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  1. pantherphan96

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    kanye is legitimately mentally ill and needs help. love his music, you can't tell me MBDTF is not a classic.
  2. pantherphan96

    How about those RED SOX! Part Deux

    Astros are absolutely incredible. The margin of error in this series will be slim to none. Hopefully the bats can stay hot and the bullpen performs like they did in game 4. Not sure about starting Price game 2, I would have preferred to go Sale, Eovaldi, Porcello.
  3. Panthers 31 Redskins 20 I don't think Olsen has much impact but I'm expecting Samuel and CMC to have big games.
  4. I don't know how you could watch this team for the past 5+ years and not see coaching decisions and situations in which Rivera's conservative philosophy has cost this team wins or almost cost the team wins. His reluctance to make adjustments and his deference to starting veteran players to the detriment of the team overall has cost us wins and the potential for back-to-back winning seasons earlier.
  5. pantherphan96

    Roy Cooper's fiscal policy grade (Cato Inst) - F

    absolutely incredible. up there with this: as my favorite
  6. Rivera is a mediocre coach carried by a once-in-a-generation talent at QB. He's ultra-conservative in his philosophy which has led to middling success due to the (overall) quality of our defense. If he really was a great coach it wouldn't have taken years to be in position to have back-to-back winning seasons.
  7. pantherphan96

    Eric Reid indeed is protesting during the anthem

    so let's remove confederate monuments and statues and put them in museums, right?
  8. pantherphan96

    Kavanuagh confirmed

    only 429 more posts about Kavanaugh left to get that 500 pie you so desperately want
  9. pantherphan96

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    do you support drug testing welfare recipients? if so, how do you reconcile spending unemployment $$ on cocaine? i thought you already gave your lawyer the screenshots?
  10. pantherphan96

    Personally, I find this disgusting!

    I think equity is a better term than equality, in terms of what I would support. Obviously giving a handout/incentives to everyone does little to change the status quo. Perhaps it is naive but I believe that if we focused on helping based on societal class, greater good can be achieved. Class/race certainly has some correlation when it comes to the racist lending practices, the lack of generational wealth in the black community, and the lack of ownership rights over property/land among black Americans. Similar to how the New Deal helped poor whites, a new New Deal (if enacted based on the above principles) would provide the same to all Americans, regardless of ethnicity. I hate to be cynical, but this country is full of "temporarily embarrassed millionaires," who are more than content voting against their own interest to stick it to the libs, blacks, or really any perceived out-group that they lack the ability to empathize with.
  11. he's not that bad. i'd certainly take him over KB any day.
  12. ah yes we all know the most reliable voting bloc for the Democrats are senior citizens https://news.gallup.com/poll/172439/party-identification-varies-widely-across-age-spectrum.aspx http://www.people-press.org/2018/03/20/1-trends-in-party-affiliation-among-demographic-groups/