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  1. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

    it's funny seeing the same accounts pop up in these conspiracies. laguna beach antifa is the same account that was pushing nikolas cruz being a communist antifa with that photo of marcel fontaine. when that stopped working they had to find something else to trick the retarded lol
  2. what's the goal with the trump/russia stuff?

    if there is solid concrete evidence release and they don't have the 60 votes, then he actually does become an albatross imo
  3. what's the goal with the trump/russia stuff?

    russia does make an effort to heighten racial tension, though i don't think it has any measurable impact. racist people who buy into their stuff are already racist. but they did make fake black people twitter accounts to brag about looting and shooting cops which they could then point to on their right winger accounts as examples. same way that most antifa accounts are russian fakes posting absurd poo. most of the russian troll stuff belongs in the white culture thread, it's just stupid poo that gets idiots frothing. they're usually less effective than /pol/ at propaganda. i completely agree with you about other administrations getting a pass for war crimes and crimes in general, and that's incredibly important, but it's just kind of a "take what you can get when you can get it" thing. i sure as hell want to see the gwb administration locked up. colin powell is another liberal darling like mccain who everyone loves now but sat in front of us lying to get us to war. but there's not a clear opportunity to go after him or anyone else. i'd like there to be, but there isn't. but there's one available for trump right now, like that's really the only reason. the opportunity is there, he's guilty of the crimes, so go after his ass. i would like to think that after trump is gone he'll be effectively used as an albatross to drape over conservatives and vote them out. i don't trust democrats to actually do it, but that's my hope. after nixon was run out of office, the democrats got literally one term in office before another republican in reagan was elected to continue nixon's policies and cause more destruction than trump could even dream of. it just comes down to hope i guess maybe. like i hope it helps the state of the country. i hope it stems the rise of fascism. i hope that all these proud boys and alt-right dipshits who are in their teens and twenties see the guy go to jail, see the actual proof that he did illegal poo, and just kinda stop. it's a pipe dream but i see it as kind of confirmation whether america is a decent country or not. war mongers and torturers and criminals of all description in the white house should have been that litmus test many times over, but this is more immediate because this involves an administration directly betraying the country to benefit another country, which is crammed full of the same kind of kleptocrats.
  4. what's the goal with the trump/russia stuff?

    i mean the goal is to expose and punish whatever was done. it's not about what might or might not happen for the next 2ish years afterward. we can't just be like 'well you broke the law but i don't want pence to be president so nevermind.' i want to see kleptocrats get what is coming to them in all forms.
  5. That was fast...

    Bump stocks are still legal and for sale all over the country. Trump signed a memo requesting that we consider one day possibly banning bump stocks. It accomplished nothing.
  6. That was fast...

    it's not "fast," this was in response to the Vegas shooting last year. they already tried to ban them in its aftermath but couldn't get their act together.
  7. yo sandy hook's a false flag i say the n word in my raps but now i wanna take a minute and rap about some quarterbacks
  8. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    the Trump Dating site is a goldmine for this thread btw.
  9. our uniforms are very bad. the black ones are the greatest uniforms of all time, though.
  10. they said a kid could write my raps but i just don't see how they could it takes me like 40 minutes to think of a word that rhymes with could my rap career is taking off despite my horrid right wing views but i don't see the problem with sharing my thoughts with nikolas cruz
  11. they said i should just give up but i'll never ditch my dream they said to write creative lines but ABCB's the only scheme
  12. "throw a quick pass to the back on a bubble screen" bubble screens go to a receiver
  13. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme
  14. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    i can barely get a post typed without another right wing terrorist attack http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/man-charged-truck-attack-new-jersey-planned-parenthood-article-1.3827647
  15. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    i think this latest name change was when he kept insisting that the Parkland shooter was Antifa and then they found the photos of him in his Trump hat lmao