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  1. ZOMG! CMC iz uh BUZT!!

    Doesn't the dude lead rookies in receptions (rookies includes MF'n wide receivers)?
  2. klein

    Wrong! After much debate, we have established that hindsight is, in fact, 50/50. I think our quarterback will back me up on this.
  3. Rivera post-game presser

    That's a bit strong, considering we're 4-2. Luke went out, Coleman out, and Cam had a really bad game. Eagles seem pretty good this year. Also, that was a fuggin touchdown and urrrbody knows it.
  4. Someone must have referred to him as "soft-spoken" in passing, so he's been watching nothing but Mr. T films.
  5. Victory Pie!!

  6. You beat me to it. I was like, was I watching the wrong jersey number? Joe kept having to run out of the pocket on the opposite side. When they kept playing the challenged catch over and over, they kept showing Amini, standing there cheering, while his guy was laying on Webb. Anyone have that clip?
  7. Zeke with the sack!! Go Pirates!!
  8. Cut him NOW!!!!!!!

    Amini. I was locked onto his terribleness at LT for almost the entire 3rd QTR.
  9. Can we all just agree that we don't have enough QBs for Amini to ever EVER play LT again.
  10. I don't think that anyone is saying that they've under-performed. It's a sliding scale. There is a range for each position and how good you are at that position. Greg, for instance, might be the best TE in the league, but that doesn't mean we're going to give him QB money. Again, look at the teams that are consistently in the playoffs like NE. Do they ever have players that are the highest paid at their position? I think even Brady took a team-friendly contract in order to improve the pieces around him.
  11. Your title is confusing on this one. I was expecting the post to be about how not liking the GM doesn't matter when you're winning Owls. Kinda like the Pats. They are the closest thing to a Gettleman-run team, and guys are willing to go there with no expectation of loyalty from the front office because they know they have a chance to get a ring. That train just got derailed for us.