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  1. coralreefer_1

    Hope y'all are ready to win.

    How is it you seem to not understand the comment? I never gave any indication or clue or even insinuation that Tepper would not make a difference. My question was WHY so many seem to believe he will with no real evidence to back it up....other than "ohh, he is a successful business man" I like how you say I have no clue what Tepper is like...the same like everyone else here, but use it as a way to say fug my opinion but uphold your own. The fact is YOU do not know Tepper any more than me. You and your opinion are not superior to mine. Damn its like reading rainbow needs to be mainstream again. How is it YOU believe Tepper will make such a huge difference when in reality you have no clue what he is like or what he will do? See what i did there? Thats called a flip of an idiot question asked based on a lack of reading comprehension.
  2. coralreefer_1

    Hope y'all are ready to win.

    I asked if you knew about his business enough to give examples of the past that led you to believe he would be any different. Your response was to google a forbes article and basically say more or less that he will be better because he is a successful businessman. This to which I replied so was JR. Its not that i like or dislike either of them. I am just trying to nail down what exactly makes so many believe Tepper is a savior of our franchise, and hoped you may have an answer. Seems not. Hes rich...so basically he is better was more or less your answer. Am I wrong?
  3. coralreefer_1

    Hope y'all are ready to win.

    never questioned his business success. In fact I praised it. Yet by that standard, JR himself is a no nonsense businessman. So what is the point? One business man is good because he is a good business man, but the other isnt? JR isn't a billionaire for no reason. Both made their fortunes. OK. So what makes you think Tepper is any different than JR in terms of not tolerating bullshit performance? If you are going to equate success in business to "expecting to win and work hard"...where is the difference?
  4. coralreefer_1

    Hope y'all are ready to win.

    I appreciate the quote. Yet Shula was let go under JR..not Tepper. IN case you didnt see the interview, he only took full ownership what...now 48 hours ago. And what history of actions do you base this idea on that Tepper is about performance? Because he says it? Are you that well versed in his business transactions that made him the man he is today to give examples of how that was implemented directed by him? We all hope for the best...but wow i cant get over how even Igo is all up on this guys nutsack as being a savior. Are we ready to win? LOL
  5. coralreefer_1

    Hope y'all are ready to win.

    I cant wait for the future! PPL here are slobbering Tepper's knob the same way they did for Luck. See how that worked out? How can so many of you suddenly become so optimistic and raise this man so high on anything other than the fact that he had the money to buy the team, and gave a press conference which honestly he didn't seem prepared for, and came off more as a brutish ass than a well mannered professional? We all hope for the best for the team...but LOL at all of you thinking this move will equal instant success.
  6. coralreefer_1

    JR Statue to remain

    Jesus Christ (sp) you are dense. We are arguing the same fugging thing~~ #stupidasshardeeseatingmofos
  7. coralreefer_1

    JR Statue to remain

    waiting for your expert analysis~!
  8. coralreefer_1

    JR Statue to remain

    honesty i only read the first paragraph. What status quo are we maintaining by having a new owner? And why is this male abuser of underages children so hot on your lips/fingertips?
  9. coralreefer_1

    JR Statue to remain

    Sadly, this is how the new generation works. Fug my issues....dont think about it. Fug where i am weak....its discrimination if you consider it. But damnit I'll blast your ass for the same stuff cause that how we roll~
  10. coralreefer_1

    JR Statue to remain

    JR didnt go to the level Sandusky did. You do a huge disservice by even mentioning that name in relation to this issue. Raping children is FAR different that making comments/stuff that people generally look back on as the "good old days" when everything wasn't so PC. JR didnt do anything all that serious as rape. Mofos forget the man is old as fug...grew up in a generation long done. Not an excuse,. but damn...he didnt rape anyone!
  11. amazed so many pp-l care about that damn statue. Eat it mofos...it stays until we build a new stadium. bShare your social media profiles. I would LOVE to see these same people so upset about JR in their day to day lives doing...well....not making racist/sexist comments, and otherwise giving a damn abour minorities
  12. not really. Did you really expect a difference from us casuals?
  13. coralreefer_1

    Official Tepper Presser Thread

    Smitty should never get a statue here. Mofo doesnt play for, nor retired from our team? Why the fug would we give that man a statue? Logo at Midfield is the only real option you presented. The others are just bullshi low level famn requests~
  14. coralreefer_1

    Panthers Sale to Tepper is Final

    I'm not understanding all of the JR hate here. Everyone here knows damn well they have made comments that today might be considered sexual harassment, racist...etc at some point in their past. WE get away with it because we are not billionaires under a constant microscope. But wanna treat this man like he is the plague for saying something i would bet in Vegas 99% of this board have said or done in their private moments, with their circle of friends, said to a woman at a bar if you are 100% honest with yourselves. Maybe move the statue to another place. Maybe Wofford College. But erase this man from the history because he got caught doing something everyone has done at some point? too much.
  15. coralreefer_1

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    yep! have ALL of you 100 dollar plus meals been 5 star service?