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    That's why zod said that. It was too much info in one thread. 
  2. 2016 3 biggest roster holes.

    OT is not even a concern. Williams will be on the right side next year. 
  3. Free Agent DB's

    Love to have one but it would be a luxury at this point.  Janoris Jenkins would be my sick fantasy but that is not likely. We would no doubt have the best coverage unit in the NFL. 
  4. We need a DE... so whom?

    Sigh....  People we pick 31st. It's like a second round pick in the first round.  DE is one of the most valuable position on the field. Unless we mortgage our future like hurney did we are not getting even a role player at DE.  OT is also something we will not get this year.  
  5. We need a DE... so whom?

    DEs don't grow on trees and this year's draft class is thin. We were lucky Ealy dropped to us. 
  6. NFL Owner Drama: Jerry Richardson a Bully?

    Jerry needs to rip that NFL shield right up and put a panther there.  fug the NFL. 
  7. We need a DE... so whom?

    You can be certain about that. There will be better players at better positions. 
  8. Only way we were winning is if we jumped out to a big lead.  That's not going to happen with a defense like that. 
  9. New Punter

    Nortman has shanked way too many punts this year.  
  10. I'm not a big fan of Johnson as a player. He has always had his own agenda that was not about the team. He will go to who pays the highest bounty. 
  11. So what about Antonio Gates

    All I know is one of Denvers ways to getting to cam was no second passing TE.  We don't need a starter just a guy who can feast when everyone else is covered. That's not Ed Dickson. Gates, Jordan, or even someone else can do it better. 
  12. They don't fix they sway the game.  In other words the other team is allowed to do whatever.  We will never win a SB unless there is a good story behind it.  The story the media likes about Cam is he is a sore looser and just another black QB. 
  13. We need a DE... so whom?

    We are not drafting DE early. It's a position that takes awhile to develop. If we get help it will be through FA. 
  14. Beason retires

    I'm not sure where he will retire.