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  1. I could see that as a trap game for the Saints.
  2. Big Ben

    Know whats worse than dilly dilly? People bitching about it.
  3. Hurney scouting?

    Jeff Otah? We gave up two first round picks for him so that's 3 bust years. Jon Beason was a bust. So that's 4 bust year s out of 12 years. So that a 70% hit rate. Not really all that great when you factor in the average pick range is around 10. I will say this, before Hurney it was ugly. Like we had terrible GMs.
  4. It's because Wilks blitzes a bunch. I mean it's why the Panthers use motions so much too.
  5. If the Panthers can build on what they did offensively to the Dolphins we have a very good chance of winning. Wilks Payton matchup will be fun. I'm sure he hasn't forgotten the ass woopen Payton gave him last time.
  6. But that was a prostitute. You see a 40 year old case with zero evidence that could have been rape is much more important.
  7. I miss when Smitty would take something like this and convert it to a 4 TD game. He would be just standing there like how you like my A skips now**insert ball spin**
  8. He is about as proven as Samuel. With that said hopefully they are working on the jugs machine because drops are a big concern. BTW Brown really doesn't give us anything we don't already have. I really wish we would have traded for Hilton. A first round pick would have been worth it and I'm sure we could have had him for less.
  9. Give the kid a year of strength and conditioning and those injuries might fade away.
  10. Ranking the Divisions

    Saints are getting a bunch of credit for beating up bad teams but ATL will have there claws out down the stretch and make winning the south hard. While the bucs will be eating w shaped crab legs as a substitute for the real thing.
  11. They have been doing some pretty stupid stuff. Jones is a marketing genius even if he isn't a great owner and the NFL should listen.
  12. Lol he's a pedophile because someone got the courage to take a stand 3 weeks out of a election that he was way ahead of.