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  1. That explains that
  2. Is this new? Feel like I’ve already seen it?
  3. mjligon

    Holy fugnuckle

    Miss you my Indian brethren
  4. mjligon

    My one and only mock draft

    Fail. None of those players will be available by the time we pick. Everyone will be selected.
  5. mjligon

    Dez Bryant expected to be Cut

    I think he just wants someone with proven talent. Can’t blame him for that because it’s pretty scarce in our WR room.
  6. mjligon

    Dez Bryant expected to be Cut

    Poor Cam on IG having to beg for Dez because this organization sucks at providing talent at the WR position.
  7. man...that sucks for him basically.
  8. Just let me have this
  9. Please get him. We ran down his throat last year...one of the only games we actually had a running game outside of cam newton.
  10. Cmon now those facts mean nothing. PFF graded 79 means nothing. some huddlers saw a few Redskins games and the jury is out - he sucks
  11. Why? one is a nickel the other is a legit #2 CB. what is there to compare
  12. Exactly. ”now Cam Newton you be a good ol boy and take this team friendly deal!”
  13. It’s funny this fanbase is already pushing Cam into a corner saying “you take this contract and prove you want to win boy!” when the guy has single handedly carried this franchise and been given little to no help whatsoever, what exactly does he gain by taking a low deal? This franchise has proven its incapable of putting adequate talent around him on the offensive side of the ball, so what incentive does he have to think next time will be any different?
  14. Is Maclin a FA? Have heard his name mentioned a few times