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  1. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

    duke won it fair and square.   wisconsin gave it their best, but they don't have the horses.  duke beat them in their gym, they beat them in the title game battling foul trouble.   if a 7 game series i'd take duke in 5, max.  
  2. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

    i don't see how any badger fan can complain about officiating. duke's two most talented players spent roughly half of the game on the bench do to ticky tack poo.  if anything the awfulness of the refs fully helped them. they were just not a good enough unit to defeat duke.  i mean they let allen poo on all of their hopes.  just goes to show the talent, athleticism,and coaching discrepancies between the two teams.
  3. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

    Props to Duke and K. I thought they were the best team all season and it showed down the stretch.  K not only had the best freshmen from a talent standpoint, but for the most part they all played the game with an IQ beyond their years.  It's a testament to the coach to be able to reel in those types of talents and mold them into a unit so quickly.  
  4. lets play a game. you PDF me your diplomas i'll pdf you mine. i call bullshit on you.