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  1. every single qb they've discussed on NFL network has been compared to Andrew Luck. i thought that guy washed out of the league and retired or something why do they keep talking about him
  2. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    nobody is talking about the implications of stacy dash having her poking nipples in the all falls down video and how it relates to politics
  3. ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    yep and he's perfect for this thread. Vietnam vet, gun nut, control freak, cop. fits the same mold as BTK. there's definitely an "old republican white guy" serial killer type.
  4. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    i was hoping to trigger at least one of them
  5. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    Kanye: "Guys I'd like to share my political views." Right wing: "SHUT UP AND DRIBBLE!" Kanye: "Actually I'm retarded too." Right wing: "I knew all along that you were great. My favorite Kanye album is Jesus Walks."
  6. I support our players. You can't blame labor for unethical abuses of the capitalist, else every company in the country would be fuged. I don't have any Panthers merchandise besides a sweater that was a gift, but I'll still wear it to back the guys who do the work and take the field on Sunday.
  7. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    it's an honor to meet you and i'm so sorry for everything my people have done Mark Henry is the man lol.
  8. ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    nuts that he was finally caught. i've read about this case for a long time, and listened to the audio recordings of him calling his victims. creepy poo.
  9. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    that's because you're not a smart person. again, i'm not talking about polls, i'm talking about elections that have happened. democrats have beaten republican incumbants in 40 elections since 2016. many of these districts were won by up to 40 points by trump. the average change in all elections that have happened since 2016 is 19 points in favor of the democrats. hardcore republican districts are electing democrats because of donald trump.
  10. Net Neutrality ended?

    watching a trumptard try to understand net neutrality is like watching a sea lion try to tie shoelaces. e cat has absolutely no idea what net neutrality is, he just knows that his cult leader installed a Comcast lawyer as the head of the FCC to kill net neutrality so that must be best for everyone. repeatedly bringing up fuging google search results exposes him as functioning on a grade school level with this poo.
  11. Net Neutrality ended?

    you literally don't know what net neutrality is. you thought it had to do with google burying conservative search results. you're not qualified to have a conversation about it. go back to your tiki torch rally.
  12. Net Neutrality ended?

    if you want to know why they "would" all you have to do is look at why they did. this isn't new. the rules were created in response to the ISPs already throttling traffic.
  13. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    i'm not talking about polls, i'm talking about actual election results. there's been a 19 point shift away from republicans in nationwide elections.
  14. Props to Kanye and Chance!

    this one is real.