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  1. Final voting is open... vote for me!

  2. Good lookin out on the negrep there LiQuiD.. I should be on my way to recovery soon...

  3. Hey is your avatar photo from Xunantunich?

  4. fucking hilarious

  5. My friends page looks great now. Sultan33g's avatar works wonders... :D

  6. Ass is My hero!

  7. You're my hero :D

  8. Erin Andrews video enjoy

  9. That's awesome.

  10. You have no idea man. I was pretty damn fugged up. Plus somebody spilled a beer on me so I reeked of skunk beer. Fox evan looked at me and said "Damn son." LOL Good times.

  11. You know you want to go celebrate.

  12. SCP *blush* I thought you'd never ask :D