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  1. Paa Langfart added a post in a topic The Huddle and BBR Partnering on Training Camp Coverage   

    Excellent Idea - I think it is a wise business decision as well for both of you.  Youll rule Panthers coverage.
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  2. Paa Langfart added a post in a topic Panthers Rookie Report - Day 1   

    I am really interested in how Mayo does.
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  3. Paa Langfart added a post in a topic Stephen Hill injured, fairly serious   

    wow that really sucks - I feel for the guy - seems his life has really taken a turn for the worse lately.
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  4. Paa Langfart added a post in a topic Norwell Picks Up Where He Left Off   

    I know we need him at guard , but could he be transitioned to tackle if another starting guard became available ?  Would he have what it takes ?  Just thinking that it might be easier to find a quality guard than tackle and this guy looks determined enough to do what ever it takes to play.  I mean he would be better at tackle than Amini I would guess.
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  5. Paa Langfart added a post in a topic A great way to get no more cheerleader pics   

    I am going to beat the first m fers ass that deprives me of cheerleader pics because of his blind immaturity.
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  6. Paa Langfart added a post in a topic Michael Oher vs Frank Alexander   

    Big Frank is on a mission.  Not too concerned with Oher at this point but I wish he was meaner.
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  7. Paa Langfart added a post in a topic Training Camp Photos and Observations - Day 1   

    Yeah baby !  Lots to get excited about.
    Thanks Jeremy !
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  8. Paa Langfart added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Calling Line Gurus
    Does Amini Silitolu have any hope of making a decent LT ?  If so what attributes does he have that could be parlayed into a LT ?
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  9. Paa Langfart added a post in a topic RR/Getty PC today   

    So the rumor from earlier in the week was true ? -  Amini at LT ?  Is this a joke ?
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  10. Paa Langfart added a post in a topic Panthers Check In Today - Official Thread   

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  11. Paa Langfart added a post in a topic New $600 Million Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Coming To The Charlotte Region   

    Hopefully they have cocktail girls in revealing tops.
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  12. Paa Langfart added a post in a topic Anyone here good at dog training?   

    not an option as I am down on the coast.
    For the crate detractors let me say I have owned 3 dogs in my adult life up to now and have never used a crate before.  But at the prodding of the rescue group this time I am - and I really dont think I could even try to do this without one.  It gives her a place to be put where she can observe us all but the cats feel relatively safe and able to get to know her better.  She is at least a year old and has some tendencies at past homes to be destructive, so those times when someone cant be right here with her she can go into her crate and we dont have to worry about what sort of disaster we will come home to.  Without it she would probably have no chance at life except on the end of someones chain and what sort of life is that ?  Right now she was running around the house and went into her crate on her own and started playing with her kong toy - telling me she wanted it filled - so I filled it for her and closed her in and shes perfectly content and I can let the cats back in and drink a cup of coffee in peace - everyone is happy.
    thank you everyone for the suggestions and keep them coming if possible.  Inimicus - I met a guy while working i my garden a couple years ago - he had two big pit mixes that he was able to let out on my place - let them run around enjoy themselves and when he wanted them back in the truck and they wouldnt come he gave them a nudge with the collars - they came right back and got in the truck as he directed.  He let me feel the lower powered shocks - barely perceptible to me- really just a tingle - nothing like the 6000 volts my electric fence around the garden puts out  - and thats what he used the tingle setting - I was impressed and may be looking into this more.  
    here is a pic of her on facebook shortly after she was rescued.  
    She is a Plott hound mix- maybe Australian shephard or husky with the blue eyes.

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  13. Paa Langfart added a topic in The Lounge   

    Anyone here good at dog training?
    I just adopted a rescue dog and need some pointers on how to train her.  Number one I need her to either get along with or ignore my cats.  Currently we are crating her with several times a day out of the crate in the house and going for walks and play time etc.  I have two cats that she keeps lunging at - she has actually touched noses with one of them and didnt act aggressive but at other times has lunged.  Shes tough to read because she wags her tail sometimes but others she will just stare at them.  I need some advice.
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  14. Paa Langfart added a post in a topic Jonathan Martin Retiring from Football   

    Once Rivera starts him at tackle and he fails it will take at least 8 games for him to admit failure
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  15. Paa Langfart added a post in a topic Jonathan Martin Retiring from Football   

    did anyone else see this in the sited article ?  Amini at tackle anyone?
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