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  1. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    Well, there are only 16 of us that have done it, so......I'll take that.
  2. Here's what REALLY scares me

    I think that one of the main themes of our current administration has been that, outside of our main core, everyone is replaceable. Look at our receivers and our secondary now compared to the 12-4 2013 season.  Seattle made the mistake of paying almost everyone, particularly the secondary, after their superb owl win.  I was reluctant at first, but am beginning to appreciate the "find talent, and don't pay too much for anyone" mentality, even if it means that Norman is likely gone next year. 
  3. Do we have reliable back up RBs?

    I'm not ready to call Fozzy bad yet. He does ok in garbage time. Broke some big runs last year, and got 3 ypc on his 2 carries yesterday. Can never really tell with a guy until he's "the guy".  Really hoping we can keep the momentum going, and that the other teams keep falling short. If we can lock up the 1 spot in the NFC with 1 game, or even 2 to go, we will get to see what Fozzy and CAP are made of. The Falcons, and maybe the Bucs, will still be shooting for wild card spots, and will likely play us tough.   
  4. I would like to be the first to say...

    You mean the Vikings that home...against the team that just lost to the home?  
  5. Roll call for Thursday....

    I wish...
  6. Punt question

    Couldn't resist. Still love some Joe Webb though. One low moment for our special teams all-star.
  7. A special request to the media

    Exactly. They are the worst team in the NFC, and need to win 5 of 6 just to get to 8-8. But hey, they're back. Quick Note: I realize the hypocrisy in my statement, considering that our cats had 3 wins in week 12 last year too..........but Fug Dallas anyway, because we did have a tie!! 
  8. The only 2 stats that really matter

    Honorable mention for the 10-0 stat.
  9. Punt question

    I've seen plenty of plays where a guy gets down there and stops a punt on the 1 that would otherwise have rolled/bounced into the endzone. 
  10. Punt question

    Takes a little help from the other special teams guys too.   
  11. Punt question

    Here's an interesting article on PFF about punting. Turns out, they track both stats (gross and net), and both touchback yards and touchdown yards subtract from the net yards stat.  PUNT GAME: SPORTSBALLING REALLY HARD WITH YOUR FOOT
  12. Punt question

    I actually like that idea because the punt to the 9 is better than a punt to the end zone. 
  13. Punt question

    Joe Webb gets a flag. 
  14. Punt question

    Gotcha. Just wasn't sure if they subtracted the 20 yards for moving the ball to the 20 for the touchback.  Thanks
  15. Punt question

    Sorry in advance. This can be moved to general afterward, but wanted a quick answer.  Punt yards are usually tallied as net of a return. If a punter kicks from the opponent's 40, and kicks into the end zone, is it a 40-yard or a 20-yard punt?   Just curious. Go Panthers.