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  1. Antonio Cromartie wants to come to Carolina

    You have a point there. We hopefully won't have to pay out these unprecedented contracts like some of the lesser teams for a while.
  2. My little oasis in the soul-crushing productivity cage. A few items of note: -Two 38-0's in my stash. Giants 2013, and Falcons 2015 -Ticket and field pass from the divisional win against Seattle (thanks again Zod) -Grand Champion Medal for Alzheimer's Association fundraising. (Thanks Huddlers that participated in the raffle last year) -And a prized possession. 2012th Man flag that was left for dead in our stadium. It now hangs upside down until a hawks fan decides to come reclaim force
  3. Lil Dicky - Mean Guys

    Well done! "White Crime" is pretty hilarious too.
  4. I lol'd

    Awww damn it!
  5. Antonio Cromartie wants to come to Carolina

    In his....defense, we did win all four of those games leading into the playoffs. Had the changes (not just Bene) happened earlier, we might have been sitting prettier record-wise. Yes on the Seattle point, but they were a pretty good team as well. My original point was that if you're drafting rookies to eventually start (drafted CB's 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, Bene was a 5th), then signing an expensive big time guy who isn't going to be understanding of his placeholder role is just going to make waves.
  6. OTAs start Tuesday

    -5th WR. Same as errrrbody -Who gets most snaps with the 1's at corner -If Vernon or Star gets more 1st team snaps
  7. Sporting News most hated NFL players of all time

    aaaand we're back at it
  8. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    Wow. hope Boone is ok
  9. Sterling Shepard

    I have questions... 1. Does the NFL suspend players for helmet to helmet hits on their fellow teammates? 2. Do you think he'll appeal?
  10. Ron Rivera on 'Fluffy Breaks Even'

    That's difficult to watch. So awkward. So many hashtags....
  11. Comfortable with running backs?

    Not comfortable in the least bit.
  12. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    I disagree. If we add Percy Harvin, Aldon Smith, Anquan Boldin, Vince Young, Ditka, and Jesus, now that's a roster.
  13. Antonio Cromartie wants to come to Carolina

    Didn't Bene play 10 games in his first year?