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  1. God this is such a perfect summary. Fire Rivera.
  2. FuFuLamePoo

    Its time to fire Rivera

    Agreed, he will never win a Super Bowl
  3. FuFuLamePoo

    Eric Reid indeed is protesting during the anthem

    Awesome, so fuging proud of our franchise right now
  4. I knew our offensive line was going to be a serious problem but so far it's looking worse than even I imagined
  5. I expect everyone in the secondary to improve by default since they'll be out of Wilkes awful system
  6. Yeah, or hidden security cameras. This is the type of thing that would be easy to confirm or deny with video footage. Pretty sure at least some hotels/apartments hide cameras in stairwells. If it's true he should never play a game for us again
  7. Good post, need more threads like this. 

  8. Real as fug WHo all gonna be in the Hive tonight? Shouldn't be the loudest CLT sporting event since the mid-90s And btw I say we trade up for H Henry
  9. just don't think we're ever gonna win an SB