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  1. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    Hey mike next time you try to toldoze a safety how about securing the ball.  And try to actually make contact with the player you're suppose to be blocking 
  2. New Punter

    Oh Yeah I'm not blaming him for the 2 idiots not tackling the returner. But if he kicks it inside the 10 the returner probably lets it bounce in hopes of it going into the end zone. Hence NO return. Denver 3 and out from the shadow of their end zone we get great field position after their punt    He's a punter one job from the 50 u pin the opposing team deep not a 5 second hang time 25 yarder his punt was so horrible the gunners were trying to keep from running into the returner. Who may or may not have signaled fair catch.  He hasn't been good all year shank against Zona ,shorted it against Denver. Psi on he sucks even worse. 
  3. New Punter

    We were on the 50 and he kicked one to the 25 that got returned to the 11. Longest punt return in SB history. If he at least kicks that inside the 10 we get a chance to pin them down. And with they way out D was playing could have been game changing.  And let's not let him off the hook for the shank against Arizona that Peterson fumbled. If he doesn't fumble that it could have give Zona some momentum starting inside the 50 Truth is when the psi is on nortmans  known to choke  and Getts ain't playing that chit  
  4. New Punter

    Lot of that was due to stupid penalties (aka Teddy Williams)
  5. we just voided Harper and Cotch contracts

    I hate it but it's a business. Really liked Cotch but he didn't do us any favors in the SB. For a veteran he looked like a deer in the headlights.  Harper I ain't never been a fan. In space he's all but useless.  And why the hell they ever used him to blitz is beyond me. He was so slow he usually never made it into the backfield on a blitz. Appreciate all they did but time to add some speed. 
  6. Positions we need to upgrade

    He's been in my doghouse for several years.  He shanks one or kicks a 25 yarder at the worst times. 
  7. Refs...

    Clete kept mannings record perfect  while he's referee 6-0
  8. Offseason - Offense or Defense for DG

    Remmers man accounted for 2 fumbles and 2.5 sacks . I'm pretty sure that led to more points than our offense scored.  His man was Suoer Bowl MVP. he looked as bad as bell and chandler last year.  Got to move him 
  9. Still here, still a believer, still pounding

    We got some weaknesses that need addressing.  RT being the main one.  But Williams may be the answer there. So Remmers can be moved to a backup role where he belongs.   Need a DB and a safety.  But after this game I think Getts might need to spend some picks on offense cause the O looked horrible defense looked good enough to win. 
  10. Hey look their backup is abusing remmers
  11. Stop blaming the refs, we played like poo

    Our offense started  reading their own headlines thought they could play however and still win. If you don't value the football you lose too many fumbles too many dropped passes you lose they put our defense in a no win situation 
  12. Yeah Jim nance he can't hardly complete a pass  down field. He's been done. 
  13. Last time we played them hell I think they had 9 kinda thought Shula might have made some adjustments for that. 
  14. Offense got the big head. Still proud of team.  But here's the deal Cam. When the media starts asking you about all the dabbing and picture taking you stand up like a man and take it on the chin