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  1. the refs being "graded" has been common knowledge. the problem is blandino, and the rest of the nfl rules cronies, have made the case that the refs aren't missing that many against cam.
  2. Very true. That play was a potential shredded knee waiting to happen. Should be called 10/10 and I've seen much less called for a defender even coming into the area low. Compare that to Matty Ice getting calls for defenders touching him. NFL and refs have no excuses! Ron needs to step up. Enough is enough!
  3. All things considered, this was a great day for the Panthers. D-line like night and day from previous efforts. Secondary still has holes in it, but Wiliams and others were good at times. There should be more wins coming with that kind of effort on D. Stewart was a beast today! Having him out there really opens up the offense on the whole. Off topic, but I only noticed maybe one commercial break the entire first quarter? Are the networks/NFL listening to the fans or was that more to do with the game in London throwing FOX off?
  4. yea. it's blackout where i am at for whatever reason.
  5. what channel is this on? the channel i get says i am out of the area to view it. they normally only say that when the game is on another channel somewhere. i'm lost here.
  6. i'm not arguing the football quality is down. i'm arguing the beavis and butthead style of covering the game is getting old. espn covers the game like you have had to of had CTE in order to appreciate the sport. you ever seen mark schlerth defend "the shield" before?.
  7. ratings are as low as they have been in 10 years. it's not just us. i spent most of last season out of panther's tv market and was more enthused to watch football even living in south florida where the dolphins got major air time.
  8. It legit makes me want to get high watching the ESPN dudes do their fake laughing stock of a pre-game, post game, etc. I will give them credit. Chucky knows his football, but at the same time I couldn't ever wish for Mike Tirico to be back more than I do now. The Big 10 guy (i think that's what he was doing previously) they have calling games right now is simply pathetic for a program that is primetime and supposed to be hanging on to multiple millions of viewers per Monday. I know the Panthers/Bucs game was a chore to watch, but that guy didn't do anything to help that fact.
  9. Not really wondering why the NFL is lackin'? Look at who they have on TV on the sports and entertainment network. If I were the league I would mandate a complete reboot of the ESPN way of doing things in regards to the NFL. Just tonight you got a bunch of has beens on the TV. Even Randy Moss is a Joke that never won shite. Not even Steve Young's bitchazz is out there. All you get out of their analysis is that constant sarcastic laughter like these clowns have been eating mushrooms and smoking bud since noon-time. The only SB winner on the show is prolly the worst SB winning QB in history. Why would even a football laymen take these azzhats even a quarter way serious? They sound fuging stoned. Their catch phrase, "c'mon man" was "in" 5+ years ago. And then we wonder why NFL ratings are down 10+% across the board.
  10. yea...i got one more game and then i'm gonna be out of market for the remainder.
  11. Not true. Not the NBA. And I'm all for being optimistic as long as we are clear that the optimism comes from wanting to see this team finish .500 and not from some legit thinking that this team can/will make the playoffs. I think we should all count ourselves lucky if the Panthers put themselves in position to be one of those teams where A, B, C, D, and E have to happen in order to make the playoffs on the last weekend of the season. In other words, make it interesting and I'll count it a success. Those seasons can be just as fun as ones where you are the front runner all season. Being 1-5 with the worst secondary in the league is far from fun though.
  12. has the profile of a b-52
  13. it won't as long as offenses can max protect and still pick our secondary apart.
  14. the offense is what they call fools gold. it comes and goes. either 0 or 100. lots of drive killing penalties; lots of turnovers. would have been nice if they could have gotten a first down or two before getting down 21 on sunday.