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  1. Eric Ebron signs with Colts

    It'll be interesting to see what his cap hit is and I'd also be interested to see what we offered. Spotrac evaluates Ebron on a 91% similarity to Raiders tight end Jared Cook based off production. Cook signed a 2 year/$10.6 M deal with $5M in total guarantees and a $5,675,000 cap hit for this year with no dead money. Ebron signed a 2 year/??? up to $15M with incentives. I'm assuming Bus Cook brought this stat to the table. Anywho, good on Hurney for staying away. We're down to Luke Willson and maybe even someone like Richard Rodgers now.
  2. Would you guys take Trae Young if he is there at our pick?

    Probably a couple of unpopular opinions but I'm really intrigued by Robert Williams and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. I've seen Williams face up a few times and knock down the mid-range jumper, if he can show that he can do that at the combine and even extend his range to the three point line, you are talking about a 6-10 physical beast who can play down low as well as spot up for the three, similar to a LaMarcus Aldridge type of player. SGA is another player of interest because he does it all. I am not saying he is going to be the next Russell Westbrook but he certainly puts up those type of numbers. Since postseason play has begun (including the SEC Tournament), SGA is averaging 21.8 points (57% shooting, 50% from three, 82% from FT), 6.6 assists, 5.8 rebounds, 2.4 steals. That's just a ridiculous stat line.
  3. soon to sign WR Jarius Wright to play slot

    Either our current wide receivers are just horrible or the play design for our wide outs has just been horrendous (probably a combination of the the two), because there are only a handful of plays in the highlight video below where Wright isn't absolutely wide open. Hopefully he can bring that speed and intelligence to Carolina.
  4. REPORT: Panthers exploring CB FA market

    I actually want to see more of Gunter. He was a preseason standout in 2016 with the Packers but then came the Julio game which seemed to really affect him. The most run he received last year was actually in the postseason and he played pretty well. Watch the video below at the specified times for Gunter plays: 1:23:27- Gunter tight coverage on deep ball to Ginn forcing incompletion, uses the sideline as an extra defender perfectly. 1:24:18- Gunter breaks off his coverage of Kamara and sticks Michael Thomas for a 5 yard gain, this play would have gone for much more if Gunter does not break off his assignment. 1:25:00- Gunter is in press coverage on Brandon Coleman and unlike Worley, it looks as though Gunter manages to get a hand on the receiver right off the line before Gunter and Coleman go out of frame, physical corners are something that Carolina desperately needs. 131:05- Gunter on field, but not involved in play. 1:31:48- Gunter on field, but not involved in play. 1:33:06- Gunter on ST with a block that gets a few extra yards for Clay.
  5. Tyrann Matthieu officially a FA

    I don't know the validity of this "rumor" but this guy does have 100K followers.
  6. I'd be willing to bet that Smith resurrects his career in Charlotte, it will be Ginnesque. Just looking at those clips it is easy to see that 1, 2, 4, and 6 were all under throws. We've seen it with Ginn before, some speed players simply cannot play with a quarterback that doesn't have elite arm strength. While he does struggle with drops from time to time, it is nothing that this fan base hasn't experienced before with Ginn. Torrey will do fine.
  7. 2017-2018 Carolina Hurricanes Season

    The wheels have fallen off for the Canes. Ron Francis has been "reassigned" and Dundon is actively looking for a new general manger. On the plus side, there are reports that the Canes may be preparing to throw a huge offer at John Tavares once the season is over and free agency opens up.
  8. I'm not saying Smith will suddenly go off for a 1,000 yard/10 TD season now that he is in Carolina and working with Cam, but Cam does tend to get the best out of his receivers. Additionally, if Byrd is healthy then Smith doesn't even need to be the primary deep threat. He can slot right in as the number two or number three (depending on what we do in free agency and the draft) and fit right in. If there is talent there, Cam will find it. Ted Ginn is a perfect example. He had six receiving TD's in his first six seasons in the NFL and five receiving TD's in his first year in Carolina. In fact 19 of Ginn's 29 career receiving TD's came in the three years he played with Cam. If Torrey has some talent left in the tank, Cam will find it.
  9. Canes/Bruins

    So the owner has run a few promotions to provide discounted tickets or even move fans closer to the ice without charging the regular ticket price but to my knowledge there are no specific discounts or promotions being run for the game against the Bruins. As far as the arena, it's pretty standard. They added a PDQ and have fairly solid barbecue nachos and the beer selection is decent as well. Parking is $15 or $20 (I can't remember). However, there is free parking a little less than a mile away at the intersection between Trinity Road and Youth Center Drive if you don't mind walking. For seating, the lower bowl is okay, it consists more of the old money folks who could care less if the Canes win or lose so you usually don't have any drunk assholes near you but at the same time you may not get the ultimate hockey experience.The club level is superb and definitely has the best seats in the house but once again, full of a bunch of uppity individuals. Finally, the third level has some good seats at center ice and those provide a real solid view. Tickets are still running pretty high through Ticketmaster and the team website, so you may be able to find lower prices on Seatgeek (use the promo code rundown to save $10, it's the current promotion being run by Barstool Sports and Seatgeek). Hope this helps, Go Canes!
  10. Worley Was Trash!!

    No offense to Worley but I don't know if he intelligent enough to play safety. He seemed to always be getting benched for mixing up coverage's. Belichek was once quoted as saying the following about safeties, "You can dominate from this position … You have to be a smart player. Take great angles. Not fooled by play-action. You cannot win with a dumb safety. They have to make all the calls.” I don't think that describes Worley. While there are certainly some slot receivers that I think Worley would struggle with, I could see him doing well in a division with slot receivers like Sterling Shepard, Jamison Crowder, and Cole Beasley. This Eagles reporter seems to think they may try him inside.
  11. Worley Was Trash!!

    I wouldn't say Worley is trash but I feel like to be successful in this league he is going to have to move to the slot. He was rated as the 89th corner in the league last year playing the outside and I don't think he has the makeup to play the outside in the NFL. Worley was known for his length (long arms) and physicality (ability to jam receivers in press coverage) during his time at WVU. However, he came to a zone system in Carolina that emphasizes speed and smarts more than physicality; and though Worley plays faster than his 40 time, his 4.67 40 is pretty bad. Furthermore, even though he was drafted for his physicality he still struggled to jam receivers at the line when asked to play press. In the slot he will have the physicality needed to succeed and if burned off the line he should receive some help from coverage linebacker's. As for Torrey Smith, sure he was probably going to get released but there was no guarantee that he would sign with Carolina and on the contrary there is no guarantee that Worley was going to make our roster either.
  12. Top 10?

    Diaw had 3 out of his top 4 seasons here in Charlotte...
  13. I mean the guy was essentially an extension of Dorsey last year. Outside of that, he didn't provide much. Pay him like a QB coach or let him walk ($1.5 mil, which is what was fully guaranteed in his last contract).
  14. And that certainly could happen and it would be my preference but from Rivera's comments at the combine it seems as though he wants DA back and the Panthers will try to address the third string QB position with a draft pick or a young free agent QB (i.e. Bridgewater).
  15. It seems as though there are conflicting reports. On one end the Panthers are interested in the QB free agent market and on the other end the Panthers are interested in addressing the backup position via the draft. Additionally, on one hand there are reports that the Panthers may move on from Anderson and on the other hand there are reports that Rivera wants Anderson back. Recent history suggest that Rivera tends to favor an older backup to Cam (i.e. Anderson) and as mentioned Rivera may be interested in having Anderson back. If Rivera stays true to his preferences, we will be looking at individuals like Derek Anderson (35), Drew Stanton (34), Matt Moore (34), Josh McCown (39), and Ryan Fitzpatrick (35). Sure the Panthers could elect to go after someone like Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Bradford, Case Keenum, Geno Smith, or Blaine Gabbert, but it would definitely go against Rivera's philosophy. In addressing the QB position through the draft, I'd keep an eye out for Kurt Benkert (whom the Panthers met with), he had a solid year at UVA with no real game changers at the RB, TE, or WR position. I also wouldn't be shocked if the Panthers gave Quinton Flowers a look as a UDFA, he could be that swiss army knife (a.k.a. Joe Webb) type of player that Rivera is intrigued by.