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  1. I moved from upstate out here in Washington and it has not changed me being a fan one bit. I am surrounded by Seaturd fans on a daily basis and proudly wear my Panthers gear all the time. If the move its not going to change all that much for me...so...no.
  2. Dude is going to probably finish the season with around 1100-1200 yards from scrimmage and judging from the last few games anywhere from 8-10 TD's, yet here you are week in and week out throwing shade at the kid. I honestly can't stand you because you remind me of a guy I work with who can't admit when the Seahawks look like complete and utter garbage, there is always an excuse on why the team looks bad. In your case you try to say anything that proves your point earlier in the season that McCaffrey was a bad pick. Give me a rookie who is producing 1200 yards in a season any day of the year. CMC is not the best rookie this season...without a doubt he does not deserve to win any rookie of the year awards but to say he hasn't done great in his rookie campaign is absolutely preposterous man. Give it up...it was stale months ago dude.
  3. Julius Frazier Peppers Thread

    Pretty sure Peppers is already a first Ballot HOFer
  4. Cam Newton PIE

    When Cam is on...he is unstoppable...even in spite of his pathetic coaches. I almost laughed today when they were talking about Shula being an amazing offensive coordinator.
  5. Cam Newton PIE

    Its going to be a SAD day when Cam Newton retires. All these people that complain about him on this board are going to realize how amazing we had it when Cam was at the helm. Cam is NOT the most accurate thrower in this league but the man is a straight up baller and play maker...one of the best since he came into the league. He will be a legend in Panther circles...especially from the people who loved watching him make amazing plays.
  6. Cam Newton PIE

    Love when Cam Newton does well...as much flake as the guy gets across the league.
  7. I’ve just come to the conclusion that people HATE Cam Newton no matter what the guy does. I just chalked it up to that
  8. Cams 62 Yard Run Gif

    That juke tho. Good god.
  9. First time I am remember going crazy for the defense shutting them down at the end. That is what happens when you stay aggressive you GD pussy coaching staff
  10. At least the defense stepped up
  11. What is it with this pussy coaching staff. God damn I am sick of this poo
  12. We’re going 10-6

    I just can't wait to go into work tomorrow after Seattle ( at the moment ) looks to have beat the Eagles. People at my work who are Seattle fans seem to HATE the Panthers and talk crap to me whenever possible. It's going to be unbearable. I am hoping for an absolute meltdown in the 4th but can't see it happening.
  13. Panthers tied for first in NFCS

    Seriously after todays game you think it would be a wake up call for some of these insane and overly crazy optimistic fans that think we will win out after a loss every single damn game. I was laughing when people were saying the Jets were pretty much a guaranteed win after the bye week.....do they not remember how we usually play under Ron after a bye?