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  1. ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    lol - the balls
  2. Dem think tank pushing Medicaire for Everyone

    If you read the link I provided it does not happen immediately. It is phased in over a 6 year period. A lot of other countries have already done this and we can learn from their mistakes. We do not have to reinvent the wheel here. The time is now.
  3. Hurney and drafting receivers

    In before scot writes a 400 word diatribe about how much he doesn't care.
  4. At least Hurney hasn't signed any mass murder wannabees like gettleman did.
  5. Dem think tank pushing Medicaire for Everyone

    You are one of the lucky folks who has either money or a good job with and excellent insurance plan or the third possibility you are already on medicaire. There are around 60 million people in this country who either have no health care at all or are receiving health care that dotard and his cronies want to do away with. What do you say to them ? Lets argue about it for another 10 years while you or a family member dies for lack of care ?
  6. Hurney and drafting receivers

    So good he gone. And Funchess was poor for all but a handful of games last season. If Funchess is g mans claim to fame I feel sorry for the Giants.
  7. Hurney and drafting receivers

    Can someone tell me all gettlemans home run wr picks ? Someone? Anyone ?
  8. Props to Rubio

    How canit not be relevant ? You declared that its a hunting rifle. Its not. Hunting was not its designed pupose.
  9. Props to Rubio

    That is not a hunting rifle. People may use it to hunt but the M1 Garand was developed for the Army and the primary rifle in use during WW2 and The Korean War. Its primary purpose was and is to kill people.
  10. from the center for American Progress There is a lot more in the article and it looks like a well thought out plan to me. Time for our country to move into the 21 st century.
  11. Props to Rubio

    Fug Rubio and the rest of the repuglican party. I hope they all burn in hell.
  12. Nah. That's just your hate shining through.
  13. what's the goal with the trump/russia stuff?

    I know that isn't Muellers goal or probably even the DNC s goal. I have turned it into my goal. Its my pot of gold at the end of dotard and the pugs rainbow of poo. I think it is a real possibility. And I am going to do what is in my power to make it happen.
  14. Every GM Drafting rankings over thier tenure

    Scot with his longest rant yet, telling us all how much he doesn't care. LOL