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  1. Lamar going to the Saints is a huge fear of mine. Best QB in the draft, should go #1
  2. This sucks but it is what it is. I agree you don't need to tie up too much money to the same position. I have faith we will find a solid replacement in the draft or FA. I am just worried because I feel like Norwell helped Kalil a TON
  3. The case for James Washington

    We need to just add a WR in free agency and spend the draft focusing on DL, OL and DB.
  4. If he gets DeFilippo he'll win there
  5. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    the Eagles aren't remotely similar to last year's Falcons lol. The Falcons had a historic offense last year, Eagles scored like 15 points per game the last month of the season until tonight
  6. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    Wentz = system QB?
  7. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    To think we could have had DeFilippo
  8. Also they all already have a championship lol
  9. L-M-A-O

    Why are you guys laughing? He is x20 better than the guy we are about to hire
  10. Panthers will interview Norv Turner

    As fans we need to stage a rebellion like Tennessee fans if this happens
  11. Some of our players seriously need to step in and not let this happen. It's time for Cam to stop being so fuging polite. He needs to step in to Ron's office tomorrow and say "I've carried this offense for 7 years, I refuse to continue to be held back because you are determined to play some outdated version of football that does not appropriately accommodate my skillset." Matt Kalil should join him and talk about how much of a disaster he was for the Vikings. Rivera is a good coach but it's fuging poo like this that is why he'll never win an SB here. He's so loyal to his "buddies" and so fuging scared to change his philosophy. Our players need to stop being so fuging polite and keep this from happening.
  12. Norv would be good for Cam.

    No he wouldn't There is nothing that would be "good" about Norv. He'd be x20 worse than Shula
  13. Yup, it's unreal I'm seeing more Panther fans criticize Shula tonight than Wilks.
  14. T H E A N S W E R I S O N T H E R O S T E R
  15. Were you around here last week after that Falcons game?