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  1. FuFuLamePoo

    Jersey #20

    Man I still look back on SB 38 and l'm proud af. That team was honestly overmatched, but they had more guts and more heart than any other team they came across. We were playing a dynasty at their peak, we got down early but refused to quit. That team gave it their 100% every fuging play that game and just barely came up short. Cam is my favorite player ever, but I still say 17 played the greatest game of any Panthers QB ever that night. SB 50 we were better and just played like a bunch of cowards.
  2. FuFuLamePoo

    NFL.com Draft Class Power Rankings

    Stopped reading after the fuging GIANTS were #1 after passing on a franchise QB to draft a fuging RUNNING BACK
  3. Worse because no Norwell mainly
  4. Lmao what do you guys expect with fifth round picks? I love this selection and I think he could develop into a nice situational pass rusher for us. If you get a guy who can contribute 5-6 sacks a season in the fifth round that's a great pick. Some of this dude's highlights are insane, so powerful
  5. FuFuLamePoo

    What Was Your WTF Pick of the Night

    Manning is like, 37 and one of the worst QB's in the NFL now. He's absolutely a problem.
  6. FuFuLamePoo

    Carolina Panthers Select Dj Moore

    Ridley might be better right now, but Moore's ceiling is infinitely higher imo
  7. FuFuLamePoo

    What Was Your WTF Pick of the Night

    Saquon Barkley. We knew it was expected but I still can't fathom on passing on a franchise QB when you so desperately need one.
  8. FuFuLamePoo

    Carolina Panthers Select Dj Moore

    Could be better, could DEFINITELY have been worse. If it was down to Ridley, Hurst and Moore then this was easily the right pick. Sometimes beggars can't be choosers
  9. Tear down the statue right now Fire Rivera too
  10. No way 35% of this forum is on board with taking an unathletic, 25 year old TE in the first round
  11. FuFuLamePoo

    Does Anthony Miller know something we don't?

    OH wow thanks for correcting me