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  1. I live in Washington state and this is exactly how I watch 90% of the panthers games. Almost always can find a reliable stream
  2. Wolfpredator

    Cam IS on the hot seat!

    Coaching should be on the Hot seat...not Cam. Cam is the only reason we have been somewhat successful on offense over the course of his career here. Yes Cam has and will probably always have accuracy issues but you gotta take the good with the bad for any QB you have at the helm. We would have not even went to the SB on the 2015-16 season without Cam MF'n Newton. Dude has willed us to win so many times I have lost count and with crap players on offense pretty much 3/4th of his career here. Fug outta here with this bullsheit.
  3. You couldn't pay me to sit in that heat. Went to many practices but stopped going 2 years ago because it was miserable. I stayed inside on summer days in the south. Lucky I no longer have to deal with that crap anymore but do miss being able to see home games when I wanted.
  4. Gotta laugh at the people who will judge whether you are a moral person or not based on using scary words. Grow up...ffs. Its just WORDS. Your stupid rug rats will be fine when they hear a few of them thrown around.
  5. Wolfpredator

    Scott Turner discusses Cam Newton

    Cam's play is more of a gun slinger. He likes to take chances down the field and trying to get him to change that aspect of his game is probably going to be very difficult but I can see us incorporating more short passes to our game plan. We have insanely fast guys going to be on the field...dumping off passes and letting them try to get YAC will be awesome if it works. The problem with our offense in years past is it hasn't worked really all that well. Running the ball was pretty miserable and we didn't really have guys who can do much in terms of breaking tackles....etc, to get to that second level. I think Cmac will improve this season, Moore could turn into a YAC monster and Curtis is a wild card. If we can master the short passes, Anderson being able to get 4+ yards a carry and with Cam already salivating to push the ball down field as often as we can, well, our offense could end up being nearly unstoppable.
  6. Wolfpredator

    Does Cam have to be Lebron in 2018

    Living in Washington...I concur with this statement.
  7. Wolfpredator

    Tuesday OTA tweets

    Love to see Curtis doing well and really pulling for him to have a good season this year ( obviously ). Probably my favorite take away so far was seeing how good Ryan looked in practice...we need that dude good and healthy for our deep playoff run this season ( one can hope, right? )
  8. 5 to 10 LBS of lean muscle is really hard to put on...took me years to put on around 10-15lbs with a really strict eating plan, heavy lifting and plenty of rest. Dude is an absolute beast...just look at the recent pictures. Not saying he is going to be Jonathan Stewart in his prime years and able to just mow everyone over who stands in his way but it will probably help with his explosiveness and strength. As I mentioned before in one of the other threads about this same subject...dude is a world class athlete from a family of world class athlete's who happens to live and breath football plus he is a Panther FFS. Start rooting for him to succeed or keep crying when he gets over 1200 yards + from scrimmage next season.
  9. Wolfpredator

    Cam Jordan vs Matt Kalil

    Nice breakdown. Id say ...good luck to almost all those. Comparing a first ballot hall of famer to a guy who could possibly be in the HOF one day...well...come'on. Honestly I am not a huge Peppers fan or anything but the dude is a baller and when he was in his prime could cause absolute havok. Would I take Peppers over any DE to ever play the game?...well doubtfully....would I take Jordan over Peppers in his prime...not a chance in hell. Anyone who isn't a Saints fan would say the same thing.
  10. Wolfpredator

    Cam Jordan vs Matt Kalil

    Peppers is arguably one of the best defensive ends of this modern generation (hell one of the best defensive players ) but the Saints fan on a Panthers message board says his defensive end is better because Saint Fan......Jesus Christ. * Face / Palm
  11. Wolfpredator

    Cam Jordan vs Matt Kalil

    "They may just put my mama out there now and imma beat her like a drum too"......originally a Smith quote but Jordan may have adopted it after that play.
  12. I was into lifting for years. 6 days a week 6 meals a day 9-10 hours sleep a day. Not saying the dude put on a lot of weight but pretty certain he has put some lean muscle mass in a year of NFL training. To think otherwise is fugin stupid.
  13. CMC is a world class athlete from a family of world class athletes . To think the guy couldn't put on 10-20lbs after the first couple of NFL seasons is freaking hilarious to me. Some of the crying people did over this kid is just stupid and sad. Dude was great for his rookie season and pretty sure he will be even better with Turner as our OC. Not worried about CMC @ ALL....not in the least bit...nada...none...zippo.
  14. Gonna have to go with the coaches who spent weeks making the decision to draft this kid than some random dude who watched a few highlight videos. He had no one throwing him the ball...bunch of bums that could probably only throw short yardage passes and he had to create from there. As they stated after the draft they were most impressed with his YAC abilities. Will he pan out to being a pro-bowler? only time will tell. The NFL makes and breaks would be stars all the time. I think it seems like he has the drive to be great considering all I have read about him but again, we won't know till later on in the next few seasons.