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  1. BettyBangzer added a post in a topic Anyone here fly a drone?   

    That's exactly what my husband did! haha
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  2. BettyBangzer added a post in a topic The Dark Act H R 1599   

    If it contains GMOs, it doesn't say anything. If it doesn't contain GMOs, it says non-GMO. That's how I usually tell. Similar to cruelty-free products. 
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  3. BettyBangzer added an answer to a question What did you find offensive today?   

    Not sure if the original post or the comments are more offensive.
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  4. BettyBangzer added a post in a topic Choosing between two women   

    Do you want to get married in the next 1-2 years? Then #2. If not, then you should let her go and just bang on #1 until you get tired of her.
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