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  1. So I'm assuming this is bad and he's advancing at a level indicative that he did suffer a concussion?
  2. I have nothing to add to the convo. Just obligatory fug the Saints from the bottom of my heart. Even if they've been poop for 3 years.
  3. Any updates on Byrd? Looks like arm took a shot.
  4. I would be fascinated if someone could fine the percentage of slants and post routes of our team and compare them to the rest of the NFL. That corner it was coming.
  5. I'm not sure if the national media realizes how good our defense is yet. Everyone wants more from our "O" but historically I wonder how many national reporters watch our team until they actually have to.
  6. Skip has the Saints as a wildcard lololol
  7. I just get annoyed whenever someone can't admit Luke is the greatest linebacker of this generation. That debate is over. He's now chasing Lewis and Butkus.
  8. If Dion Dawkins ends up being better, I will be salty towards McDermmot.
  9. Between him, Frank IPunchWomen Clark, and Michael Bennett, the Seahawks have the defensive line I most want to run over with my car.
  10. Never forget our 2015 team he called 7-9 at best. And his 3 year petulant feud with Cam because he didn't want to give an interview.
  11. http://www.carolinahuddle.com/boards/topic/132520-geoff-schwartz-thinks-cam-is-a-bad-leader/
  12. I think Kalil was the best option but Schwartz also said Gettleman was a poor drafter and Cam's teammates didn't like him.
  13. Not sure if you guys are just posting the positive tweets about our team or we have a potential God squad.
  14. That season was maddening, we should have put Matt in sooner.