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  1. Huddle Workout Warriors

    Yea if I just wanted caffeine I would go buy some caffeine pills and get all Jesse Spano let me know what you think
  2. Huddle Workout Warriors

    BCAA's help me intraworkout a lot Nutrabolics Anabolic State are the best IMO
  3. Huddle Workout Warriors

    when do you workout? do you still use a preworkout? that is def an interesting combo
  4. Huddle Workout Warriors

    The human body is crazy huh, everyone's is so different I took jack3d for about a year straight, 6 days a week, and loved then all of a sudden I wasn't getting what I wanted from it Hyde is stim heavy but that's what I need, I used to do drugs so I have a high tolerance for stims, I have never taken more than one scoop and have read people who do get sick
  5. Huddle Workout Warriors

    I did not like it at all, thought it was weak sauce I took Jack3d for a long time and now use Hyde it get's me where I need to be every morning
  6. what kind of jets do you work on?