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  1. Adrian Peterson has an incredibly limited role at RB, Payton despises Ingram so they picked up the rookie Kamara and have been running him a bit. Despite this, they've still been passing a poo ton. They are failing to convert on third down, and failing to score once they get in the red zone. Brees has a completion percentage of just over 50 percent. Cooks is gone, Snead is suspended. Fleener has had a play or two, but nothing insane. Michael Thomas hasn't looked stellar thus far. The defense is bad. Vaccaro is on the trade block and just got benched. The defense is "allowing an opponent passer rating of 141.4 while quarterbacks complete 80.3 percent of passes." There is a lot of turnover on defense and guys still aren't comfortable. They're giving up the deep ball with alarming consistency... the Patriots had nine plays of 21 or more yards, including a 53-yard TD to Gronk. And when they are getting turnovers, they're called back on penalties.
  2. Huddle Upgrade this morning

    Is there a non-white theme in the settings? All this white is hurting my eyes something fierce.
  3. Ignore

    Huddlers hate him! Find out why with this one simple trick.
  4. How is that last one even an argument
  5. What Falcons Fans Are Saying

    Matt Ryan isn't their problem, it's Shanahan.
  6. We're only 10th in Football Outsiders' Offensive DVOA by the way.
  7. This is off topic but what beginner lenses would you recommend for shooting urban pictures and the occasional landscape? I have an 18-55 kit lens and a 2.4/35mm with a Pentax K-50.
  8. I feel like Funchess would be a really dope person to chill with