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  1. It's because Turner had a down year this past year. Probably because Kalil was out and its hard to get used to playing next to a guy that, while good, was not up to Kalils level.
  2. This guy was one of the main scouts for the chargers during the 2000-2007 period. Those teams drafted some really good talent, I think he would be a solid addition to the team.
  3. Just as long as he doesn't blitz Luke every third down I think I'll be just fine with him.
  4. Efe looks good. He could be a contributor for us if he keeps developing.
  5. Linebackers Intensity is lacking?

    Luke is having an off year, combined with the fact that Wilks is blitzing Luke way too much. Im fine with blitzing TD since he has a knack for getting sacks but Luke needs to be in coverage.
  6. Does anyone actually want him to become owner and then bench Cam?
  7. Im sorry but at least in the Saints game Worley DID play better than Bradberry. Bradberry has been a big dissapointment this year, and it doesn't seem like he's made much of a leap from year 1 to year 2.
  8. Um, Ron only has 2 winnings seasons not counting this one. Winning 9 games makes that 3 winnings seasons out of seven. Can you not count?
  9. Evidence our defense has been overrated

    Man, Saca this is something Ive been thinking more and more as the year goes on. I dont understand the fascination with playing more man coverage when we clearly dont have the personnel to run such a scheme.
  10. That's all you think we would do with 45 seconds left? That is time for at least 3-4 plays. We can run out of bounds, not to mention we were already near mid field. You are intentionally misrepresenting what I am saying, and all it is doing is making you look ignorant. Stop it. You cannot defend that decision in good faith.
  11. What are you talking about? I'm talking about ron choosing to run twice at the end of the 2nd quarter with 45 seconds left on the clock and two timeouts remaining. He basically gave up and didnt even try to score more points there, which would have greatly helped us stay in the game if we had.
  12. Who cares about the past? The fact remains that Ron's remarkable cowardice is a constant throughout this season. There was no reason to run the clock down with 45 seconds to go in the half.
  13. Predict Byrd's stats today....

    3 targets 1 catch for 15 yards
  14. He has a few tackles for loss and at least one sack.
  15. This is for performance enhancing substances. I must say I am very dissapointed in him. If his back is truly giving him that much trouble then he should retire.