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  1. Defense needs as much blame

    Two special teams turnovers killed us, but it is very frustrating when a top defense is supposed to beat a top offense and yet our defense just cannot stop the Saints offense.
  2. Two special teams turnovers in this game? Wow
  3. Not sure why they are calling it a missed call. They saw it as the entire offensive line gestured because of it. They just decided to not call it.
  4. It is hard to accurately place a value on having a guy like CMC that can get separation and is excellent at catching any catchable pass. I think we are lucky to have a guy like him on the team. Who did we go to on the 4th down play that we converted yesterday? CMC. The guy is so damn reliable of a pass catcher and to me that is tremendous value. I also think he has room to grow and improve his overall game. I am very thankful to have him on our team.
  5. Anime

    Netflix has a solid selection of anime. My favorites include: Fate/stay night Fate/zero magi series including adventures of sinbad
  6. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Any expectations I had for this season are now completely gone.
  7. Chill Out, The Offense Will Be Fine

    Thanks for this post, OP.
  8. The sense I get is that today was an off day for Cam, but that, overall, Cam has had a strong training camp. Is this correct? I'm hoping for better timing with WRs compared to last year.
  9. Luke Kuechly wins DROY

    Will be difficult to do better than Hurney in the first round of the draft. Hopefully we will do better in the other rounds though.