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  1. One has to remember that Rodgers' last collarbone injury was on his non-throwing shoulder, so we can't use that as a reliable reference. Still, the boost the Packers gets with him back only makes this game that much harder. If anything, it may be for the best since it's a way to see whether we're ready to accomplish something in the playoffs if we get there.
  2. Baldy Breaks down panthers

    Like I've said in the past, it's great to have a rushing performance like that but I continue to worry that our passing game remains anemic. If we make the playoffs, however, I think I'd rather have it that way than the other way around.
  3. Is the play scary? Yes it is but you can't deny that it gets good results. Also, it's one of the few times that we're aggressive on offense.
  4. Possibility Wentz tore his ACL

    It's a reminder that you can have a great season that has Super Bowl written all over it and one injury could derail it entirely. It's not a fatal blow like how the Raiders lost Carr last season but the NFC just got a little easier for everyone.
  5. Thursday night game thread

    Seeing the Cowboys win:
  6. Giants bench Eli for Geno

    To me, it's less of a benching than protecting a valuable trade commodity so they can get their future quarterback in the draft. I'll be surprised if Eli Manning isn't wearing a Jaguars uniform next season.
  7. Kelvin tore his meniscus

    Such a shame. Sometimes, I wonder whether tearing up his knee after his rookie year started a domino effect.
  8. Can Shula do it?

    I'm not sure I could trust Shula even if those negative factors didn't apply.
  9. Hard to say whether Larsen will be our starting center next year but it's becoming more likely that Kalil may not be ever again. The coaches don't really need to bench him; his health is already doing that to him.
  10. 14 non-offensive points, yes, but consider we gave up the exact amount of points in route to a loss. While we can't rely on such points on every game, it's good to see that we are capable of making such plays.
  11. Wa-wa-wallllsssshhhhhh!
  12. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    No diss on Barnett but his strip sack was pretty much Byron Bell utterly failing at his job.
  13. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Collinsworth thinks Byron Bell obviously holding and letting his man get by him constantly is a good job.
  14. Maybe Chaz Green will be Byron Bell's David Foucault. The bar's set so low, even Byron won't be able to go any lower.
  15. Already had enough of it. I don't mind it as part of the rotation or in replay but not every time.