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  1. I imagine the first black cheerleader had to deal with the same. Stupid people are plentiful.
  2. Too bad it's called freedom.
  3. Totally insensitive and divisive. People should get use to it. It's the new nfl.
  4. The helmet rules are the biggest head scratcher for me. I have yet to see a RB flagged for using his head. Just like with Sercey or what ever his Name is was leading with his shoulder and the RB cracked him with his helmet. Yet flag for the defense.
  5. He's Baltimore's Asshole right now until he decides otherwise.
  6. Why can't people let it go. If he wanted to retire here he would have.
  7. How pathetic is your life you have to correct peoples grammar on the internet.
  8. Snake

    4th camp confidential

    why hasn't it aired? We need answers!!!!!!
  9. Actually there is a long history to back me up and you are the one with opinions.
  10. Smith is a asshole and I could care less about him retiring here.
  11. Preseason and things like that happen. Got to shake the rust off.
  12. The other team makes plays too. If everyone is covered you throw it away.
  13. He could have a resting Hart beat of 20 and still not be healthy enough to be a LT. He should retire with his brother.