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  1. Damn look at that company he is keeping too. Not a good look. fuging Shula man.
  2. The bears are not a cakewalk but I definitely think we can win that game. We are one of 3 teams to not allow a 100 yard rusher or 100 yard passer this season. Our D is not a pushover and Peppers is gonna get pressure on Trubisky, at least. I think our D steps up, Luke comes back, and we win 24-17.
  3. I said something similar in the all pro forum. I think what we see is what we are getting with him.
  4. I can't disagree with you about the comebacks. How is Ron causing these, do you think he's mandating them go into prevent at the end?
  5. This is what you are going to bat over? Seriously? Shula is where you are making your stand. Dude. I don't think Shula is a bad OC, but he certainly isn't the best one out there. He has good creativity but lacks any ability to adapt if his gameplan is figured out mid game. That hasn't changed.
  6. Dude you need to let it go. Tight Ends are not the solution to every problem. You will see on Sunday if we start Amini. Green Dog blitzes can take the extra TEs out of the game very well.
  7. The issue with Amini is he's just not very strong for an OL. He is gonna get bull rushed instead of beat around the edges.
  8. We all know Ron is gonna put Amini out there at first and Ziggy is gonna annihilate him.
  9. They are kind of right though. This week Cam had a good game and he rushed more times than weeks 1-3 combined. If they shut down his running he may have a bad day passing.
  10. I also just feel like in the current environment of the NFL it's much easier to find a good NT than good OL.
  11. I'd still rather pay him to protect Cam than Star.
  12. That could be true. I'm certainly not an expert on defensive playcalling. And Ron does have a history.
  13. That is an area of concern. Peppers is playing great but I am worried if he can keep it up all season long. I'm actually glad we have a late bye week this year. Hall was known to be a very raw prospect however.
  14. Yeah Im not super concerned, but if we aren't going to be able to generate turnovers then we may end up in a few precarious positions in the fourth quarter. Could be a stressful season.