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  1. If there is an OT good enough to be picked #24 overall, he won't be available at #24 overall. So I'll have to read more about this guy
  2. Article says Ron and co were planning on giving Colin Jones a lot of his reps this week. If that's true I really can't blame Captain
  3. Breaking: we won't sign anybody
  4. Idk the best QB ever in his prime can fix a lot
  5. CMC Production The Last 2 Games

    I actually think he was decent yesterday. 8 carries for 35 yards is solid production, and that pass where he beat the guy in open field to get a first down was a nice play
  6. The lack of killer instinct on this team is just unreal
  7. 27-14 Vikings, they're just better guys
  8. Ehhh they have a bad QB but a plethora of weapons including two top 10 WR and an elite defense with few holes. I think Cam is going to be under constant pressure and we'll turn it over a time or two. 27-14 Vikings unfortunately, they are such a complete team
  9. TNF - Saints at Falcons Thread

    Of course they have a huge boost tonight not having to play Kamara, but yeah our defense has very exploitable weakness. Theirs doesn't have as many. Our defense has been overrated all year, there are blatant holes on that side of the ball. Luke is able to cover a lot of them, but sometimes he's just not enough.
  10. TNF - Saints at Falcons Thread

    I honestly think the Falcons have the best defense in the division. Ours may have more star power (Luke and Short) but theirs is better all around. They don't have the holes in their defense that we do
  11. What Vikings Fans Are Saying...

    I'm gonna have a hard time arguing with them. They are clearly a more complete team than us. They are better on both sides of the ball. At home I think we can still win, but I'm not expecting it
  12. Find me one bad pass he threw, MAYBE he missed Byrd deep? (with a guy right in his grill) Cam and Kamara were the best players on the field today
  13. Can't believe there are people who still say he isn't an elite QB. Led the team in rushing (again) and did pretty well passing considering he was facing constant pressure and our receivers couldn't get open for jack poo. He was clearly better than Brees today
  14. But losing Samuel isn't going to hurt at all! We won't even miss him