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  1. My Mock Draft

    Here is my mock draft. Its pretty standard because it takes into account absolutely nothing of fact, and based on pure speculation. But hell...everyone likes to post it so i might as well also. Forgive me if i copy and paste some other mofos mock...because damn we all know they are all the same more or less~ (mock draft you have seen 117 times) goes here! html bullshit and obligatory meme~ Go Panthers!!
  2. D-Worley

    Another thread? Couldn't just add this to the several others?
  3. Still holding my cock in your hand I see. Did you even bother to notice the dates at which most of those contracts were signed? There are only 3 on that list that were signed back as far as 2015 (back then..QB's got paid alot less). Among those are Eli, Rogers, and for whatever reason..Rivers. None of the others started making CAM money until LAST year at the earliest. I wont even bother speaking about the comparisons to Eli and Rodgers..lol. Cam may get their eventually, but those two are OG's to Cam. The rest of the scrubs on that list? They signed new contracts recently after new and higher salary caps came into the league, or otherwise were given ridiculous contracts from desperate teams.
  4. The fug? Luck is Paid more than Cam? Roeth hasnt even come close to what "your daddy" makes year on year. Luck? No man. Go back to kindy math Chosen
  5. Cam should retire when his contract is up. As much as we all love him, he doesnt seem to have the skills to last and be successful as age takes away slowly the gifts and abilities that make so many around here hang on his nuts. He cant take those hits much longer. He cant keep running like he has into his mid 30's. Regardless of how he plays and our record until his contract is up doesnt matter. He has not shown an ability to grow as a passer and have the same longevity as well...so many of the other "older" Qb's.
  6. Another scandal on Mint Street???

    Exactly, but i would go farther to say that MOST adults can not represent themselves as adults a vast majority of the time. This thread has gone on for this many pages...and a lot of the posts that reflect support for these cheerleaders and their plight are from some of the same people that had multiple replies about how "hot" Kalils wife was...or would bang Brady's wife, or sharing pictures of x/y/x players wife or girlfriend in past threads, which if course was for the purpose of non-adult (read, immature) schoolboy banter. You don't get to wear the cape of being an "adult" and caring about women when even just 5% of the time some of the same folks speak about women (not the cheerleaders in question) with such language.
  7. Another scandal on Mint Street???

    Personally the idea of cheerleaders is rather silly and outdated. Players do not get fired up based on their "cheers"..and fans simply "look"....but get fired up over the big screen, or music. There is no purpose to cheerleaders at all other than just meat for dogs to drool over. So why are they even there?
  8. Another scandal on Mint Street???

    The classic "Im going to lose you in a web of semantics and not address the issue, while not really saying anything to back up my own case" line. Nice play~
  9. Another scandal on Mint Street???

    Sadly this is how people these days disagree. No need for thoughtful argument. Agree with ME..or FUG OFF! You are stupid if you dont agree with ME!
  10. Containment thread for loser conspiracy theorists

    Agreed. Wonderlic is better than this~~
  11. cool. Ill go back and find the game. Do you recall, was it the first or second game? P.S. I love how you refer to us as "you people". Is that meant as a racist remark? Dont be a racist or bigot. Also note over his career his yearly AVERAGE is 8 per season over 4 season. ( not 1-3) Small agreed, but if you care that much lets look at the targets. Seriously though...not going to argue that much. My point was we have a clutch guy on our roster. One who barely gets s snap, but when he does...he makes it count. Dude only had 8 catches last year. Small....but 128 yards! A guy with sure hands that would be a star in a place like N.E, or even Green Bay. No other receiver on our team averages 16 yards per completion, so i am not sure why the guy gets so much hate.
  12. I assume you are speaking of balls that hit him in the hands and he didnt catch? Not errant passes to him that were short/high? Not to say you are wrong, but please remind me of the balls that hit him in the hands that led to picks.
  13. Not so bad. Bersin has been clutch also. Not much to say about YAC, but he is MUCH cheaper and I cant think of a single pass he has dropped. Dude needs more reps!
  14. Greg Olsen Retiring for Broadcasting Job?

    should have drafted a TE in 2016 or 17...cause we all knew Dickson wasn't the answer, Greg was old, and it would have been nice to get a young guy in to learn from him while he was here (Since it seems he wont be on our coaching staff) Cool for him though! Cant hate on a guy that kept his head in the game ( of life) on his shoulders while playing football
  15. No way! Vern is too young! We would not get any quality player his age or younger. Trade him for what...some bloke at x or y position 5 years older with a history of injury that will expect a huge payday at signing, or 1-2 years after we get them? We don't need to be nice to VB. He signed a contract. The Panthers are not wrong by keeping the contract HE signed. When he becomes a FA...THEN this post makes sense. Vern need to be groomed to take over. Not cast aside/traded because we are solid at that position (assuming no injury) for what...1 year?