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  1. For anyone that is twitter averse, it is a great thread filled with great info. Really worth checking out.
  2. Its nice to have an OC that knows how football works.
  3. You aren't supposed to eat all of the LSD tabs at once dude.
  4. I personally dont think you can call us dominant with the 28th ranked secondary. Plus i doubt we get 11 sacks from Pep this year. Id say anything over 6 or 7 is a plus.
  5. Daeavorn

    Video: Moore smokes Jackson

    Was that QB Cam? I can't really tell.
  6. Last year Bradberry had more trouble than Worley did. Lets hope he can recover to his rookie performance.
  7. Daeavorn


    I am shocked that Shula didn't see more potential in Armah. To me he looks perfect for that H-Back role we used to have Ritchie Brockell in.
  8. I would love these tickets as the 17th will be my 30th birthday and I would love nothing more than goino and watching the seahawks lose. I have loved the panthers ever since I read my first article about how TO came back. I am a new fan but I'm a die hard one and I'm here for life.
  9. Daeavorn

    AFC Wild Card games thread

    McCarron good? Maybe?
  10. Daeavorn

    AFC Wild Card games thread

    Sick return by Kansas City.
  11. Great stuff. I even shared it with my 50 followers on Twitter.
  12. Seems to me like he hates our team and our fanbase. I am fully expecting him to retire a raven now.
  13. Daeavorn

    Falcons - Saints GameDay Thread

    Youre okay Beast.
  14. Great pics. Hopefully we will see Delaire continue to blossom. If Allen doesnt end up contributing much, I hope he pours as much knowledge into Delaire and co as he can.