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  1. Saints game flexed

    I will say this about the saints. At least they can talk actual poo about our team. Point out our weaknesses. The cowboys are just exasperatingly stupid.
  2. Along the Sidelines - Panthers at Titans

    Great stuff. I even shared it with my 50 followers on Twitter.
  3. Man watching Roman and Tillman is pretty cool. Its awesome to watch these guys be so in sync.
  4. Hey Panther fans

    idiots are everywhere dont worry we have our share of them too.
  5. FBGP's NFL Gameplan's Wk 9 Panthers/Packers Preview

    So far only MJD has picked us to win, and he also picked us to win the superb owl over the pats. So take that as you will...
  6. Kalil is playing Sunday!

    He's probably still injured even, just knows this is a big game. That's a damn leader right there.
  7. todays practice tweets Kalil in pads again

     I'm glad Kalil and Addison are playing