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  1. Game 3: Hornets (1-1) @ Bucks (2-1)

    Frank needs to play like he's putting on for Wisconsin every night. He's playing angry tonight.
  2. Game 3: Hornets (1-1) @ Bucks (2-1)

    No game thread yet, so I figured I'd take a crack at it. Half the roster is out for the game against the Bucks tonight. Hornets brought Paige and Mathiang with them so they could fill out the roster tonight. Projected Lineup's Hornets PG: Walker, Monk, Paige SG: Lamb, Graham SF: Bacon PF: Marv, O'Bryant C: Howard, Kaminsky, Mathiang Injured/Inactive: MCW, Stone, Batum, MKG, Zeller Bucks PG: Brogdon, Dellavedova SG: Snell, Liggins, Terry, Brown F: Middleton, Teletovic F: Antetokounmpo, Monroe F: Maker, Henson, Wilson Injured/Inactive: Parker, Vaughn, Bolomboy (G-League), Payton II (G-League)

    Well when he's your only "deep threat" what do you expect? A play action pass to a speed receiver on a deep post route is exactly what should have been called there, not my fault that Samuel is the only guy on the roster that has the jets to get down the field before the defense is in the backfield. This is literally the play call that SHOULD have been ran out of that formation. Side note: If you can't throw your second round pick into the game cause he's "not ready", he shouldn't have been a second round pick to begin with.

    My thought as well. Play action to a fast receiver like Samuel seems like a good idea rather than running the ball on 9 of the 11 men on the field for Chicago. That play was doomed from the start.
  5. 2017-2018 Carolina Hurricanes Season

    The Canes have gone streaking for the first time this season. Carolina beats Calgary 2-1 to move to 3-1-1 (7 points) on the season; perfect pace for the playoffs.
  6. 2017-2018 Carolina Hurricanes Season

    The Canes get a big win on the road with a 5-3 win over Edmonton. Jaccob Slavin was phenomenal tonight and completely shut down McDavid. Box Score Jordan Staal: 1 goal, 3 assists, 4 points, +2 Teuvo Teravainen: 2 goals, +1 Jaccob Slavin: 1 goal, 1 assist, 2 points, +3 Justin Williams: 2 assists, +1 Justin Faulk: 2 assists Elias Lindholm: 1 goal, +1 Cam Ward: 48/51, .941 sv. %
  7. USA U17 World Cup

    Didn't want to start a new thread but Allardyce and Blanc are reportedly interested in becoming the next USMNT head coach. Ramos is expected to take over in an interim role.
  8. 2017-2018 Carolina Hurricanes Season

    To echo the previous sentiment, we NEED 2 points tonight. The Canes are going with a different lineup tonight: in: Necas, Jooris, Carrick, and Ward; out: Kuokkanen, McGinn, Dahlbeck, and Darling. Line Up Teravainen - Staal - Williams Skinner - Rask - Ryan Aho - Necas - Lindholm Nordstrom - Kruger - Jooris Slavin - Pesce Faulk - Hanifin Fleury - Carrick Ward Darling Scratches: Kuokkanen, McGinn, Dahlbeck Injuries: Van Riemsdyk (concussion, IR) & Stempniak (upper body, IR) Van Riemsdyk is making progress and has joined the team in Edmonton. GO CANES!!!
  9. 2017-2018 Carolina Hurricanes Season

    Canes fell to the Jets last night 2-1. We finally have a good goalie but still can't score. Instead of losing 5-1 we now only lose 2-1.
  10. 2017-2018 Carolina Hurricanes Season

    The Canes finally get to play their third game tonight! With the Canes schedule backloaded this year, it's important to win these early season games. A couple of notes: Trevor Carrick was called up with TVR going to IR with a concussion and Skinner is playing his 500th game today. Line Up Aho - Staal - Lindholm Teravainen - Rask - Williams Skinner - Ryan - Kuokkanen Nordstrom - Kruger - McGinn Slavin - Faulk Hanifin - Pesce Fleury - Dahlbeck Darling Ward Scratches: Necas, Jooris, Carrick Injured: Stempniak (upper body, IR), Trevor Van Riemsdyk (concussion, IR) Season Leaders Points: Aho, Lindholm, Rask with 2 Goals: 5 tied with 1 Assists: Aho, Lindholm with 2
  11. 2017-2018 Carolina Hurricanes Season

    Canes fall to CBJ 2-1 in OT but secure a point in the standings and currently hold the second wild card spot. Next up on Saturday is Winnipeg.
  12. 2017-2018 Carolina Hurricanes Season

    Game 2 coming at ya!!! Lines Aho - Staal - Lindholm Teravainen - Rask - Williams Skinner - Ryan - Kuokkanen Nordstrom - Kruger - McGinn Slavin - Pesce Hanifin - Faulk Fleury - Dahlbeck Darling Ward Scratches: Necas, Jooris Injured: Van Riemsdyk (concussion), Stempniak (upper body IR)
  13. 18 rushes for 21 yards

    And one if his run's was 9 yards... so basically 17 carries for 12 yards.
  14. Seeing Butker pipe these field goals right down the middle is depressing. While Gano has been solid, he squeaks in quite a few kicks. Butker is drilling them right down the middle.
  15. WTF declined? Even accepting and rekicking takes more time off the clock... Wth