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  1. A hot take from the Patriots message board

    fug the cheatriots
  2. friday morning schadenfreude

    LMAO !
  3. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

    and wow wow
  4. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

  5. The media

    Please dont make any more allusions to my team the Panthers and the cheating bastards from NE. 
  6. Kurt Coleman

    The dude is just plain nasty.  One of the last guys I would want to take a hit from on this team.
  7. The media

    haters got to hate     fug them all the way to 16 and 0
  8. Come get your warm Thanksgiving apple PIE!!!

    most delicious fuggin pie of the year baby !
  9. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    dont get the half time show  why ?
  10. Luke Kuechly Interceptions in Photos...

    she mad bro
  11. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Beating the hawks and packers showed how good of a team we really have but to me this is the biggest game of the year. If we continue to play mistake free ball and dont beat ourselves I dont think we will have any problems today.    Lets go Panthers !
  12. What is up with Jansen having a headache ?
  13. Silatolu out - CJ will take his roster spot

    Wow not good for our o line depth.  Get better soon Amini
  14. Panthers sign Ras-I Dowling

    troll     and superbowl !
  15. LMAO... Falcons....