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  1. ZOMG! CMC iz uh BUZT!!

    Doesn't the dude lead rookies in receptions (rookies includes MF'n wide receivers)?
  2. klein

    Wrong! After much debate, we have established that hindsight is, in fact, 50/50. I think our quarterback will back me up on this.
  3. Rivera post-game presser

    That's a bit strong, considering we're 4-2. Luke went out, Coleman out, and Cam had a really bad game. Eagles seem pretty good this year. Also, that was a fuggin touchdown and urrrbody knows it.
  4. Someone must have referred to him as "soft-spoken" in passing, so he's been watching nothing but Mr. T films.
  5. Victory Pie!!

  6. He's got to be involved with some kind of Divinci Code-style quest as we speak.
  7. I will say that I was getting pretty sick and tired of all the winning. I got other stuff I need to be getting done that can only be accomplished when we're 3rd in the division 3 out of every 4 years.
  8. True. Maybe we can get a Calvin Johnson Detroit situation going on for the next 15 years or so.
  9. 1) Stop yelling at me 2) he gave some good extensions 3) WE WENT TO THE GD SUPER BOWL IN 2015!!!!
  10. Looking at the notebook. He has "playing terribly" marked down in the reason column, along with a drawing of a dong.
  11. lol is there a Panthers team in Canada?
  12. Our stats under DG are all over this thread. You can say that he didn't draft some of the core players, but he pretty much completely rebuilt our receiver core and secondary more than once with cheap players and was successful doing so. Also, the players were very very happy under Hurney, and the team was terrible.
  13. Yeah who would even be a good candidate? Any recently fired GM's still floating around? You'd maybe have to snatch an underling from some other team.