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  1. Curtis Samuel is a bust

    This thread is gonna be fun in a few years
  2. Hang Shula at dawn

    What would you have done differently if you were Shula last night? Only thing I can think is I would have done QB sneak on fourth and 1. We are never going to be a good team passing the ball 50 times a game
  3. That Final 4th and 1

    Yeah he should have hit Sheppard or even CMC but I still don't get the play call. I know we have no time outs but passing when you have one play left to keep the game alive and only need one yard is just interesting to me. I would have done a QB sneak, then hurried to the line to spike it. Second down with about 1:10 left needing 50 or so yards for the win. Plenty of time to work with
  4. Hang Shula at dawn

    I really don't get why you guys are criticizing Shula for last night. It's more on personnel than anything, it's not his fault we can't run establish the run which forces us to pass 50 times a game. Cam was also inaccurate last night
  5. Hang Shula at dawn

    Look I love being critical of Shula but I'm just not doing that right now. You can't criticize him for running the ball. If we want to be good we have to establish the run, sorry we've just gotta do it. Cam had to throw 50 times tonight, that is not good for a QB on a short week off rotator cuff surgery. They've tried every run design possible. Runs up the middle, stretch runs, pitches, etc. Our run blocking is just plain bad. Sorry guys. If we want to win we have to run it. Shula knows that, I know that, everyone knows that. Can't blame him for trying.
  6. Will any lots not be coming open until later? Because it's a Thursday? The place I usually park is like a business type place and I assume people work there during the day. But I'm on fall break and want to get there early to tailgate. Advice?
  7. Hello - Eagles fan here

    this dude says legarrate fuging blunt is going to "pound" our defense LMAO
  8. Early Line, Carolina -3 Over Philadelphia

    Should be a good one Thursday night. We gotta make that place rowdy
  9. 2nd round pick redo

    Came to say this. Also Samuel missed almost all of the preseason and training camp so he's just really behind. He'll be a difference maker by the end of the season
  10. We won but Ron Rivera is a LOSER

    Rivera overall is a good coach. He's been successful here, and we're off to a great start this year. I thought the gameplan today was pretty damn good on both sides. But it is his seventh year here now. How are we still having these problems? It has been an issue EVER since his first year as our coach. We actually blew a game in Detroit his first year, I remember we were up 24-7 at one point. How is this still an issue? It happens EVERY YEAR. Honestly we're extremely lucky it hasn't costed us more. Luckily we've been able to hold on by the skin of our teeth in most of these situations, but eventually it IS going to cost us. I just don't get it. They weren't stopping Cam's arm all day. But you shut it down mid way through the third against an explosive offense? I get doing that with 6 minutes left if you're up 17, but he went conservative WAY too early today. If you think it's infuriating now wait until it actually costs us an important game.
  11. Just looked up Barnett's stats, they are very underwhelming (0 sacks so far). I know their D-Line is the strength of their team though
  12. I had less faith in the last two (@NE and @DET) than I have for this one. Doesn't mean I think we are shoe-in's to win, but I think being at home will be huge. Hope some of our guys that got banged up today will be healthy and ready to go
  13. They weren't stopping our passing attack. So we shut it down in the third quarter. I am sick of this poo