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  1. That's if Rivera gives him a chance.
  2. Snake

    DJ Moore finally signs his contract

    Hurney spent that cap like
  3. He's going to rip apart the league this year.
  4. Smith was a great player but a terrible teammate. When Dave dismissed him he did it in a way to tell Smith FU. He rubbed almost everyone the wrong way.
  5. Snake

    This is the worst time of the year

    This is the best time of year to talk poo to other teams fans. Go to their board and stir that hornets nest.
  6. Norv Turner has proven he can coach at a high level . Kalil has yet to prove he can. Unless Shula drugs Norv he has talent all over the place with the Panthers similar to Dallas back in the day. There will be a point where people will think Kalil and other players have "got it" all the while forgetting its Norv. All Rivera has to do is make sure Washington can produce a 17 point defense and we have a SB this year.
  7. I will never understand why people think his injury had to do anything with his performance. Like did it make him give up on routes? Did it make him have bad hands? Did it make him terrible at blocking? I mean he was already slow. KB became irrelevant when Funchess started to get good. And yes KB was right he wasn't the #1 anymore because he was getting out played on a team of JV WRs.
  8. And the entire league knew we had JV WRs. This year will be no different till Cam can prove that he can torch DBs with his WR Corp.
  9. You can bet Cam will be taking deep shots but it's not going to be as slow developing as with Shula.
  10. I doubt that. They will just ban anyone supporting Trump in this.
  11. So over this Play football, don't be a damn politician.
  12. Snake

    Mini Camp Day ThreeThread

    Shula wasn't a very good teacher and it was discussed a few times.
  13. Snake

    Mini Camp Day ThreeThread

    What did I say lol. Rivera and his loyalty.
  14. It would be near impossible because LBJ has been playing basketball since 03.
  15. Snake

    Gano going Deep

    Wife isn't giving him none tonight.