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  1. panthers55 is right, you guys. We're a top 5 offense but you all are too stupid to realize.
  2. Ryan Kalil out Sunday

    New offensive coordinator and putting Andrew Whitworth at LT certainly helped with that. Meanwhile we keep Shula and sign Matt the Turnstile.
  3. As far as Funchess goes...

    I wish I'd known this for Fantasy purposes!
  4. As far as Funchess goes...

    They put a defensive back on him.
  5. As far as Funchess goes...

    There's a shot he could be a pretty good zone buster but all a team has to do is switch up to man like the Bills did in the second half and he'll disappear like a morning fog.
  6. Rivera Press Conference @ 12:40p

    Missed opportunity (n): Not firing Mike Shula and hiring our old QB coach who just hung 42 on Dallas with Trevor Siemian.
  7. Cam's good/not great but he's not helped that every bad throw is overanalyzed because any scoring opportunity is life or death with this offense. BTW can someone make a gif of McCaffrey's wildcat play so we can just use it in response to any Shula apologist?
  8. Yes. Go back to college or head to Canada.
  9. The 49er's stadium was half empty but I still had to go through a ticket broker, $120 ticket with a $45 markup in fees to purchase. While the view was great, the sun was right on us the entire time (meanwhile the wall of corporate suites with tinted windows had the sun at their backs). Then if I wanted a beer, $10 for a Bud Light after a 5-10 minute wait in line. Roughly $45 for transportation to and from San Francisco which, btw, took about 3-4 hours of my life. That's $240 for one ticket and three beers if I lived in the Bay Area. On the other hand I can turn on the TV for 3 hours and drop $8 on a six pack and take a nap during halftime. Charge fans reasonable concession prices, make the stadium accessible to your fan base and somewhat comfortable, and let them buy tickets straight from the teams without payday loan level fees, and maybe they'll go more often.
  10. Reminds me how Edgelord Florio used to call the Giants WR "The good Steve Smith" because Smitty once looked at him cross eyed.
  11. Fun Fact

    In fairness when Gregg Williams invested money into the defense they lost several players and draft picks.
  12. Fun Fact

    I have a theory that Payton and Jeff Fisher will one day merge like those creatures in the Dark Crystal to form a real coach.
  13. Dalvin Cook

    He's not playing much of anything. And yes I'm aware he was drafted to fill the Amarti Edwards role.