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  1. My One and Only Mock

    I normally do 2 to 3 mock drafts each year, however this year my work schedule has inhibited my free time so one will have to do. For what it is worth, I predicted the selections of Luke and Star in round 1 in back to back years and selected Brandin Cooks the following year (had he not been traded up for by the Saints, he would be a Panther). So without further ado. Round 1: This year was more difficult to select for obvious reasons. Taking into consideration that 29 players will be selected before the Panthers are on the clock, they are at the mercy of some teams panicking and reaching for a quarterback, or reaching for the workout warrior so that a top guy can fall. With that being said, I think that Gettleman wants a pass-rusher badly in round 1. And he will find it in Emmanuel Ogbah. This guy just screams Panther. He is tenacious, athletic, passionate, and a high character guy. He is only starting to translate his athleticism to the football field and Coach Washington will help to unlock the vast potential. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZl7DwSGMx8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZl7DwSGMx8 Round 2: Many analysts and fans will be clamoring for a tackle here. But the tackles with any starting potential in the next 3 seasons will likely be gone at this point while other guys at other positions slip down. And Gettleman won't even have to trade up this time, he can stay put and take a guy he feels very good about in Tyler Boyd. This, ladies and gentleman, could be our new big play, deep threat, returner, and gadget guy. Quite simply, he is tough as nails and a playmaker. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSh6yeGjWs8 Round 3: This one will seem to be obvious, and it is, but Gettleman feels stronger about this guy than other teams and doesn't feel as though he is reaching here in the 3rd round for him. He reminds me a bit of Richard Sherman when he was coming out of Stanford. Harlan Miller. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_HspFkqkpk Round 4: Cam gets another toy here. Rivera and Shula finally find their Darren Sproles they have been searching for in Kenyan Drake. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQFDwrztLJk Round 5: A guy that might be able to play 4 positions on the offensive line and give us greater depth. Willie Beavers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Q3TQFgcbIo Round 7: Gettleman double dips and finds another big corner with good ball skills in Daryl Worley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xYw75Pa1Pg
  2. Your final predictions (#30)

    Defensive Hog Mollie will be the pick. Either DT or DE. BPA will fall within those two positions at 30. Unless Karl Joseph or Treadwell slip.
  3. In my mind, Michael Thomas is the 2nd best receiver (2nd most complete) in the draft. My Top 5 would be: 1. Josh Doctson 2. Michael Thomas 3. Laquan Treadwell 4. Corey Coleman 5a. Will Fuller 5b. Sterling Shepard (The 5th receiver depends on the type of guy you are looking for. Either the deep threat or the good route running slot guy.)
  4. Okay but he wasn't wrong about Humphries. If hewas there at the next pick he would have been the selection.
  5. Let's talk about safeties

    Call me crazy but I don't think that Cravens is going to be a very good safety. He seems to play better the closer to the line of scrimmage he is. He is so similar to Shaq it's scary, but I actually think that Shaqsathletic ability as a running back helps him flip his hips in coverage better, which is why we have him match up on tight ends and such.I think Cravenswould be better served as a blitzing linebacker, or a box safety in the mold of Roman Harper. But either way I see him struggling in coverage.
  6. Silatolu was the worst pick because right after we took him the Bills took Cordy Glenn. Can you imagine if we took a starting caliber left tackle after drafting Luke in the 1st and then taking Josh Norman in the 5th. Hindsight...
  7. Yeah but his smile in the video is clearly fake
  8. Dark Horse Pick: Shilique Calhoun

    When need meets value according to the board, he does. It has been done with Star and Kelvin. It depends on how our board is set up.
  9. As we all know, Gettleman loves a good pass rusher. According to PFF, Calhoun was the best pass rusher in the FBS and it really wasn't debatable. He was average against the run, but really could gain about 10 pounds of muscle to help him in this area. All of us here agree that we need a DE and we hear names like Dodd and Ogbah being thrown around, but Calhoun is a guy that has gotten lost in the shuffle somehow. A year ago, if he had declared for the draft, he might have gone in the top 20. This season, it seems almost all pundits agree that he is a 2nd day prospect. I think back to the selection of Shaq Thompson last year. Gettleman had Shaq as the top player on the board when we selected him in Round 1. It was universally agreed upon that not only was this pick a reach, but that it might have been a reach by 2 rounds. But it isn't about the analysts. It is about fit, player ability, and character. Calhoun checks off all of those boxes. He actually reminds me a bit of Osi Umenyiora (at least before the arrogance set in), and we all know where Osi played and where Gettleman worked during this time. I would not be AT ALL surprised to see Gettleman pull the trigger on Calhoun at 30, make everyone scratch their heads, and down the road look like a genius yet again.
  10. I imagine Andrew Norwell is going to get paid

    He will have to wait in line then. Kawann, Star, Trai Turner, and possibly even Kony, will come first.
  11. I've always liked running back numbers in the 40s. Old school I guess. I think 40 or 47 would be badass.
  12. Kyle Love talks continue

    I agree that the environment could trump the money, but if that is the only stipulation, why hasn't he signed for whatever we were offering? He still is looking at the money, which means he needs to find out his market value and negotiate a reasonable contract to stay.
  13. If we draft Vonn Bell our defense is going to be lethal. LETHAL.
  14. Is it Imperative that we get a day-1 starter this draft?

    And I quoteth from the book of Gettleman: "We aren't looking for instant oatmeal." Impact player? Yes. Day One starter? If he earns it. Shaq wasn't a starter but he still made an impact. Special teams immediately got better,he added wrinkles to the defense, and was insurance for TD. We want to keep adding guys like that. We have built a core and we have depth. The goal now is to keep things going forward. I only see two real holes on this team. Strong Safety and Punter. Strong Safety can be decided in camp and Punter is... I mean it's a fuging punter. Do we need more pass rush? Sure. But we aren't without guys that can produce.
  15. Kyle Love talks continue

    If this is true then he needs to take an introductory course to business. Because he sucks at it.