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  1. Taste of the Panthers 2016

    Guy that people dont recognize is probably Ben Jacobs.
  2. Carson Palmer wants some

    Yeah but wasnt that also paired with an injury to Delhomme?
  3. Itll be interesting to see if this is one of DGs first mistakes.
  4. Malice in Your Heart: New England vs Denver

    I hate Broncos fans more than their team tbh.
  5. Sock Sraft -Sax Man Draft

    I think we could expect some increased performance but we cant expect too much of a difference. Even still Roman Harper has shown our SS doesnt NEED to have elite speed. All he needs is to be able to tackle well. If this guy has elite instincts like Kuechly and Davis then I'm for drafting him.
  6. DC Comics Mock Draft

    Aquaman is almost as strong as Superman is fyi.
  7. Kurt Coleman Highlight Video

    Coleman is a great player for us. Just the right kind of guy. Good enough that with good players around him he can suceed. I cant wait to see how well he plays with a SS thats a little faster than Harper.
  8. MLB legend trashes Cam Newton

  9. RG3 in Carolina?

    Spock will get my pie forever. Also RG3 would be a great backup to Cam, maybe if we ever traded DA.
  10. I would vote for The Pacific Rim if we had 4 polynesian dudes. But since we only have 2 im fond of the "ute Brutes."
  11. Josh Norman promises he won't hold out...

    Because they think they are better than us.
  12. I mean this would be amazing but i cant see the chargers letting him go right? right?
  13. I know you guys hate him but he seems to really love our team. Hard to hate the guy for that.