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  1. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    Coples was signed by the Dolphins, so that's not happening. But, I don't want to hear any lame excuses defending him. He's lied to everyone and how focused he is. Third offense. Third freaking offense. He knew he was gonna get tested and he continued. Gave a nice con-artist article to the Observer about "trading pot for playstation" less than 6 months ago. Save your pro-marijuana arguments, because no one is saying it has heroin-like effects on your body.  But I am saying that if you get paid millions to play the sport many dream of playing for a living, getting high shouldn't be worth risking the life you can provide your loved ones.  
  2. Last week I deposited 47 cents on FanDuel and won $35 billion.
  3. Packer fans today at BOA Stadium

    If they're the worst you've ever seen, you've obviously been spared of experiencing any game surrounded by Steelers, Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, Redskins, Saints, or Seahawks fans.
  4. But the Hornets have never really hit on any of their draft picks, so that would've given them more opportunity to do so. I get what you're saying, but I think successful franchises like the Spurs can use that logic much easier than a team that consistently drafts busts.
  5. It was a bad pick because you don't turn down a trade offer of 6 draft picks for Frank f'n Kaminsky.
  6. Any season ticket holders here?

    I"m a season ticket holder. Have 2. I don't know if you'd want to trade them for upper level season tickets though. 
  7. We resigned MKG 4 years/52 mill

    1. Steph said free agency isn't appealing to him and the Bay Area is "home to me and my family." It's not happening. 2. I'm one of the only guys that ever posts in these topics other than you. No need to tell me I don't understand how NBA free agency works. I realize that guys get waaaay more than they're worth if that's what you're saying. I realize Valanciunas just got $16 million per year in his deal. 3.I just don't think it's smart to commit $13 million per year to a guy that has missed over 20 games the past 2 seasons.  Don't be rude and give me the "this isn't the NFL" stuff. I realize that and I can differentiate the two. I realize the NBA is player dictated. C'mon man, don't be insulting. I'm not an idiot. But you don't have to write a book explaining why we should give a guy $13 million for his defense and offensive potential. I don't dislike MKG. I just think it's an overpay.
  8. We resigned MKG 4 years/52 mill

    Funny that Steph revealed today he never plans on testing free agency so they say "screw it, let's pay some people." I would've been ok with a 2 year deal. But he is made of glass and just lost his shooting coach. This was an overpay and a perfect example of why they aren't anywhere close to being better than mediocre.  
  9. 2014-2015 NBA Schedule Release Discussion

    *2015-2016 NBA Schedule release. And uhhhh this schedule looks pretty tough.
  10. Michael Jordan Q&A

    No one else finds it sad that a 52 year old man is constantly living in the past patting himself on the back? We get it man, you're the greatest ever. Now focus on putting together a competitive playoff team.
  11. Sooooo, Space Jam 2

    Yeah, in my opinion it is. I graduated with Madison Bumgarner at South Caldwell High School. I love the guy, but this has always been a Braves town (personally I'm a Pirates guy). Then in 09 he gets the call to the show and you'd swear this was a redneck San Francisco suburb. It's still bandwagoning because you're cheering for a team just because of one guy. We've all done it and I'm not specifically dogging on you, I'm just saying it's unfair for people to call out bandwagon Cavs and Heat fans when they were once bandwagon Bulls and Wizards fans.
  12. Hornets Resigning Elliot Williams

    Camp fodder
  13. Sooooo, Space Jam 2

    I defend LeBron to an extent, and have in this thread. I just want to make it clear that I'm not a huge LeBron James guy. I respect his game. I'm not a Cavs or Heat fan. But I've noticed a lot of times, the same people that worship MJ and want to call out bandwagon LeBron fans for being a fan of wherever he plays don't identify as Bulls fans today. It's a 2 way street. MJ fans normally identify as Tar Heel fans and call themselves Hornets fans. It's honestly the same thing. You'd think somewhere along the way of his 13 years in Chicago, they'd gain some kind of loyalty to the Bulls if he's their favorite player.
  14. His 2-3 years at star level earned him 7 all star appearances. 
  15. Sooooo, Space Jam 2

    MJ's career FG%-.497. LBJ-.496. MJ's career APG- .5.3. LBJ-6.9. MJ's career RPG- 6.2. LBJ-7.1.  MJ's career 3 point%- .327. LBJ-.342. Yes, there are categories that MJ is clearly superior at, but calling LeBron inefficient is ridiculous.