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  1. PFF - State of the Panthers

    My dog has taken dumps with more likeability than these two.
  2. The Saints humiliation...

    Every time I hear Drew Brees deny the bounty scandal's existence I wanna worship that giant mole on his face and buy Nyquil products.
  3. The Saints humiliation...

    Forever will hate the Saints
  4. The first game that comes to mind is the 09 NFC championship game when Minnesota lost to New Orleans. Had the refs done their job and seen what Greg Williams was doing, the Saints would still be without a Super Bowl.
  5. Russel Wilson is the most disingenuous cheese **** care salesman in the NFL. There's a reason this article came out, there's a reason his nickname in the minor leagues was "coach". ESPN is an aborted fetus of a network on a downward spiral.
  6. Thank God we got 5 years of Star instead of him. Was so sure he was the pick in 2013.
  7. Daryl Williams

    After Bell, Chandler and then Remmers, we have to keep him.
  8. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    I tend to them like little plants.
  9. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    Kind of like 10 years ago when we were all stupid for wanting Jake Delhomme to be booted after the Arizona meltdown.
  10. I'm sure they're fine for all the stock things you mentioned. I think the point to be made is to remember at the end of the day, they are a Murdoch owned, who are already dumping on the NFL pretty hardcore over at Fox. But I don't think anyone at this point, would dispute the NFL is losing viewers.
  11. Vrabel, new Titans HC

    He came off as a tool on Hard Knocks a few years back. Not really sure what the big deal was about.
  12. About time someone from that butt hole of the country called him out.
  13. ankle sprain thank god. was afraid ACL or concussion.
  14. There is a really annoying fan near the mic that picks up the game. I hope he has a seizure.