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  1. Snake added a post in a topic How to reduce the number of ACL injuries, without changing the preseason   

    Yea I went to a seminar a month ago and a talking point was how to prevent ACL injuries and this was apart of it. Poor core stability and hamstring length was also causes for ACL tears.  They used RG3 as a example and showed his combine picture with his knees folding in as a example. 
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  2. Snake added a post in a topic Philly Brown   

    I'm never surprised to see some dumb comments after a player has a bad Preseason game.  
    But enough with that nonsense how about that bum Philly Brown dude needs to get it together this is not training camp or anything. 
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  3. Snake added a post in a topic Funchess hamstring still tight, "MAY" play Friday.   

    Yea but that was playing with back ups.  The kid has skills but it seems he is being hampered thus not being where he should be. 
    Because he is getting reps with the back ups and is injured.  Yes that is disappointing and I for one am not super excited for him sitting the bench. 
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  4. Snake added a post in a topic Funchess hamstring still tight, "MAY" play Friday.   

    Funchess has definitely been a disappointment for preseason so far.  Hopefully he will pull it together come regular season. 
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  5. Snake added a post in a topic Panthers, Pack, & the difference in reactions to the injury of a WR1   

    Yea I doubt that. We have had good success the past two years and its the same old dribble. Even if we win the SB the next year we will be picked to be a 7-9 team while the Cowboys are picked to go to the SB. 
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  6. Snake added a post in a topic is NFL Rewind worth a subscription?   

    I had it for two year and didn't really think it was worth the price. If they would release the all 22 before Weds it would be cool but it seemed like I would wait 2 days for all the games to show up then another day for the all 22. Unless you just have the extra cash to piss away I really see no value in it. 
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  7. Snake added a post in a topic Kalil out Friday against the Patriots.   

    I just hope we get these injuries behind us.  No more black cat bite. 
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  8. Snake added a post in a topic Loss of Hardy vs loss of KB, impact wise how do they compare?   

    Hardy for sure, let people bitch and moan about how bad our WRs are but Hardy changed games while KB did not. Its sucks we lost KB but he was not a Steve Smith take over the game WR. Hardy could lock down one side of the defense and make QBs wish they didnt play. It was clear last year the line suffered without him and only when Bene and Josh started to pick up steam did the defense get better. KB will be missed but we still have more weapons than last year even without KB and we also have a rushing attack to go with it. 
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  9. Snake added a post in a topic Daryl Williams is the #1 graded OT by PFF   

    I'm still not going to count my eggs yet. 
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  10. Snake added a post in a topic Is Byrd Earning a Roster Spot?   

    At this point I really think we should keep all of them.  Loosing KB was huge in the way it takes 2 guys to replace him. 
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  11. Snake added a post in a topic So if KB was overweight and worked too hard, too quick to lose it   

    I asked my Doc after tearing my ligament in my thumb how I could prevent the injury next time.  His words to me were "it was just bad luck" nothing you can do to prevent it.  Same goes for non contact ACLs. 
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  12. Snake added a post in a topic Black Cats Are Unlucky   

    Well they named there team after the color of poo.  
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  13. Snake added a post in a topic The Answer is on the Roster   

    We have a better WR core than last year at this time.  Ginn,Funchess,  Brown, Cotchery, Byrd, and Bersin are a legit unit.  He'll almost no team has two #1 WRs.  The Panthers were going to run the ball and play D anyway so long as we keep or D intact we are good. 
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  14. Snake added a post in a topic Does the injury to KB give Shula another free pass this season?   

    No but he was no where close to being fired in the first place. 
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  15. Snake added a post in a topic We went 12-4 in 2013 with ancient Steve Smith and LaFell as top 2 receivers   

    KB is not that big a factor.  We lost last year because no one could get over the top of Sea.  He however would have been another reason we could win.  
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