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  1. I'd make a joke about Heinicke's performance tonight possibly requiring drinking a lot of Heineken but that would be too obvious.
  2. Mahon is not Silatolu. For now, that's all I need to know. Hopefully, he won't be the next Foucault.
  3. So having the ball bounce right off their hands and high in the air for an interception was not accurate enough for Kelvin Benjamin.
  4. outlaw4

    Derek Anderson...update?

    If Derek Anderson is done, then at least he could hold his head high that he was the best QB the Browns has had this millenium. Take that as you will.
  5. Remember when Kris Mangum, Michael Gaines and Mike Seidman were our starting tight ends? Glorified blockers, all of them. If they actually did anything of relevance in the passing game during a game, it was a miracle.
  6. This only makes sense if we're going to fleece someone with that 4th. We have all night to do it.
  7. outlaw4

    Worst case scenerio....

    That worst case scenario is better than what we dealt with last season.
  8. I think life gave me a break and made me really sick today. Don't have the energy to feel much of anything right now.
  9. So disappointed right now. Not mad. Just disappointed.
  10. It's time to reach deep and find a way to win. You cannot allow it to end this way.
  11. We're going up against the Denver D, bad special teams, refs, injuries and apparently the football gods. Can't we catch a break somewhere?
  12. Seriously? I mean, can't even get the fumble? It's like someone put a voodoo on us.
  13. Don't get it all at once, offense. Just put a drive together and score.
  14. Coldplay seems like the perfect halftime act given our performance.
  15. Whatever offensive plan we have right now, it needs to be burned and re-done at halftime.