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  1. He already owns another multi billion dollar business - how much of his time is going to be devoted strictly to the Panthers? I really haven't seen this addressed anywhere.
  2. Paa Langfart

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Talk about unhinged tweets - from what I just read, today he is verbatim tweeting the words of some rww radio talk show host that is on faux news, blaming the Muller investigation on John Brennan. I am worried about his health. It would be awful if dotard stroked out on us.
  3. Paa Langfart

    Dear city of Charlotte

    My thoughts and prayers are with Charlotte.
  4. Paa Langfart

    What Business Side Changes Would You Like to See?

    Mick Mixon fired. Bill Rosinski hired.
  5. Paa Langfart

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Tuesday November 6, 2018 dotard and his dotardites will be shitting their pants.
  6. Paa Langfart

    LaCanfora talks about the sale...

    One change I would like to see is bringing back Bill Rosinski.
  7. And if intent is all you need to be guilty of a crime ( such as for instance the show to catch a predator ) why would these scum bags not be guilty ?
  8. If what I am reading about dotard juniors phone and e mail records about the tower meeting are true both he and dotard are fugged.
  9. Ok you are garbage - you're welcome.
  10. A garbage post from a garbage poster, go back to NJ you asshat.