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  1. Copa America Centenario

    For USA: What I like: Nagbe Pulisic Kitchen Horvath Looks like Yedlin will be a defender. Hopefully the winger/MF experiment for him is done What I don't like: Wondo over Morris??? Beckerman. KB and PK being on the roster means JK will once again be playing Bradley as the number 10 where he's literally played 0 good matches. Meanwhile, Bradley has been the best Dmid in the MLS this year. Orozco over Castillo. Or hell, I would have rather seen Garza, Gonzalez, and a few other defenders than Orozco. Looks like they're playing Fabian as a defender, rather than an MF/Winger
  2. Charlotte Independence Thread

    Makes no sense to me how Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis, etc draw massive and rabid crowds to their game and CLT can't fill up 1/4 of their stadium. It's embarrassing, it could be so fun if people actually went. Team looks really good this year too.
  3. Summer 2016 Transfer Window

    Gotze would rather play at Liverpool than Arsenal, I do believe
  4. What happened to Netflix?

    watching the office on there right now.
  5. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    Ginn, Brown, Garrett
  6. Summer 2016 Transfer Window

    I'm trying to think of good games Coutinho played under Klopp. Really struggling Think we are getting Gotze. But yes other big names will be hard to lure
  7. Summer 2016 Transfer Window

    Someone can have Phil Coutinho for 30 mill
  8. 2016 Europa League Final

    Should have been up 2-0 at the half with Sevilla a man down
  9. 2016 Europa League Final

  10. 2016 Europa League Final

    We should have had four penalties this half, pretty damn sickening to only be up 1 goal
  11. Give me your porch drinkin' songs

    blue sky by the allman brothers
  12. Got a relationship question...

    Yeah preaching to the choir but you clearly are a genius when it comes to making money, but dude not trying to be a dick you clearly must not have the best social skills. Money really can't buy love sometimes. If you want her to love her you have to make her laugh and connect with her on an emotional level. Then comes the sex and stuff
  13. Panthers Release Boykin

    One reason I don't like this is because I feel like it could hurt us in future free agencies. Boykin chose us over like 5 other offers only to get cut a few months later. That might be a turn off for future free agents we try to sign.
  14. Worley Signed

    Yeah they can. They can't participate in training camp without being signed though.
  15. damn that's some cash, I'm assuming we'll front load the fug out of it