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  1. Elder can play some safety but that also assumes that Donte Jackson is good to go unless the Panthers plan to go: Bradberry, Adams, Jones, Doss, Munnerlyn with Gaulden and Elder spelling the safety’s and Hawkins spelling Bradberry and Doss.
  2. George Iloka would have been a mighty fine signing right about now but alas 880K was too much for a position where we have no depth.
  3. MillionDollarCam


    The 4-1 win was followed up by a nice 6-1 win. So far all the goalies (Mrazek, Darling, Nedeljkovic, and Booth) looked good. It was also nice to see Ferland and Hamilton score in their debuts. It’ll be interesting to see who makes the final roster. Aho, Teravainen, Williams, Staal, Svechnikov, Necas, Ferland, McGinn, Zykov, Martinook, Di Giuseppe (one way contract - 13th forward) are all guaranteed a sport more than likely and with Rask surely headed to IR that leaves two spots open on the forward group. As for the forwards left, Greg McKegg, Lucas Wallmark, Janne Kuokkanen, and Warren Foegele seem to have stood out the most. The defense is as strong as ever with Slavin, Hamilton, Faulk, de Haan, Pesce, Van Riemsdyk, and Fleury. Training camp invitee Michal Cajkovsky has looked good and might earn a spot with Pesce out.
  4. MillionDollarCam

    DE Daeshon Hall will be.....

    23-3 without KB 19-22-1 with him There's no argument here.
  5. I'm not a doctor nor pretend to be but I'm very familiar with arythmia's cause I have one myself. Since he had it operated on it could be a SVT. It's not career-ending but could lead to sudden cardiac arrest if pushed. Meaning if someone keeps going when they feel chest pressure or tightness. Arian Foster had an SVT and returned to normal.
  6. MillionDollarCam

    DE Daeshon Hall will be.....

    Is this serious? Look up the Panthers record with and without KB. Yes, the reason we lost against New Orleans is because of Gano. Not because the Saints dropped 30+ on us for the 3rd straight time or because Funchess lost a ball in the lights that could have easily been got. Look up how Butker's season ended (in the playoffs) and get back to me. KB had no affect on the Panthers losing that game and neither did Gano. Kelvin was a shitshow of a receiver for the reminder of the year in Buffalo and with him the Panthers only recorded one game where they had over 30 points, without him they had four. I'll take Cam's MVP Benji-less season over that lazy ass wide out any day of the week.
  7. MillionDollarCam

    DE Daeshon Hall will be.....

    Lol you're triggered. By the way that means laugh out loud mista scot
  8. MillionDollarCam

    DE Daeshon Hall will be.....

  9. MillionDollarCam

    DE Daeshon Hall will be.....

    That's a valid argument and one that I can see go multiple ways. Was KB Cam's favorite target or did Cam force the ball a lot to KB to keep him engaged. Tough to say.
  10. MillionDollarCam

    DE Daeshon Hall will be.....

    You're done. Take another lap.
  11. These aren't visiting fans.... The shitheads live here. The perk of living in NC is you have everything... Beach, mountains, lakes, cities, suburbs. The downside is you have to deal with all the trash from Florida, Texas, California, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts etc.
  12. MillionDollarCam

    DE Daeshon Hall will be.....

    I rarely post but Ive seen how arrogant his posts are so I felt compelled to put him down.
  13. MillionDollarCam

    DE Daeshon Hall will be.....

    I see you aren't addressing the topic any longer but rather responding to the banter. Humor me, what's that an admission of? I'm still waiting on your response regarding the KB trade and I'm looking forward to hearing you try to argue that Samuel, Moton, Hall, and Butker had a huge impact on last season. You're done.
  14. MillionDollarCam

    DE Daeshon Hall will be.....

    All I read was... "I have no ground to stand on but I pledge mah allegiance to mah Gettleman". The Panthers have been thin at receiver up until this year. The loss of Kelvin didn't change that and if you truly think trading Kelvin was a mistake you are off your rocker. Again, I'm not sure if you had your spectacles on but I gave credit for CMC. Not one additional draft pick made an impact on the season. Using that as your argument is lazy. In typical Scot fashion, you'll disappear to some Hurney bashing thread or find another DG worship service to be a part of. Take another lap.