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  1. I did. And he catches with his body like a lot of RB’s. The drop he got hurt on he was poorly positioned and catching with his body cause he doesn’t know how to play receiver. Maybe he will figure it out, but betting the offense on him staying healthy and learning a position he’s not really played is pretty reckless.
  2. Texans Owner Defends Jerry Richardson

    Just say “uppity” and get it over with, dude. Stop dancing around.
  3. Norwell will hurt but you can't afford to tie up your salary cap with two guards.
  4. Funnily enough the title of this thread was also the title of many of Jerry Richardson's interoffice emails.
  5. Hurney. Trading. In the draft. Who do you work for?????
  6. https://deadspin.com/athletes-want-to-be-disruptors-now-and-it-s-the-fuging-1821961392 Should we draft them? Should we get a good FA or two? Yes.
  7. Receivers need to be #1 priority.

    You could throw a 5th round rock in this year's draft and get a good back. Which is what you should be doing, really.
  8. As shown at the end of the Saints Playoff game.
  9. Honestly the difference between Carolina and New Orleans this year was last year’s draft. They nailed almost every selection while we burned our 8th overall on a RB and used our second on DG’s annual conversion pick. We’re not magically going to be the only team to make our line better, but let’s not make it worse: sign or tag Norwell. Go get John Brown and one other receiver, as we have no one. Draft another one. Draft a back in the third round and load up on safeties and corners.
  10. And it kills me me how much Draft capital was given up for these two bozos.
  11. And this is why Walterfootball is hot zoo garbage.
  12. Maybe Charlotte could put on a citywide Jeans Day to seal the deal.
  13. Draftwire 4 Round Mock

    We’d skip over him and instead draft a receiver and try and turn him into a running back.