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  1. Caption this pic

    fug that pic. Doesnt mean a damn thing.
  2. Hurney on WFNZ

    Wouldnt it be cool...if we people that cannot make a sentence to express out thought, and rely on internet memes instead.... Just take a picture of your silly ass in the same pose! We are a community! I wanna se YOUR sorry ass in that pose....expressing the sit you want to show this board! Not some actor that doesnt give a damn about our team! New CH challenge! Dont you dare post a meme that isnt you. Lazy bitches. If you REALLY feel it, ( and not just bullshitting for pie) then post your OWN MEME.....not some internet generated bullshit!
  3. My Favorite Saints Fan Reaction Video

    Koreans are stoic like that~
  4. Cheesy as all hell..but fug it! PIE!
  5. Troy surprised

    Correction. Norv HAD it in spades. If he still can do it...and do it with Cam is a huge question mark. Here is also the difference between getting hyped up about a new hire and possibilities ( fluff as you might call it)....and the realities on the ground.
  6. If McDonalds attracted national attention/recognition and brought thousands if not hundreds of thousands of outsiders to the city over a 3-4 month span....and otherwise hosted other events...all of that is good for the CITY! My neighborhood is a part of the CITY...and my neighborhood benefits on the riches of the CITY is some small way or another. If you have been in Charlotte any decent amount of time...you know damn well the way the city has changed over the years! People talking about "uptown" as if Charlotte has an "uptown" 20 yers ago as a plae people actually went to. IN short...i'd lose a finger to save an arm. And yes...keeping a team in the Carolinas is an "arm to me.
  7. do not all taxpayers pay already?
  8. If we have a team in the Carolinas...yes! If the city refuses the team/new owners will make other choices. Either move..or make due with BoA for the time being. I dont care if it in Charlotte, or Columbus. So long as its a team that represents the area. Charlotte seems the natural choice considering the stadium already in place and renovations seeming practically every year since.. If the city folds to blackmail...then where is the blame? X party demands this or that. Y party either accepts or refuses. No blackmail involved, as they can always refuse.
  9. I didnt read 4 pages to say this..and maybe it was already said. But... New Owner gets to be the boss. Sure. Current BoA is fine for another 10 years. But current BoA means crap if we don't find new ownership. Its a weird thing about ownership. Existing is good, but I wanna put my stamp/mark/piss/ on what is mine! I would't blame new owners at all if they wanted a new stadium and moved it out of Charlotte. Why? Because they bought the team and are serious to keep it HERE! This is the CAROLINA Panthers/...not the Las Vegas Lizards, or the London Pints, oe the Mexico City whatever! BoA is Not obsolete for sure. But im gonna roll with whatever he high rollers that will keep this team HERE want to do.
  10. REPORT: Panthers will hire Norv Turner as OC

    Dont sweat the pie. These days its far more about who breaks news first rather than those that make insightful or meaningful posts. None of it means a damn thing. If people are not showing their "pie chart" at tailgates to get free beer then its useless. Look at the thread of Shula fired. One guy posted 20 seconds earlier and got 70+ pie. the guy that was 20 seconds late got a small fraction of that. Love te Huddle...but damn some ppl are like crack heads reading here..monitoring twitter..and a fingernail away form making a post~
  11. Doesn't matter. We play them twice a year. We should be used to dirty football by now. If we cant play and win our own division...and then win against them in the playoffs then we don't win. Yesterdays game is enough to convince me our offense is not playoff ready. hope for the best of course....but damn yesterdays game doesnt give any reason to be hopeful!
  12. Are you people still talking about this man like this? Praise him as a self made billionaire businessman...yet seem surprised that he is a BUSINESSMAN? He didn't cost any of us anything! IN fact..he GAVE us something! He gave us a team to cheer for. I don't know about the rest of you clowns...but I am NC born and raised...and did not give a damn about football at all until the Panthers were formed. He gave a team to represent our area. And yes...he made a nice bit of money on his investment. (thats how investments work ppl...you invest to MAKE money...not lose it) But the people here griping about did he cost us a superbowl? Really a bunch of Becky and Trisha at a party! He didn't cost us anything because we would not have a team without him. Whole baskek on ungrateful SOB's in this thread. Take yourself back to the Northern team you supported before you transplanted down here....or otherwise back to the Redskins!
  13. Could Raleigh eventually host a Franchise?

    This! The whole triangle area is mostly fans that will jump from team to team on a whim. the vast majority of people that live in Raleigh support Duke or UNC...even though a good portion of them never went to those schools. Guess why? Mofos support a consistent team over time. Its the reason why our stands get filled with Steeler fans. ]
  14. If I were the new owner(s)....

    I would agree with this and hope for this scenario. One of the other owners that were in for like 15%, 10% or whatever the breakdown was...would jump up and increase their ownership to 30% majority and keep this team exactly the way it is. OWNERSHIP based in and from the Carolinas!
  15. which makes your whole thread silly and best to delete it. Shaq is coming off injury but likely WILL play a limited amount. Mayo also is expected in rotations and will contribute also. What are you griping about? Mofos play the time they get based on management of injuries, skills...play...etc. One is a started coming off injury. Mayo is only a back up because he sits behind Luke and TD. Let it go. We are not hurting that much if Shaq is out