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  1. Wolfpredator

    Christian McCaffrey

    I still laugh at the idiots who called this guy a bust even after he had over 1000 yards from scrimmage last year. Where you at now?
  2. Wolfpredator

    Panther win official PIE

    Cmac. Obada pie!!!
  3. This team can never seem to just put opponents away. Ughhhh
  4. Told my wife if we were at the end of the second quarter with the ball and all three timeouts that we would go into the half without using them. Was not wrong. Ball less head coach we have
  5. Wolfpredator

    Woman says God saved her truck driver husband

    This thread is balls....the answer religious people give are all the same mumbo jumbo bullsheit that i've heard all of my life. Believe something and have to make up crap in order to try and make sense of it. How bout you believe in something because the empirical evidence leads you to that answer, that way you don't have to jump through hoop's when you have to answer a question.( anecodatal evidence means NOTHING...stop using it FFS.....god does not exist suddenly because you didn't die in a car crash you ignorant fug )Then again, we are talking about people who actually think the bible IS empirical evidence because "Its the oldest book out there" or fill in the answer with some other ridiculous crap. Same old tired repeated arguments, rehashed and reused so much it makes you want to puke your guts out.
  6. Wolfpredator

    Woman says God saved her truck driver husband

    Lived in South Carolina for over 25 years and he's not wrong.
  7. Wolfpredator

    Russell Wilson is no Cam Newton

    Never have I seen a player get so lucky over so many seasons. When I make fun of Wilson I always act like I am falling backward and just chunking a ball up for grabs because let’s be honest, that is a majority of how his big throwing plays happen. Not saying he isn’t a dynamic playmaker out of the pocket but good god the dude seemed like was Odins other son, it was ridiculous.
  8. Wolfpredator

    Russell Wilson is no Cam Newton

    *Quite simple, the Jesus juice is drying up.
  9. Thing is...if the don't convert, we are literally a few plays away from a TD.
  10. Nice catch by Smith and excellent throw by Newton...good drive overall.
  11. Have to score here...no question about it and by score I mean a fuggin TD.
  12. No way we recover down 2 TD's
  13. We should be on the phone with Cleveland at this moment to see about picking up Gordon.
  14. "Stacked at Receiver" Yeah. No