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  1. At least 3 to compete because of how terrible Hurney played FA.
  2. Kids going to explode with Poe at Nose. Star was never a good 3 down DT. We now have Three. Pressure up the middle is going to be intense.
  3. What's up with Moton

    People get sand in there vages when you point out Moton isn't a Starting LG and there new and improved Hurney did nothing to address Cam's protection again.
  4. I smell a trade happening...

    Probably for our first and second next year.
  5. Mark Richardson likes Navarro

    I don't see Richardson holding it up. He owns the team and he was the one wanting to sell. This process was smooth till Tepper threw a wrench in it.
  6. Mark Richardson likes Navarro

    Also could be Jerry's way of showing his favorite owner since the NFL gags him from doing so. Clearly Navarro is the pick but it's probably the NFL who is holding the matter up. The last few owners were hand picked by the NFL and Navarro isn't their favorite.
  7. I think you hit the nail on the head. I don't think they want to allow Navarro in.
  8. Everything I've heard about JR is exactly opposite of that. He does want the right to choose I would imagine.
  9. Not to push rumors but I'm hearing the NFL wants Tepper or no one. Why I have no earthly idea.
  10. Should have picked airforce. They would have had a nice chair for you to sit in.
  11. I would figure it's the NFL trying to get Jerry to sell to Tepper. This thing would have been a done deal if the NFL wasn't meddling.
  12. I'm actually more excited to see how much havoc KK and Poe can create.
  13. Well the ankle was a freak accident. I think he will be back but lower body injuries take much longer to heal than upper body. We will all know when he starts planting his foot in cleats.
  14. I honestly don't like playing easy teams early. You get crapy teams that have hope. Bucs and Browns will be dangerous at that point.
  15. Honestly he looked good one game unfortunately. The rest of the time he was injured.