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  1. 2017-2018 Carolina Hurricanes Season

    Tom Dundon has officially been announced as the majority owner of the Carolina Hurricanes; today is a good day.
  2. You now have my full attention Hornets..

    That Nic Batum contract keeps getting better and better.
  3. 2017-2018 Carolina Hurricanes Season

    Lee Stempniak is finally returning to the Canes this week and not a moment too soon. The Canes currently sit 1 point out of a Wild Card spot with games in hand on just about every team.
  4. Can you really blame people? The guy has never had consistent success regardless of where he has gone. People have pointed to the fact that Turner hasn't coached a top 15 offense since 2011; and the only argument that can be provided is that he hasn't gotten to work with the type of personnel the Panthers have. That is correct, what's also correct is that he worked with a Charger's team that had much better players than are on our current roster. How you do not win a Super Bowl with Rivers, Tomlinson, Turner, Sproles, Neal, Jackson, Floyd, Chambers, McNeill, Dielman, etc. is beyond me... I mean that offense was stacked. He took an identical team that went 14-2 the year before and wound up lucky to make the playoffs. This is a fan base that lambasted Shula for playing conservative and wants to replace him with a guy that is notorious for settling for three points. A guy that settled for three with 10 seconds left on the clock when his team had the ball inside the 10 yard line. We're talking about a guy who was quoted as saying the following, “It’s a good play, there’s no reason to check out of it" when Dwight Freeney beat MATT KALIL in 2015 to sack Bridgewater (and force a fumble) to end the game (when the Vikings were already in field goal range) after Turner's crossing route play took FOREVER to develop. Now I'm not totally against Turner, but he certainly isn't my top choice but it would be foolish to not explore other options.
  5. Huge parking lots only make it worse logistically for fans unless it's done correctly. Anyone who has been to FedEx Field and sat through that poo show can attest to that. I still don't know why someone decided to build that stadium in a suburban neighborhood. Unless they are building a parking lot similar to PNC Arena's then the parking issue is in fact not solved. Personally I don't think there is a parking issue to begin with. I don't mind parking 15 blocks away and walking through uptown, it's a neat experience and to my knowledge most people enjoy it as well. Felix Sabates and his coup are just looking to find an extra way to make a buck. Richardson assualted his employees and now Sabates and the new owners are going to assault the fans. It's coming full circle.
  6. Is Ron Rivera the ultimate cockroach?

    We actually did manage to get rid of Skipper for a year when we told him to pack his poo and sent him to Tennessee. Then for some reason we asked him to come back after the Titans fired him.
  7. Replacement Possibilities

    Because of how long it takes for a sale to take place, the Panthers will have to put together a staff before the actual sale even occurs or risk losing out on any of their primary options. It's certainly different as most owners would like a say in their entire staff. Our incoming owners look like they are at the very least going to have to be comfortable with the staff in place for one year and then if we have a rough season they can clean house. It sure is a tough year to be undergoing new ownership as well as more thank likely having to retool not only the QB Coach and OC coach positions but potentially the DC, DE, and LB position coaches as well depending on outside hired and promotions.
  8. As Scot mentioned in another thread, staff decisions are almost ALWAYS the head coach's decision. What type of head coach would want to work for a GM where he doesn't even control his staff? Hurney probably advised but the decision was definitely Ron's.
  9. This is the team we've seen all year... We're lucky to be where we are.
  10. Wilks has gotta go...
  11. That missed Gano FG is kinda big rn.
  12. If Kurt Coleman was out of place like normal that would have been a pick.
  13. Clay would have dropped it.
  14. Might want to ducking hurry it up here...
  15. Solid 2.4 average for CMC today.