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  1. We just lost any chance we had at getting Curry to come home

    ​Cam was drafted here. Had Curry been drafted here? Then yes, it could make some sense. So ... why not? Charlotte is not a good team. He is now ELITE and will only go where he can win. The ONLY reason Hornets fans have hope is because he grew up here. That's not enough of a reason. Sorry. Suddenly get good and make the East Finals year after year? Yeah, Curry would be all about that. But to leave a championship team to go to a piece of crap? He's not insane.
  2. We just lost any chance we had at getting Curry to come home

    LeBron "going home" in an anomaly. The Bay Area is better than the QC in almost every posible way. GS has a better team. He'll get the money no matter where he goes. He'll get the fan support no matter where he goes. He can see his family whenever he wants. He's that rich. He doesn't "need" to be with them 24/7. Plus, he's starting his own family. There is zero reason for him to go to Charlotte. Zero. It's nice to have hope as a fan, but it makes no sense. None. If he ever does leave GS, it'll be to a championship team ... no matter what he's casually said in interviews in the past. I mean, come on, who is the biggest star to ever play in Charlotte? Larry Johnson? Zo? Speaks volumes.
  3. NBA Finals Thread

    LeBron had an amazing Finals, but LOL at anyone sayinf the Cavs lost because Kyrie and Love were out. Had they played the Cavs might have swept. That's how much better they would've been with the trio. GS is not the Spurs. Curry is the star and the rest are just part of the machine. Some of you act like it was LeBron all by himself against the best team in the history of the NBA, haha. GS and the Cavs without Kyrie and Love were pretty evenly matched. GS played better ... thus they won.
  4. We just lost any chance we had at getting Curry to come home

    Yeah, you had no chance to begin with. Charlotte will never get an elite superstar free agent in his prime. Ever. Draft a future superstar? Sure. That's the only way.
  5. NBA Finals Thread

    Just saw this asked on ESPN: Is LeBron James the best athlete in the world? I would make a thread on it but am too lazy. I bet that would be weeks of debate though. My answer? No, he's not. It's an impossible question. James couldn't do squat in a real triathalon for example. The triathlete couldn't hit a three with one second left though. So does that mean the question should be more about talent then? Again, there could be some archer who is more talented at his sport than James is at basketball, lol. Impossible question.
  6. Steph Curry wants to bring a title to Ohio?

    Edit your post, OP. The tweet isn't showing up. Anyway, the take away is: 1. Does he mean he wants to play for the Cavs next and win them a ring? or 2. Does he want to win the title in Cleveland? Curry was born in Akron.
  7. NBA Finals Thread

    Did LeBron win the game ... or did Curry lose the game?
  8. NBA Finals Thread

    Yay, Jordan/LeBron debates incoming.
  9. NBA Finals Thread

    Curry played like ass tonight.
  10. NBA Finals Thread

    I can't stand LeBron but he just got screwed twice, lol. And Curry needs to stop mean mugging after big shots.
  11. 2015 NBA Draft Lottery

    Lakers slide up, Hornets fans scream rigged!   Knicks drop back, Hornets fans don't say rigged.   Hmm.   Rigged would've had them go 1 and 2 with the Wolves getting the shaft.
  12. NBA Playoffs are here!

    Well that's weird. Are the Hawks phonies? How can my lowly Nets be all tied up?
  13. Future Splash Brothers in Charlotte - Curry, Hairston ?

    I think he'll stay at GS. Montsta, how is their cap looking? Can they bring in someone to make them even better?
  14. Future Splash Brothers in Charlotte - Curry, Hairston ?

    Exactly. He's never held a press conference to discuss his huge desire to "return home". It's when a reporter tied to the Carolinas asks him the question. I think someone quoted Steph earlier in this thread and that was probably the last time he's talked about it. That was at the start of the season. Now he'll probably win the MVP and maybe a title. I'd bet good money he's thinking differently. Yes, I'm not in Curry's head but I can't think of anyone on this planet, other than LeBron, who'd rather play back at home (and for an avg team) than win titles and be a star in a big market. To me, in my own opinion, it just screams common sense. Retire a Hornet? Sure. I can see that one though.
  15. NBA Playoffs are here!

    Love had his shoulder straight JACKED, lol. Not returning to game. Olynyk did some MMA on his ass. Damn.