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  1. pantherphan96

    In defense of socialism

    Ideally the lost money from the 401k would be made up in increased wages as a result of being paid for the full value of their work. I don't believe it will happen or even know how it would be implemented, but that is the ideal result.
  2. pantherphan96

    RIP Aretha Franklin

  3. pantherphan96

    I am running for governor

    they already do this
  4. pantherphan96

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    sounds like the name of a high table kit at IKEA
  5. pantherphan96

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Japan is as communist as Obama is Muslim but that wont stop faux news
  6. pantherphan96

    National Anthem

  7. pantherphan96

    Tinderbox Off Topic

    rewatching boondocks and came across this gem once again
  8. pantherphan96

    Cam and Kelvin talk... Caption this photo

    thought I heard TD saying "you don't like me? i thought we were cool?" before Cam walks up.
  9. pantherphan96

    political censorship, new part of the lefts platform

    g5 is right, it is easy to see who condones violence in the TB. every time we have a thread about cops shooting an unarmed black man in the back 42 times there are plenty of posters who rush in to defend them.
  10. pantherphan96

    political censorship, new part of the lefts platform

    guarantee that coke is more baking soda and other cutting agents than real poo too, probably not too good for your brain either.
  11. for the amount of criticism Cam gets for his demeanor its pretty rare to see him with an inappropriate response to the countless shots and shade people have sent his way
  12. pantherphan96

    Trump did it now: Owned both Don Lemon & LeBron

    damn lebron owned again .... lol ..