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  1. Is losing Wilks a foregone conclusion?

    I was thinking the same thing. If he DOES get a head coaching job, it should be here with us!
  2. Quick Question

    Cheers to you man! Mofos cant talk about anything if they are not crapping on one aspect or another of this team.
  3. I'm not getting the hate for Anderson here. The guy stepped in and actually WON us games when he needed to. Yeah, he looked like crap in preseason this year when an "evolved" offense was being created, plays and gameplans during games were bare bones skimpy...but what has the guy done in actual game time that matters made so many poo on him to no end? Could he replace Cam for the rest of the season and be successful? Probably not. Someone mentioned he would be dead as an immobile QB behind this line. That line has been trash in the same games Cam was out, he started..and won for us! Its like Bersin. Dude has made nearly every catch thrown to him when it mattered, but fumbled some punts (not his job) and he is trash. Anderson came in and started and won us games, but he looked like crap in preseason (when games dont really count) so he is trash. Shame. When we won those games with Anderson most agreed he was the best backup in the league, and likely could even start for a few truly needy teams. Some straight fickle ass fans around here.
  4. I figured it out.

    Agreed. I again refer you to the "optics" of such a move. Could they have? Of course. Should they have? OF course. But we all know the nature of this franchise. If KB had been dumped in the offseason, or otherwise benched in favor of people like Shep or Samual or even CMC...the blowback would have been far worse than it is now. Yet, 8 games in our offense has been mostly crap (injuries aside) and from their point of view a good time to make a move like this. If they had done it before it would just have been plain crazy. 8 games into the season and our offense can barely score, it becomes only "half" crazy
  5. I figured it out.

    What i get form it was that they wanted to get faster by putting faster guys on the field, but the optics of putting KB down on the bench for some was too much. Whether because KB would diva because of that, or because the media would run some crap that KB was being benched because of rookies/ no names. I just don't see a way this kind of change could have been made without one or possibly both of those scenarios happening. A change needed to be made. Whether that will hurt or benefit remains to be seen...but I think we all can agree our offense has been crap.
  6. I figured it out.

    Fail bro. Fail. If i am whining then we all watch you whine over the last 36 hours only to recant now. The only difference is im just a part time posted with no cred. You on the other hand are the MFCEO~
  7. I figured it out.

    Who is whining? The guy asked a question, and i gave my opinion. And you may "post" as much as before, but you seem to start way more threads than before.
  8. I figured it out.

    Yes. Some of us are laughing because the LEADER of this site made not 1, not 2...but several threads bashing and essentially getting all bitchy in the heat of emotion about it. In years past it seemed I rarely saw Igo post. This year it seems he is working harder not only to generate threads and content, but actually steer discussion this way or that way.
  9. I figured it out.

  10. Three Thoughts...

    What was awful? the ball hit this "clutch" receiver in the hands as you say. He didn't catch it.
  11. We are one Cam injury away from being historically bad. Perspective ppl!
  12. Three Thoughts...

    And yet he was traded away. So what do those stats mean? He is not a part of this team anymore. How much of a fugup that move was remains to be seen. If he were that "clutch" in the eyes of people that make far more money than you or I to make football decisions this would never have happened. That Chicago game did him in as far as I am concerned.
  13. Three Thoughts...

    Cam makes plays in 2 different ways. Passing and running. Being a QB and the leading rusher gives him a different kind of safety net. Let me make it simple for you. Cam makes plays when we need them. KB and others haven't.
  14. Three Thoughts...

    After some hours of mulling this over, I think the big message being sent here is more or less "make plays" or your spot can disappear. I was personally iffy about his knee also...but I think the bigger message to the other receivers is clear! Make the damn play! Seems to me Hurney is trying to take on a bit of Gettleman persona ( I prefer the term balls) in terms of letting players know that as we always heard many times before..the roster is always under evaluation! Will it light a fire in the other receivers and production increase? Probably not in time for this so important ATL game sadly. But i think this offense did need a shakeup of some sort. Sadly the coaches were not able to get that done. Wishing KB the best
  15. 3rd Round Draft Picks Under Hurney

    Isn't it obvious what his plan is? The man runs a BUSINESS. As long as people are buying PSL's, and he can field a team JUST good enough to get people interested then the ticket sales go on...concessions go on, and the money keeps flowing! If we played to a stadium barely full on a regular basis, there might be some incentive to invest and actually TRY to win. But if he can make a good amount of profit with minimal effort then why wouldn't he? Anyone that runs a business understand this. A nice steady flow of income is far better than sporadic "bursts" of income.