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  1. Don't say bad thing about Cam then everything will be fine. 
  2. Power rankings

    I like how they avoid mentioning Cam. What team is not team of contributors! People actually believe that athletically inept tom brady could do anything on the field on his own.
  3. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    The progeny of the neanderthals are coming outta the woodwork with anger now that a human(Cam) is winning some games. Smh
  4. Paris..

    what's present in modern population?
  5. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    Awww, the innocent white girl who would never know how a big black man ccock look  like if not for Cam. Poor baby! No wonder the media hate and don't like covering this franchise. The south being the south.
  6. Paris..

    What about haplotype E?
  7. Miami Hurricanes Interested in Shula

    Pep Hamilton, so he can stick it to Luck
  8. Paris..

    Gene of the neanderthals, a violent gene.
  9. The Curious Case of Cam Newton

    People forgot Cam put up over 4000+ yards passing his rookie year when he had Steve Smith.  I think Cam is playing QB the way the position was meant to be played and I hope more athletic guys play the position.  I don't think the QB position is competitive enough due to the lack of athletic ability of those who plays it. Cam is just a breath of fresh air. I don't give damn about a QB throwing the football 50 times and accumulating 350 yards.  
  10. The MVP award in the NFL  is a trophy to anoint the face of the league. They'll take turn giving it to rodgers, brady, peyton. Then once they realize people might notice a pattern they'll give it to someone who deserves it, like when Peterson won it. That's why they tried to anoint Luck to loop it through him. Now they realize he sucks so they must be in panic. 
  11. People talk like we have the #1 ranked defense. Our D is ranked 12th. Our offense is ranked 4th with Ginn as the #1 WR.
  12. Carolina Panthers #4 Scoring Offense

    If our opponents think we need to hold them to under 20 points to beat them, they're mistaken. We'll put 40 on them if we need to. Our defense only rank 12.
  13. Cam is the best football player in the league. MJ of football