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  1. coralreefer_1 added a post in a topic The Panthers just posted a video in Spanish and the dumbassery was unleashed   

    I get the games from a spanish language site. Yeah, that other NFL torrent site is good, but the spanish language one has the files online MUCH faster usually. For most of you, that wont mean much. for those of us overseas however,having to avoid the internet for fear of spoiling the outcome because we can get download is the mission every monday morning,it means alot.
    I approve our Spanish (and Spanish-colonised) friends. Having RR as a head coach has meant a greater interest in our team, and as a side effect means I can download the games faster~
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  2. coralreefer_1 added a post in a topic Official Panthers - Bills GameDay Thread   

  3. coralreefer_1 added a post in a topic Guess the score of the Bills game, win a free ticket vs. MIA   

    Panthers: 17
    Bills: 10
    Edit: I live in South Korea and couldn't possibly attend, but in the off chance I did win, will donate those tickets to another Huddler
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  4. coralreefer_1 added a post in a topic Gone Campin...   

    More interested in what is happening at LT than anything else. Not that i expect a huge progression from one practice to another, but i'd sure like your insights about what you see/what is different/what is being worked on at that position
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  5. coralreefer_1 added a post in a topic Why not overpay for Jake Long?   

    Seems like 15 years ago I first heard it, but the first thing I thought of when I read this post was this!
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  6. coralreefer_1 added a post in a topic Week 2: JJ Watt vs. Michael Oher   

    Dont care at all. Watt being a great player that he is, plays on a TEAM. I personally dont care if he beats Oher every single time so long as Cam gets the ball out or hands of off.
    In short, Im not scared, and neither should anyone else be. Dude plays for the Texans after all~
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