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  1. Damn...lost another dog

    Sorry to hear about your loss. It always hurts to lose a friend. Pets are the best of our friends. May we all pass as easily as Max.
  2. Work place drug test question

    Pretty much was confirmed today that everyone will be tested next week. Completely dumb move for servers and kitchen staff - I see no reason why pot use off the job should make someone ineligible for continued employment. This will be one of the dumbest moves this company could make. They already have a hell of a time finding decent workers and my friend is tops in her field - never missed a day in over 10 years with this company. Ridiculous
  3. Things that trump says

    You had to quote my post twice ? Could you not fit your response into one cogent response ?
  4. Things that trump says

    I don't tweet, snapchat, do facebook, or any of that cool modern instant narcissistic look at me and my life nonsense. I also do not announce what I give to charity for the accolades from turds on internet message boards . Now get the f uck off my lawn punk.
  5. Manson Dead

    I remember reading the headlines as a kid and the fear it caused people every where - you just didn't see such grisly mass murders in 1969 and it was a frightening jolt, even in small towns on the east coast. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/obituaries/charles-manson-cult-leader-and-serial-killer-who-terrified-nation-dies-at-83/2017/11/20/152b1630-ca75-11e7-b0cf-7689a9f2d84e_story.html?hpid=hp_hp-top-table-main_no-name%3Ahomepage%2Fstory&utm_term=.6d0f2ed35eda
  6. Things that trump says

    I cant disagree with Trumps sentiments. Should have treated them like any other citizen and let them face the music of the Chinese justice system.
  7. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    I got to agree with nanuke, it takes a real dumbass shitheel to make Trump look good and that is exactly what happened here.
  8. Aaron Rodgers may return for our game

    yeah. ok ...............
  9. Aaron Rodgers may return for our game

    Didn't a certain cowboys qb try a similar return the week they played us a couople seasons ago?
  10. RIP Kelvin Benjamin('s knee)

    KB got hurt and the Bills fortunes went down hill from there. McDerp may be looking for a new job in January.
  11. Tiny Houses

    Unless you don't intend on having your house hooked up to the local power grid and having county water and sewer then you always have to be aware of what your local zoning laws are and follow them or think of some sort of work around - they are very intrusive anywhere I have ever lived and will pretty much spoil a lot of your dreams. Even then they might decide to forbid you from doing what you want on your own land. Before building my current house I built a barn/shop - took about 3 months doing it all myself with the exception of pouring the concrete foundation and slab and electric wiring. I didn't need a building permit because I have about 40 acres - enough land to get a farm number from the USDA - my county doesn't require permits for farm buildings and with a farm id, I was able to qualify. I finished the upstairs enough to make it into a decent apartment of about 500 square feet, was able to get electric to it cause it was classified as a farm building with no inspection needed and I had a licensed electrician wire it for me, had a small working shower and sink ( tiny water heater ) which I drained into an old ditch that had been cut years before on my place - it basically became a wetland for treating grey water - got my potable water from a drilled well - had no sewer nor septic so built an outhouse for toilet use. Lived there for a couple years while I planned and built our house, which I acted as general contractor on and did a lot of the work on. It worked well and saved us a ton of money. I would have been satisfied staying there myself but swmbo wanted a house and a working toilet so
  12. This is SERIOuS....

    Home made muscadine grape, hold the toppings.
  13. Work place drug test question

    No neither of those.
  14. Tiny Houses

    My wife and I lived in a 750 square foot house for about 15 years along with 2 dogs and 2 cats. Luckily I also had a nice workshop and huge yard to retreat to, or we would have driven each other nuts during that time. The tiny house thing sounds great in theory but you ought to have some way to get away from one another sometimes. I now have a place of about 1400 sf and I would say it is about perfect for 2 people and pets. If you are worried about heating and cooling costs build it with 6 inch studs and use the best insulation you can buy and go energy star appliances and bulbs everywhere. That is what I did. By the way - you will never fit 4 bedrooms and 2 bath rooms into a 750 square foot house unless they are all about the size of a frigin small closet. We only had one tiny bath room ( only large enough for a toilet, sink and small stand up shower) and 2 very small ( like 12-12 foot ) bedrooms. I have no idea why you would want 2 kitchens. And if you're moving up north investigate alternate heat sources like wood stoves or one of the modern coal burners - once the power goes out up there you literally can freeze to death.
  15. Work place drug test question

    Yeah its strange but apparently some sort of big changes are going on within the company - its a conglomerate that owns a bunch of golf courses.