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  1. I honestly don't know if we have the juice this year. Players look more frustrated than anything.
  2. It's funny on Thursday night both QB's were getting there calls in before the clock hit the 20 mark. And we are talking about two of the brightest minds on offense.
  3. Yeah but the whole line looked like poo. Even Turner and Norwell were confused on plays. Both our tackles were getting frustrated for sure with blocking assignments.
  4. A look at Cam's stats

    I think it all starts with Shula. There is a reason that both Anderson and Cam have looked like utter poo this year. Maybe the line but maybe the play caller. Time will tell.
  5. People have been way to down on Kalil. He's not been all pro but he never was expected to be. What he is though is better than rim job and so is Williams.
  6. No excuses.

    Can't agree more. His actual plays are really good but his use of them is terrible. Like the wild cat play with Buffalo.
  7. No excuses.

    I will say the same thing. Losing your center right before a game on a team that barley has time to adjust the line is never a good thing.
  8. Ryan Kalil out Sunday

    It's coming. He didn't look like the same player week one.
  9. No excuses.

    Unless Cam can get back to MVP status it's going to be rough. Shulas game plans always seem forced and is why they fail.
  10. No excuses.

    I honestly could live with a good OC that adjusted well. But Shula is absolutely horrible at it. Like I honestly feel he has the most talent of any OC in Panthers history and can't even be serviceable.
  11. No excuses.

    You can't discount McD knowing our team. That defense was schemed well and I don't think anyone will argue that Shula sucks at adjusting. He should have gone 4 years ago.
  12. No excuses.

    The Panthers are built to score 40. Shula on the other hand is never going to do that. We could have easily put up 35 on the 49ers and should have. Chud showed us Rivera would allow such a offense but Shula will never be able to do that
  13. No excuses.

    I doubt we score more than 24. Shula is not great and I haven't seen anything revolutionary.