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  1. Voth is a browns fan first and always. So far the only fanbase that seems to be on our side is the raiders. Fug him.  
  2. Media Fatigue...

    Im fatigued because I havent heard one of those shmucks talk about our run game. It all about the wideouts. Jstew gets so little respect, he should change his name to Rodney.
  3. Washington Post: The Perfect Game Plan

    To me this says we need better DEs. If its 3rd down we probably have mario out there and hes known to be weak vs the run. HOpefully as Ealy progresses this changes.
  4. Denver fans have officially pissed me off!

    hmmmmmmm   I say fug them then. 
  5. So this happened

    Thats awesome!!
  6. 9 of those 12 are for first downs as well.
  7. Huddle Awards

    What stopped them?
  8. This is what I expected to happen with the Shaq pick. But he hasn't been playing there as much as id hoped. How much did he play against Seattle? 
  9. Probaby an injury. I don't see them shaking things up unless absolutely forced. Rivera is going to bank on Wilks helping to shore up their problems.
  10. 2015 Philly Brown is our 2012 Doug Balwdin

    So now that ive read what their stats are, this is a really good idea to me. I didnt realize Baldwin was Phillys size. I dont know why but Philly still looks so skinny to me.  I really hope we can see more Philly in the slot. I feel like he played well out of there when given the chance.
  11. There Is No Book

    Its a great time to be a panthers fan. We have a great coach and a great franchise QB. Fug yeah.
  12. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    I would love these tickets as the 17th will be my 30th birthday and I would love nothing more than goino and watching the seahawks lose. I have loved the panthers ever since I read my first article about how TO came back. I am a new fan but I'm a die hard one and I'm here for life.
  13. The thing I love about Luke is he isn't even done getting better yet! Simply amazing that he's evolved into such a great coverage guy.  
  14. Hue Jackson to the Browns, McDermott DC for now.

    Im gonna predict McDermott to NY. I think he'd be an excellent fit there being a 4-3 defensive guy. Also gets stability and a nice QB and WR to work with. He can also help them draft a LB that they need desperately