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  1. Star Trek: Discovery

    I've heard of the rumors regarding Tyler. It makes sense except the scene where he's alone with the Klingon female. Lorca's nowhere to be seen so having him whale on her doesn't line up with something a spy would do. Either the theories are false or the scene is meant to throw off the viewer and the situation isn't as straightforward as we think it is. Lorca made his confession once he already destroyed Mudd's device and Mudd revealed what we could assume is that most in Starfleet had heard. The captain being the sole survivor of his ship would raise questions, certainly, but he apparently gets the results needed to overcome that. Now, if him killing his own crew is a lie, that's a rather bad lie to let out to Tyler and Mudd. Regardless, I could see that revelation coming back to doom him in the future.
  2. On Saca312 - On The Cusp Of Another Overly Optimistic Hype Thread? But seriously, the fact that CMC could still produce despite a non-existent running game bodes well if we can figure out how to improve the overall running game. Unfortunately, that's a huge if.
  3. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    Trust the guy that brought in guys like Tony Pike and Stephan LeFours? Yikes.
  4. Star Trek: Discovery

    I finished Episode 5 a few minutes ago. Although the show as a whole hasn't set that high a bar, this was my favorite episode so far. - Okay. I'll just get it out of the way. Cursing on Trek - do I have a problem with it? Personally, it's not a big issue if it feels something natural within the context. Thought the moment called attention to itself too much in this case, however. - It was refreshing that this episode allowed characters other than Michael to be on the front stage for extended periods. In honesty, I find it hard to warm to her character and I think it's because the "human raised as a Vulcan" aspect. It feels that with her character, we're getting the worst of both Vulcan and human qualities. - Saru's time as a captain reminded me somewhat on when Data took command of that one ship with the uncooperative officer. He had this heavy handiness that was sneaking into Lorca territory but in fairness, that was mostly because of Michael's actions. He was certainly nicer to the bridge crew who finally got some acknowledgement but still not enough. Finally, I couldn't help but love Saru's verbal smackdown on Michael. It might've been the "Shut up, Wesley!" moment of the series. - Lorca, wow, Lorca. How desperate must Starfleet be to allow a captain that basically murdered everyone on his old ship to "spare them a worse death" to have another command with great latitude on what he can do? Contrast that with Commodore Decker who at least tried to save his crew and wished he had died along with them. The fact he left Mudd behind should've been no surprise. I will say this much, though. If he is meant to be an antagonist, he plays it in a way I appreciate. The best ones are the ones who do many bad deeds and yet believe they're doing the right thing. - I enjoyed Mudd's lines although I'm unsure if he was the right messenger for them. Despite the gritty array hitting him along with much of Discovery's universe, he provided some needed humor in a show that doesn't have enough. - After a few episodes, I find that the computer voice talks too often and too promptly after every request. - Don't have any issues with the final scene except it ran a little long. Oh, and was the thing with the mirror inferring the mirror universe or consequences related with time? That coupled with no trailer for the next episode made it an effective ending that makes me want to watch more. - It's been said Discovery doesn't start off feeling like Star Trek is because its ideals is the very thing the show will be discovering. For me, this episode was the most convincing in making that case. The show would have to start with the sense those ideals aren't really there and building up from there. If that's truly the concept, then it's an ambitious concept that requires patient viewers. - Last but not least. Jonathan Archer, decorated captain? Well, there's your problem!
  5. It was about two months in 2013 but that was the collarbone on his non-throwing shoulder. Even in the best of circumstances, Rodgers may not be 100% the first game back. Quite a shame for Rodgers because the Packers are atrocious without him. Losing on Thursday was bad but the Packers would trade for our situation right now in an instant. If you have no QB, you have no chance.
  6. The Falcons blew a 17 point lead? To Jay Cutler?
  7. Star Trek: Discovery

    Alternate reality? My understand was that everything we're seeing is in the Prime universe. Lorca is certainly an interesting character. He's certainly a mismatch being the captain of a science ship with a crew that isn't suited for a combat role. I'm curious to see whether he'll either start to mellow a bit like Captain Picard or ends up being more of an antagonist. I see the setup but it's a bit too much for me (human raised in Vulcan by Sarek, overly intelligent, special first name, praised by many, figures out Ripper's true nature, etc). I'm not saying it can't be pulled off but even in-universe, Vulcans come off as annoying to others. Like I mentioned before, Michael needs other characters around her so that it doesn't become the same for the viewer. We're not there yet. You might've hit it on the head with the Klingons. The scenes just drag on forever even though the actual time says otherwise.
  8. So we lost, get over it.

    You do realize this is the Huddle, right? Overreactions is what we're known for. I'm mostly upset that the Panthers let down the home crowd twice already. At this rate, I'm all but wanting us to get into the playoffs as a wild card.
  9. Ron said right after halftime we needed to run the ball better. First play and we lose yards. I said it last week that such poor run production is not something we can live by in the long run. Whatever we're doing is not working. At this point, we can't pin our hopes on someone that is trending in the wrong direction with injuries.
  10. I can already hear a plethora of "missed opportunities" from Ron.
  11. Do we pull off a Seahawks 2015 miracle or is it another Falcons 2015 where we kept having chances and falling short?
  12. If this team has shades of 2015, this needs to be our Seahawks game. We played poorly there as well but toughed out a win.
  13. Game's what I expected for a typical NFL game on Thursday, a slopfest.
  14. To imagine the running game looked so well in preseason. We can't even get two measly yards.
  15. I would've play-actioned on 1st down and bombed it deep but that might've been too clever.