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  1. Well, I like this kid already.

    I got the same feeling when I saw that tweet. I just the feeling he is going an important part of this team for a long time.
  2. Everyone who thinks DG just lost his mind trip me out. He won Exec of the Year. I'd say he has earned the benefit of the doubt. We are the best drafting team in football the last 5 years. I think I will wait and see how this goes before calling the guy a bust.
  3. The best hog molly I can get, on either side of the ball. I am now convinced that is the way to win championships. You can bargain basement shop for skill players and still be good if you have good line play.
  4. Panthers working out QB Seth Lobato

    Uncle Seth: "How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?!"
  5. Panthers working out QB Seth Lobato

    Camp body
  6. I imagine they will work it out before the Draft. Denver wants him and he wants to go and SF doesn't want him. Somebody with give in.
  7. If we upgrade this defense, there will not be a question about who the best Panthers team ever is.
  8. Didn't see this posted... Best Bargain of the Day
  9. We were beat by a great defense, uncharacteristic mistakes on our part (including the coaches), some bad calls by the refs, and a pro-Denver crowd. There is no need to throw anyone under the bus. We had the #1 offense in the NFL due to our players and coaches. Let's do it again next season with even better players! There is no reason we can't keep it rolling. It would be stupid to break up the chemistry now. Upgrade at OT and WR (which we naturally do by getting Benji back) and our O will have no weaknesses. Improve the D as well and we should have as good a shot as anyone to win it all next year if we avoid major injuries.
  10. Not sure why the NFL would want Peyton to win since he is retiring either way. It makes for more drama if the Panthers go into next season and the foreseeable future as the polarizing team to beat, with the beloved/hated Cam Newton leading them. Just like they love the attention that the Patriots and Brady bring to the league. And, I heard yesterday that one fan poll had the majority pulling for Cam slightly more that Manning. But, if the disrespect card is what motivates this team, I hope everyone but us pulls for the Broncos and picks them to win (though I know that is unlikely at this point).
  11. NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    That would have been a pick had he turned around.
  12. NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    Some very unimpressive offenses they played the last 5 weeks, except for AZ for 1 half.
  13. ESPN Live Mock Draft at 1pm

    Now, that's is funny that they went to a commercial. Happens even in the mock!
  14. Panthers talk to Greg Jennings

    Unless he wants a shot to go far in the Playoffs. He would fit in great here. He runs good routes and has good hands.