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  1. Falcons shittin the bed (gameday thread)

    We'd smash all them.  Cards are the only threat.  They are legitimate, but I still take us right now.
  2. Time to Believe Says Gregg Rosenthal

    Hate to say it guys but big play wideouts are nothing but luxuries in the NFL.  The game is still won at the line of scrimmage.
  3. Time to Believe Says Gregg Rosenthal

    I thought we were going to be 11-5 or 12-4.  Definitely thought we'd win the South. This?  This is nice.
  4. Someone make me a Dave Gettleman T-shirt

    What if you custom order it for personal use, not for sale? edit: nevermind, im being an idiot.
  5. Colin Jones in the slot...

    This was what I was thinking as well.  I thought he had a pretty good game overall.
  6. J NO ... Respect him and show him love

    If they actually called holding on the Cowboys OL it would have been a bloodbath.
  7. I'm pretty sure there was "don't make this look TOO bad" agreement in place.  The playcalling was weird on offense a bit, didn't understand that punt decision.  That one Cole Beasley catch made no sense before the field goal.  Also those holding calls on Trai and Kalil, why did they neglect to show a replay of the hold?  They did a replay on Kalil's but the shot and voice were focused on Oher vs Hardy.
  8. Before we get all happy

    Jones got nicked at a bit, but he certainly didn't play terribly.  He did get beat on short routes a few times, but that happens.  Shorter routes with good timing have the highest chance of being a completion, but usually for not many yards.  Jones did make a few impressive tackles in the game, DBs gotta tackle too man. Also if you are Dallas, where the heck else are you going to attack our defense?  The middle with Luke, TD and Kurt?  How'd that work out?  People were predicting colin would get beat so bad it could be game changing, not in the slightest.
  9. The talent in our secondary kind of balances it out though. I wasn't a fan of the dropsies coming back today.  Thought we were over that.   What is it with your strange fascination with receivers?  Go look across the conference at the other undefeated squad and check out their lack of depth at receiver.
  10. 1:26 Look at that hold on KK. He was blatantly held all game.
  11. Romo discusses playing against Luke

    Hate to say it but Kickers would even whoop up on alot of average-sized people
  12. Romo discusses playing against Luke

    So glad we no longer have to rely solely on Cam magic to stay competitive.  I like Romo despite my hatred of the Cowboys.  He'd be a good dude to get a beer with.  He's always been a good player to boot.  The situation he's been handed is just unfair (like 2012 with Cam).  Team couldn't win A game without him.  Team sport buddy, too bad Jerry Jones doesn't recognize this.
  13. Maybe the Giants, just possibly if Good Eli shows up.  They do put points on the board. Maybe the Saints dome voodoo magic.  Possibly. The Falcons?  They don't have a shot in hell in either game: 1. The Falcons are Cam's b***ch. 2. They are still soft as hell.  We win those games on the LOS alone.
  14. No... but all their kids will worship him.
  15. Cowboy fans were right!!

    Saw on a Cowboys board blame the "amount of players Carolina has that are suspended for PED use". Pretty sure that's just Horton...