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  1. Boomer Sooner! Zack Sanchez is a Panther!!

    Not even a video. Disappointed OP.
  2. Gettleman knew it all along

    Obviously we were targeting CB even before Josh left. 3 CBs in one year wow.
  3. Well this is interesting. I guess DG learned from our OL problems a few years back. We will be deep at the CB level. Tons of competition.
  4. Our tackles played above average most of the year. In the SB your not giving there DLine enough credit. They carried that team to the SB and without the help of the NFL we would have still dominated. But that's spilled milk and under the bridge now.
  5. If I could get paid to watch tape I would. I don't and there is a reason for that.
  6. Love the picks!

    Completely wrong, Josh was helped by a great front 7. He also really didn't have to remember much the way we used him. There were many times he was saved by the pass rush last year. Dude was a good CB no doubt but he took 4 years to develop. Bene has been actually more impressive.
  7. FA | Greg Hardy

    I really doubt JR would go for it. We also have two starting DEs as well as some talented back ups. I just don't see where he fits.

    My wife hates my cigar habit as well. You just can't make some people understand how awesome a fine cigar is.
  9. That stigma is still there because it's still bad news. Until they figure out how to regrow knee support its a bad thing to have crumbling joints.
  10. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    This is just the norm around here.
  11. Really could not have said it better myself.
  12. Bradberry is amazing...

    This is the Dumbest posts today. Go learn football and come back.
  13. There is dead cap space and then there is 28 million worth of dead cap space. The deal they gave Norman he could break both arms and legs and be out two years and they still couldn't cut him. As Trump would say, "that's a bad deal".