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  1. I'm pretty sure there's not a backup QB with a safer job after Sunday.
  2. Mike McCoy (OC, Denver) fired

    Could get Sean McDermott back pretty quickly at this rate too.
  3. Also fair warning: If anyone tries to dox this woman on this site, you will be banned for life.
  4. He made the 2013 championship one of the most bittersweet ever.
  5. LMAO

    Didn't we just have a Philly fan get sucker punched on camera with security never coming?
  6. A shutdown CB doesn't change an offenses' game plan? Really?
  7. Event As It Happens: Vikings ask that Olsen broadcast a different game as they play his team later in the year in a game with major playoff implications. NFL says no, but he won't get behind the scenes access. Vikings say OK. Huddle Reaction: VIQUEENS ARE A BUNCH OF WHINY FAGS HARF HARF HARF
  8. It sucks for our WR depth but it's not like he was really a key piece.
  9. I think I speak for everyone when I say we'll all sleep safer at night now.
  10. Takeaways from MNF

    Meanwhile Lattimore is banishing receivers to the Upside Down to where the only way they can communicate with their QB is through old Christmas lights.
  11. Curtis Samuel injury updates

    10's of yards of offense, gone just like that.
  12. Why doesn't Gruden not realize what great receivers we have without Benjamin?
  13. A little background to this: Well before the Panthers, North Carolina was considered Washington Redskins territory. However, the owner of the Redskins, George Marshall, was virulently racist, to the point he refused to integrate his team. He only did so in 1962 when the Interior Secretary forced him to bring on a black player as the new stadium (RFK) was on Federal Land. If Marshall had not, he would not be able to use the stadium. As such the Redskins became associated with the wrong side of the Civil Rights movement and over the years many African Americans started cheering for their archrival, The Cowboys. It then became tradition for a lot of African American families in the Carolinas and Virginia. Of course this isn't the sole reason there are Dallas fans in the Carolinas. 5 Super Bowls brings on a lot of fairweather fans that stick around (see the Steelers), especially as there wasn't a local team till 1995. Also obviously there are black Washington fans as well. Still George Marshall's racism was a big influence. Funny that another means of protest years later could cause folks to change teams.
  14. Election 2017

    I volunteer as an ESL teacher for a place that houses refugees and asylum seekers till they can get on their feet. One of the hardest things for them is to have any hope at all. This quickly became the topic of tonight's lesson.