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  1. Paa Langfart

    Woman says God saved her truck driver husband

    While we have no idea 3 days out where they wil go how strong they will be when they hit , how much rain they will dump or how much storm surge they will cause, Lost in the dark as usual. Your science sucks.
  2. See above Teppe rd million is less than a buck to you and me. Does he have to give anything? No . But if you do for God's sake be sincere as to your means. Million to Teppe r is as sincere concern as trump in New been yes terday.
  3. Probably won't be able to donate anything as the storm shut my wife's job down for the foreseeable future and my cancer surgery which was rescheduled due to the storm will already cost us several thousand dollars and we have insurance, that is our share, and we have damage from the storm that will not be comped via homeowners for at least another grand. So gfy.
  4. Color me not impressed. Jordan made larger contribution and not nearly wealthy as Tepper.. Tepper could use thousand dollar bills to wipe his a ss with all day long and never run out of money
  5. Paa Langfart

    Woman says God saved her truck driver husband

    We as a species are certainly too simple to understand the universe and why most of what happens here on earth happens as it does. Hurricane prediction is just one example that comes to mind readily. We have theories and ideas about damn near everything, but they change all the time.
  6. Paa Langfart

    Ron tells a Luke story

    They still use film projectors in the NFL for watching film ?
  7. From what I have read TD was pretty tight with JR. Beyond business. Tepper is all business from what I see and isn't about to let personnel decisions be made outside of what he has or will decide is the best business model for his 2+ billions of dollars investment. That probably doesn't sit well with players who have been mollycoddled over the years.
  8. Paa Langfart

    Need information on river flooding

    That is some very very low land up there bro. Don't get yourself into a jam cause I can't imagine any roads not flooded up there on that peninsula.
  9. Paa Langfart

    Need information on river flooding

    thanks to all for the replies @Jeremy Igo could you maybe pin this here where the most traffic can see it?
  10. Can someone who has some time to search the web please post some good links to times and places they expect the rivers in the state to crest? This will help a lot of fellow huddlers . I have looked for as long as I can and need to get out and clear trees off my road.
  11. Paa Langfart

    Nuclear Plant in Southport under " unusual event " status

    Sunny point is an US Army shipping terminal. It is near the Brunswick Nuclear plant but not part of it. Sunny Point ships more military munitions out for all US armed forces than any other place in the world.
  12. Paa Langfart

    Nuclear Plant in Southport under " unusual event " status

    Well I am in the area and I am concerned.
  13. Paa Langfart

    Nuclear Plant in Southport under " unusual event " status

    So the NRC says onsite conditions were sufficient to prohibit plant staff from accessing the site, but Duke spokes person says there was no flooding at the site. WTF ?
  14. And the Cape Fear River hasn't crested. I saw a military helo flying over my place headed toward S port a couple hours ago . http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/09/17/florence-floodwaters-cut-off-nuclear-power-plant-unusual-event-declared.html