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  1. NFL Rigged?

    I try not to go too far with the conspiracy theories. Yes, it was weird that they didn't call Denver for a penalty in the second half, but the refs didn't make us fumble.
  2. I agree that he's a douche. And I agree that the play was purposeful, but not sure it was malicious. Philly was going to score. Facemask guarantees that he doesn't get in the endzone. Same reason defensive backs commit obvious pass interference penalties when they know they are already beat. 
  3. Media Fatigue...

    Yes! I'm getting particularly tired of watching pressers that are full of... "Hi Cam, Bob Doucheman, ABC Milwaukee. I've been living under a f***Ing rock for the past five years(and definitely missed yesterday's presser where Bill Pooman, NBC St. Petersburg asked you the same MF'n question) and was wondering how it feels to be playing in an important football match?"
  4. Predict this conversation

    Read that in Snoop Dogg voice. Only the "nawimean" sounded out of place in my head. Snoop would likely replace it with some other word...also starting with maybe.
  5. Yep......but at this point could still be Denver. Although I'd obviously much rather see us host someone else (after winning). I could see the SB rematch being Monday Night material.
  6. We play the AFC West next year. Could be Denver.
  7. Shirt to Benefit Greg Olsen's Charity

    Has anyone ordered this? How's the fit? In 98% of shirts on this planet, I wear a large. For some reason, especially with NFL-related stuff (have a Reebok Panthers T for instance) I've had to wear a medium. Anyone know if these run big?
  8. Name That Tune

    2 minutes!! Gotta love the internet. Well done sir.  Mods: you can pull this if you want, unless you're enjoying my bad video skills. Either way, got my answer.
  9. Name That Tune

    Need some help from the younger guys on here. Anyone know the name of this song? I tried to Shazam, no luck. Me and TD both dig it.         
  10. JR is paying for EVERY SINGLE Panther employee

    Don't the TopCats actually have to work the game?
  11. Pro Bowl replacements

    It's ridiculous how many guys opted out (Palmer, Brees, Rivers, etc) before they landed on Tyrod, Carr, and Jameis.  They could easily fix this if they wanted to. The plan? Go back to conference teams, and give an extra inter-conference home game to the winning conference. (i.e. we played the AFC South this season. If the NFC had won the pro bowl last year, 3 of those 4 games would be home games). Losing conference goes from 2 home to 1 home inter-conference game.  AND for everyone that's about to say "the owners wouldn't give up the revenue", it's going to wash itself out if the winning conference keeps alternating. You'll have one less game one year, and one more another. If the league would ever consider changing home field to the wildcard team with a higher record instead of a bad division winner, they can certainly consider this idea.  Hell, I don't even care if they leave the game where it is on the schedule, and the super bowl players aren't invited. Let the bounced playoff teams play together for an extra home game. I think that players would show up, AND they'd play. Just my $.02.