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  1. Um...they call that the league bringing in a fug ton of money, salary caps increasing, new CBA to reflect value of NBA franchises skyrocketing. What a shitty position for the league and the players to be in. Right?
  2. the refs being "graded" has been common knowledge. the problem is blandino, and the rest of the nfl rules cronies, have made the case that the refs aren't missing that many against cam.
  3. Very true. That play was a potential shredded knee waiting to happen. Should be called 10/10 and I've seen much less called for a defender even coming into the area low. Compare that to Matty Ice getting calls for defenders touching him. NFL and refs have no excuses! Ron needs to step up. Enough is enough!
  4. All things considered, this was a great day for the Panthers. D-line like night and day from previous efforts. Secondary still has holes in it, but Wiliams and others were good at times. There should be more wins coming with that kind of effort on D. Stewart was a beast today! Having him out there really opens up the offense on the whole. Off topic, but I only noticed maybe one commercial break the entire first quarter? Are the networks/NFL listening to the fans or was that more to do with the game in London throwing FOX off?
  5. Only thing good I can say about Gettleman right now is he always seemed to have this team a year ahead of schedule. He may be a victim of his own success at this point. Talent level was probably fools gold in hindsight. Still, his offseason is text book for how to make a good football team really bad. What kind of message are you sending your guys when you let go of the best corner in football, who wants to be a panther, and your best FA signing is (idk)? That either sends an I only care about penny pinching message or we are so good be are gonna reck poo, complacent message. Neither of those are good.
  6. the worst job ever done by a GM coming off a one loss reg season and SB. guy allowed emotion and hubris and dollar store shopping to dictate his decision making process this off-season.
  7. recent history has shown that there is a better chance at least one of them turns into a full-time starter than any one of them not panning out. i expect the competition in camp will be strong this year for the corners.
  8. fans conveniently forget the reason we are picking so late is because we are stacked. why are we stacked? because the panthers have done this fuging draft thing real good like. look at our last 4 or 5 drafts. we have drafted more bonafide superstars on D than we have had guys that didn't pan out. i like our odds of finding another superstar. do that and this draft is a huge success. and i could really give zero fugs where any of our guys were rated by the analysts. the analysts have consistently given the panthers average draft ratings. by now we should all be recognizing a trend. the panther FO and staff know how to assess talent. there are organizations in the nfl that really blow at it. we should all be thankful we are not them right now.
  9. lets play a game. you PDF me your diplomas i'll pdf you mine. i call bullshit on you.

  10. true. but what i'm saying is the police/magistrates will keep pushing her. they will be like he threw you down, didn't he? you were scared for your life, right? etc, etc. they have to fill the holes themselves cause they know it's BS.
  11. females lie. don't listen to her. the police are going to write the most over the top, dramatic police report possible. that's what they do. gotta justify the arrest.