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  1. Remember when Kris Mangum, Michael Gaines and Mike Seidman were our starting tight ends? Glorified blockers, all of them. If they actually did anything of relevance in the passing game during a game, it was a miracle.
  2. This only makes sense if we're going to fleece someone with that 4th. We have all night to do it.
  3. In fairness, the Colts should've known better than trying to hire someone with a questionable reputation. Well, that could make the Patriots game against the Colts next season a little more interesting.
  4. outlaw4

    Cam Turner leaving?

    Wait. There's a Cam Turner on the staff? Is there a Norv Newton as well, by chance?
  5. outlaw4

    Where does this one rank?

    A personal taste but I like to see Super Bowls where all facets of the game get to shine at some point. Tons of offense today but defense was putrid and lots of special team blunders. In other words, it's where you get that seesaw of emotions because the game is hard to predict.
  6. outlaw4

    Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Considering how often we see the Patriots make those types of plays happen at crunch time, it's unusual to see it happen to the Patriots. I'm sure that play will be broken down to the smallest detail and become part of Eagles lore. Precedent has shown that teams can get away with just about anything on a Hail Mary play. It's one of those moments where I think referees are too afraid to throw a flag and cause a massive controversy.
  7. outlaw4

    Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Let's be honest here. If there was no strip sack, the Patriots was going to win the Super Bowl. The saving grace for the Eagles defense was that in a high stakes shootout game, a play like that is all that's needed to make up for playing awful all night.
  8. outlaw4

    Super Bowl 52 Thread

    ...and that's the game. Another wasted season of football.
  9. outlaw4

    Super Bowl 52 Thread

    I'll be surprised if the Patriots don't get the lead with this drive.
  10. outlaw4

    Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Hard for me to see the Eagles winning right now if their defense can't stop Brady.
  11. outlaw4

    Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Didn't the Patriots try a play similar to that earlier? If so, that's a really bad burn.
  12. outlaw4

    Super Bowl 52 Thread

    I'm rooting for a last minute rule change to allow a tie.
  13. There's far more entertainment options today than even ten years ago. Of course it's going to be harder for someone to devote 4+ hours of football when they can watch clips on YouTube or binge on a series via Netflix, especially if they're cheaper options. This is just my personal observation but from the start, I thought it was a mistake for the NFL to start automatic reviews of certain plays. There has, is and always will be officiating mistakes but it's getting to where all these stoppages are ruining the flow of the game. Yes, we still need to have a challenge system but I'm in the camp that it's the opposing team's responsibility to initiate the review. Three challenges per game but you win the challenge, you keep it. Something like that to make the game feel faster.