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  1. Now your thinking. Then another trade up in the 3rd for our second year pick in, 19.
  2. No RB it will be a LB round one.
  3. Updates on the team sale

    People are sheep. They will follow the Sheppard. He could sell all the seats to businesses as well.
  4. He does look left handed.
  5. Relive the moment

    Nope #blewdat
  6. Daeshon Hall

    He really just got a slash play in the playoffs. Norv will need to get him in space to use him effectively. I still don't see him as a 3 down back though.
  7. Yeah he will go to another trash team for a huge pay day.
  8. I think Cam definitely could work with more OCs than Ben. Cam wants to win and will do the things needed to win. I think with Shula though we could all see it wasn't working.
  9. Other than Todd Haley I really don't think we could have done much better. Norv is the best OC we have had in franchise history.
  10. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    Lol that would suck but the Vikings are a tall order. The refs were basically letting NOs DBs rob the WRs at gun point and they still lost with the hand of the football gods.
  11. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    Vikings /Jags with the score of 6-3. Let's make it more boring than PITT/Sea.
  12. I really feel if Bruce Arians can't make the cards win no one can. The Titanic aka the Titans have never amounted to much under any coach. Then again their coaching choices make the Panthers choices look exotic.
  13. Bad teams rarely have patience. See the Browns, Bills, or Raiders if you want to argue.