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  1. If the fans ever found out though, adlost faith in the league, the NFL would literally lose everything.   We already love the NFL, and the owners know it. I dont think they would risk their golden goose to fix games. But I do think throughout history that players have thrown games.
  2. Ealy made Super Bowl History

    There were people who thought he was a bust...  
  3. I agree.   I am usually a 'build through the draft' kinda guy. But the next 5 year are our window... We need any holes we can find upgraded.
  4. Cam Newton disappointed me

    At the very least he could have smiled and waved as he walked past... The guy has had a rough 24 hours. Give him a pass.
  5. Kony Ealy

    I still want us to go ahead and upgrade CJs spot. Unfortunately we need to, he costs at least 20 million dollars. Imagine if we get another stud like Hardy was to go along with Ealy and KK and Star? We would beat down people every week like Denvers defense did. Not to mention it would free up the best LBs in the NFL to cover more in pass defense. DO IT!
  6. Big congrats to the Beyoncé

    I was so nervous during halftime that I didnt even pay attention.
  7. Ted Ginn has arrived. And he will be leaving a trail of flames behind him for years to come.   Also, gotta give Thmas Davis credit. He gives his everything on the field. He played very well with a broken arm... And Luke. I mean, can this guy get any better? He keeps getting better even after he is at the pinnacle of the NFL at his position.
  8. Excellent read. Is it so wrong for Cam to feel any different than we did? We all felt the same way, and we are diehard fans. Cam is even more invested in this than we are.  
  9. That kinda stings... but I'll give you that. To be fair though, if we were still paying 89, we might not have had our offensive line and Ginn and some of the other players that got us to this level as well. It is always a 2 sided sword.
  10. From what I have heard, it was one of the loudest 'away' games we have had this year. Jeremy said it I think. I think it contributed to Oher and Remmers on the false starts. Hopefully the Superbowl next year will be closer to the Carolinas.
  11. NFL Rigged?

    I will not participate in anything embarrassing IMO... but I will say that the rumors are out there... All over the net I am seeing it, and I am not even looking for it. In fact i happened to see something and it is why I logged back in.
  12. Keep Pounding

    This 'ride' has not come to the end. Next year we will have the same team, plus we will have Kelvin Benjamin, an upgrade at RT with Williams, and some draft picks to help shore up the Defensive end, Cornerback, safety and maybe even the LT position/s. Our team is still growing. They are young and they learned how to win consistantly this year. We also will have more experience. Denver... was exactly where we are right now not very long ago.  We are better right now than we have ever been. I bet $100 that we will win at least 12 games next regular season, and will have multiple home playoff games. We will get this trophy people.
  13. Keep Pounding

    Keep Pounding didnt stop when we lost the Superbowl. We continue to keep pounding till the Lombardi is in Charlotte. Keep pounding doesnt quit.
  14. Kony Ealy

    I remember early i the year, it was looking like Ealy was going to break out. But for some reason Ron stuck with the vets. Its ok, we won most of those games, but I think Ron may re-evaluate some of the older vets on our team. It seemed like the 'older guys' had almost all of the injuries this year too.
  15. Peyton is pure class, and I agree with everything he said. He has been there before and knows how it feels, and he is also right that the Panthers will get another shot. Soon. Next year.