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  1. 16-0 is possible, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the Panthers drop at least one.  At the Giants and Falcons are obviously the toughest remaining games.  This team may even have home field throughout locked up soon and many of the starters will be resting if that holds true. So a late loss is not out of the realm of possibility either.  Anyway, 16-0 is great and all, but I'd like to see them lose one if I'm being completely honest because law of averages are bound to catch up, eventually, and of course we all want that to be in the regular season.  Having said that 19-0 would be INSANE!!!!
  2. lets play a game. you PDF me your diplomas i'll pdf you mine. i call bullshit on you.

  3. Hardy 911 call

    true.  but what i'm saying is the police/magistrates will keep pushing her.  they will be like he threw you down, didn't he? you were scared for your life, right? etc, etc.  they have to fill the holes themselves cause they know it's BS.  
  4. Hardy 911 call

    females lie.  don't listen to her.  the police are going to write the most over the top, dramatic police report possible.  that's what they do.  gotta justify the arrest.