a good pick. 40-23-1 during Gettleman's tenure, easily the best 4 yr stretch in franchise history. Mediocrity is the Carolina Panthers entire history- this franchise before 2013 is basically a playoff season followed by 8-8/7-9 and a few terrible years since its inception.
  10. a bloo bloo

    A mischaracterization of the situation at best. The reason we missed the playoffs in 2016 were: multiple losses by one possession and terrible in-game management by Rivera/Shula (3 games specifically we lost- KC, OAK, first TB game) that instead could have had us at 9-6 going into the Tampa game week 17. Our only loss on the offensive side from that great 2015 year was Cotchery and we had KB coming back. Everyone thought the offense was gonna be great with Cam's favorite target back in the fold. Instead our OL was decimated by injuries, the playcalling remained predictable, and the secondary suffered because thats what happens when you have to play 2 rookie CBs. Maybe you can argue the Vernon Butler pick wasnt great considering our situation in the secondary-- but if drafting him allows us to let Star walk so we can resign other major contributors or get a solid FA, then it was the right move.
  11. a bloo bloo

    It was a direct response to the fact that we had no CBs because Norman wanted to be paid an amount that would cripple our ability to retain other key parts of the team like KK and Trai, and that our CB2 all of 2015 was a 34 y/o and a 5th round draft pick in his 2nd full season who suffered a severe leg injury. Gettleman should had let Norman sign the tag and play in 2016 but that is far from why we didnt make the playoffs as a result.
  12. a bloo bloo

    lmao we werent replacing one defensive player. apparently you forgot that we had Tillman/Bene/Finnegan/McClain playing opposite Norman all year. Tillman retired, Bene suffered a major injury, and no one wanted McClain or Finnegan or Lou Young being CB2.
  13. what is the official tinderbox opinion on cryptocurrency?

    meh. there are many bitcoin wallet laundering services that would make it damn near impossible to attach specific gains to specific consumers. those who wish to avoid taxation will.
  14. what is the official tinderbox opinion on cryptocurrency?

    i mean its kinda splitting hairs debating whether someone with "only" 1 billion $ is truly wealthy. and if you happen to have 1+ billion there is no need to make any sort of investment at any level. most billionaires are old money or like you said would only benefit from crypto not becoming more mainstream and successful. when i talk about the future of crypto im not just focusing on bitcoin. bitcoin might not be here tomorrow, or next year, or 10 years from now-- but i would bet cryptocurrency in some form will be